Various – Deep-Nation

April 21, 2014 in Albums

Deep-Nation Clubstar RecordsThings have been a bit shoddy on the albums front here at TIWWD lately, and I AM planning to do a big catch-up thing soon. But this mixed offering from Germany’s ClubStar had to get a proper-sized shout for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a while since the ClubStar/Conya stable had some TIWWD love. Secondly, my old friend Henri Kohn has compiled and mixed it (alongside Pat Lezizmo).

And thirdly, it’s rather good. “Finest deep house tunes from Belgium,” is the album’s sub-title: the idea is there’ll be a series of these compilations, each showcasing the work of deep house producers in a given nation. And if they’re all as good as this, bring it on!

With 24 tracks in total, there’s a fair degree of stylistic variation on show, from the deep and soulful fare that’s long been ClubStar’s stock-in-trade (see, for example, D’Stephanie feat Melissa’s Back To Us or Maxim Lany’s Late & See), to more current-sounding, big room cuts like Avenue6’s Days Are Gone, to the glorious disco-electro squelch of AnthonyAnthony’s Glamour Girls Find Latex Sexy. But despite that, it all flows together nicely, with personal faves including the ruff-edged, stripped-down Jersey vibes of Rawdio’s Let’s Cook, Solco’s ace bass-rumblin’ Gasoline and the sumptuous late-night, lounge-y vibes of Leach’s Club Soleil.

Out: This week on CD and at iTunes, everywhere else digitally from 29 April

About: You can find ClubStar on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.