Tony S – Shame

October 29, 2015 in Singles

Tony S Shame La Pitti RecordsThe good ship TIWWD sails now into straight-up deep house waters with another three-track EP, this one coming from the ever-prolific Tony Stevenson.

Shame itself is a lazy, midtempo-bordering-on-slo-mo affair with the lightest of Afro touches in the percussion and wailed/chanted vox, as well as some fine Jersey-ish chord action. Speak is another quite laidback cut that mixes up dub, middle eastern and garage-y elements to sterling effect, while the package is completed by Liberosis, which rides more uptempo percussion with thobbing bass, cut-up vox and synth stabs that hark back to the earliest days of house.

Three quite different cuts, then – he’s nothing if not versatile, our Tone. Liking all three but if forced to choose I think Speak just has the edge.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Vincenzo de Robertis’s La Pitti Records over in sunny Italia. Find ’em  on Soundcloud and Facebook.