Yigit Atilla – State Of Mind

March 15, 2015 in Singles

Yigit Atilla State Of Mind La Pitti RecordsLast one for tonight, and we’ll sign off back in deep house territory with this predictably fine three-tracker from Yigit Atilla, coming on Vincenzo De Robertis’s La Pitti Records.

State Of Mind itself is up first, an unhurried headnodder with proggy tinges around the edges and some jazz-funk-ish geetar to boot. Echoes, which follows, is a sumptuous, dubby late-night groove wherein warm, luxuriant pads, sub-aquatic FX and heavily reverbed synth notes combine to ease you into a state of bliss, dropping down to a full minute and a half of midsection ambience before being joined in the final two minutes by soothing, spoken male vox. And then, just before you nod off completely, there’s Submantra’s remix of the title track, which – with livelier percussion, a jauntier bassline and handclaps – is by far the most floor-friendly of the three tracks. Still wouldn’t try playing it down your local Oceana, mind…

Very classy stuff, as we’ve come to expect from both producer and label!

Out: This week

About: You can find La Pitti Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.