Various – Late Night Chronicles

October 18, 2011 in Singles

A four-track EP from Soiree Records concentrating, as you’ve probably guessed, on mellower vibes on a post-club kinda tip. As it’s from Detroit, I guess we should use the word ‘beatdown’ as well.

CloudMasterWeed gives us Sunny (remixed by Mattimo-Perine), a very deep and quite slow number with bruk-style percussion, pulsating pads, nicely understated minor-key jazz pianos and what I could swear is a sample of Presuming Ed’s chanting from Withnail & I! Blackjack’s Triaxial is more firmly in deep house territory but just as dreamy and drifty, while Professor Inc’s Quindrant Dub is for those who like it a little techier and more experimental. And more minimal, cos it’s barely even there at times!
But the star of the show here for me is Peppermint Kisses by Drivetrain, AKA Derrick Thompson, who I hadn’t heard anything from I don’t think since the excellent One Wish Wonder album on Little Angel in 2005. It’s a simply sumptous slice of sultry, soulful and uber-deep house… with some rather filthlicious spoken vox if you listen carefully.
All told, a highly recommended purchase for sofa surfers and lounge lizards everywhere.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Soiree International. Based in the Motor City as I said, the label is run by Derrick Thomson himself and was also home to Drivetrain’s OTHER 2005 album, which I’ve only just found out about, The Deepest Harmony Of Drivetrain. Hey, every day’s a school day…