Tony S – Stupid Little Things

May 28, 2013 in Singles

Tony S Stupid Little Things 5 And DimeIt’s been a little under 18 months since Tony Stevenson first made an appearance on this blog… in that short time, he’s gone on to become one of my current favourite producers/remixers. And this offering for one of my current fave labels, 5 and Dime, doesn’t disappoint one bit.

Deep house with a hefty dose of soul flowing through its veins is the general story here, classic in styling without doing the oh-so-now retro samples thing. Tony’s original is a little more percussive and bumpy, James Dax’s Power Remix a little smoother and more discofied, and the same remixer’s Ninjutsu Remix a little more stripped down and dubbed out. But any one of the three should serve the more discerning floors admirably.

Out: This week

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