Timekube – Bullet Funk

July 10, 2014 in Singles

Timekube Bullet Funk Funk N' DeepA complete change of mood to end on tonight as we delve into some fierce n’ firin’ tech-house coming courtesy of US label Funk N’Deep.

In its original form, Bullet Funk is a driving pacey affair that might’ve been a bit too driving and pacey for these ears were it not for the 80s-style “we’ll funk you up until you boogie down, so come on people get out the sound” rap vocal, which gives the track much more of a party-hearty feel. The Jaceo Remix tones down the vox, beefs up the beats and is a little too full-on for yours truly, but no matter cos there’s also a refix from Stanny Abram, who also beefs up the bottom end but this time in a housier, more funktified kinda fashion.

One to reach for when the energy levels are already at maximum and you want to keep them that way!

Out: This week

About: This’ll probably be the last Funk N’ Deep release reviewed on this blog, seeing as I went to download their latest promo only to be informed I’ve been booted off the list! Not sure why but hey… here’s the usual Soundcloud and Facebook links anyway.