Vozmediano – Kill The Disco EP

October 28, 2011 in Singles

You may remember that Spanish tech-housers Vozmediano cropped up on King Street’s New Breed Of Deep House V/A sampler EP not so long since, with the excellent Un Cafe S’Il Vous Plait. Well, now they’re back on the legendary New York label with an EP all of their very own.

You get four tracks and five mixes, in total. All I Said is a decent enough if slightly generic slab of NY-style house, while Tango does what you think it’s gonna do but in much less of a cheesy oompah-loompah style than you’re probably expecting, and comes complete with a Nacho Marco Remix that for me is the standout cut of the whole EP, with the tango elements relegated to a secondary role in what becomes a big, driving houser suitable for main rooms and more underground floors alike.

Green Worm is a rawer-sounding house cut with more than a little of the early Strictlies about it, and then finally the EP comes to a close with Kill The Disco itself, a jerky, cut-up, experimental affair awash with reversed sounds, random bits of Afro chanting, sudden incongruous disco loops that burst in out of nowhere and disappear again just as quickly and, well, you get the idea. It’s crazy but you know what, it just might work…

All told there’s plenty to enjoy and a little bit to digest, too, making this one of King Street’s best releases of late for me.

Out: This week

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