Various – Lost My Dog Miami sampler

April 28, 2010 in Singles

I know it seems a bit late in the day for a Miami sampler, but this only came out last week, honest! On which note, BTW, apologies for the slowness of updates this past week or so, normal service should be resumed from the weekend…

So to this EP, as good a demonstration as any as to why Lost My Dog is unarguably one of Britain’s best deep house labels right now. The EP kicks off with Bleep District’s Don’t Stop Now, an energetic kind of affair with a touch of P-funk to its robotic backing vox, near-falsetto lead and fat, squelchy bottom end. Imagine Prince jamming with Miles & Eliot and you’re in the right ballpark.
Next up is In Love by Glom, a proper bouncy ‘dancefloor deep’ jaunt distinguished by its odd-sounding vocal, which consists of a heavily-treated female voice repeating the title and the words “leave us be” (I think). It’s not so much a show-stopper, more just reliable floor fodder, but it’s good all the same.
Floating my boat more though is YSE pres Frank Carter III’s Guessing Game. This latter is a chunk of good old-fashioned garage/soulful house with a full male vocal – but with nary a muso noodle nor a nasal whine in sight. Quality, and all too rare a treat these days.
And then finally there’s Phazz by Roland Nights, which ain’t nothing but a relentless snare-tastic groove for the first four minutes of its life, then slowly stirs in a little bit of disco and a little bit of jazz; again, it’s a track aimed fair and square at the deep house dancefloors but once there it’ll work its magic for sure.
So: a varied EP from a mixture of brand new and better-known names, with the quality threshold extremely high throughout. Go seek.
Out: Now (since April 19, if you must know)
About: What with Lost My Dog having become one of Britain’s best-loved deep house labels, you shouldn’t need me to tell you much about ’em, but here’s their website for you anyway.