Various – Full Circle EP

July 31, 2012 in Singles

Various Full Circle EP 5 And Dime

A five-track EP of deep grooviness here from the ever-reliable 5 And Dime stable. Actually, I say five-track but now I come to look it seems only three have downloaded – don’t remember that happening.  I’ll just have to tell you about the three I’ve got…

So, Quin’s You Are It is a dark, moody, slow-paced affair in its Ben A Remix form, a track that owes as much to deep techno as it does to deep house. The same track, as remixed by Maxim Laskavy & Derek Turcios, becomes a dubbed-out deep house workout bordering on chill-out territory, while finally (for me) label stalwart Zach DeVincent’s Cabrillo Hwy is a somewhat more uptempo number, but still one aimed fair and square at lovers of the deep… especially lovers of the ‘deep with a little bit of prog around the edges’.

Obviously I can’t tell you what the other two are like but on the evidence of these three tracks, plus the fact that this fledgling label really haven’t put a foot wrong so far, you’re unlikely to be disappointed!

Out: This week

About: You can find 5 And Dime at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud.

Ivan Garci – Sunday Clouds EP

May 29, 2012 in Singles

And speaking of ‘the deep’, few labels currently do deep better than Denver’s 5 And Dime Recordings, who this week bring us this EP from Ivan Garci. The EP’s made up of three originals, plus a remix of the title cut from label stalwart Zach DeVincent.

Generally speaking, ‘very deep house’ is the order of the day but looking at the tracks in more detail, Sunday Clouds itself is a midtempo, relaxed kind of affair, flecked with Spanish guitars and “welcome to the summer” vocal samples. The Mindfulness Remix from the aforesaid Mr DeVincent drops the vocal and six-strings, instead using a different vocal sample from a self-help/meditation tape and some nu-disco-ish synth flourishes on what ends up more of a late-night than a sunny afternoon rub.

El Aire then sees us back in Balearic-leaning territory, but this time with slightly crisper, pacier beats and an atmospheric breakdown in the middle, while finally Mi Ventana is a slightly more pumping joint… albeit that’s ‘pumping’ in so far as very deep house ever can be!

5 And Dime on-point as ever, nuff said.

Out: Tomorrow (30 May)

About: 5 And Dime can be found at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud. Ivan Garci can mostly be found in Amsterdam, these days, though he originally hails from Barcelona.

Various – Guilty Birds EP

March 17, 2012 in Singles

More seriously deep goodness here from Denver’s 5 And Dime Recordings. Once again, it’s a V/A EP featuring the usual label suspects: F Stop, ben A, Mateous and Zach DeVincent.

ben A is up first with Signals, a driftaway late-night groover sporting analogue synth washes, birdcalls and sampled NASA Mission Control dialogue. Next, F Stop’s Luna is an ominous slab of deep techno with a huge fat bassline, coming complete with a more ambient-leaning Omar Fayyed remix (there are beats though, so it’s not an entirely ambient affair).
Detour from Mateous is the standout track of the EP for me, another late-night house groove with an obscenely large bottom end, and then Zach DeVincent closes the EP on a dancefloor high with Close To Me, a heads-down tech-house chugger with proggy overtones and a breathy female voice inviting you to do what the title says.
Out: This week
About: This is number five from 5 And Dime, and every one has been a winner so far – if you like it deeper than deep, this is a label you need to be checking for right now. Here’s their website, Facebook and Soundcloud, so you can do just that.

Various – Now Departing: 5D004

February 25, 2012 in Singles

Now let’s go from deep to deeper, with another new offering from some of the most promising new kids on the house block, 5 And Dime Recordings. Once again, it’s a V/A affair featuring F Stop, Zach De Vincent and Quin.

F Stop’s Sense Of Perspective is like an object lesson in how to do deep n’ dubby house music properly, so much so that this could equally appeal to lovers of deep techno or future garage. Ain’t a whole lot going on but crisp, insistent beats, lashings of bass, dubbed-out sub-aquatic FX and some meandering Mr Fingers-esque synths… but if that isn’t enough to satisfy then you might just be reading the wrong blog.
ZdV’s Walking On Down is a more upbeat, more obviously dancefloor-oriented affair, with a PHAT n’ funky b-line, disembodied and heavily effected ‘aahs’ by way of a vocal and, again, not a huge amount else! And finally Quin’s Everything Is Alright works pounding kicks, Afro-esque but non-noodlesome hand percussion and another full-phat bassline, and tops it all off with some soaring, dare I say even euphoric synths.
The latter’s the one that could find its way into the sets of a broader variety of jocks – it’s just a good groove that’s packed with sunshine and smiles – while the first two are more your ‘connoisseurs only’ tackle… but that’s a good thing. Proper deepness for those that know.
Out: This week
About: Only four releases in and Denver-based 5 And Dime is already rapidly establishing itself as one of the hottest labels to watch… in my humble opinion of course. Here’s their website, Soundcloud and Facebook, if you wanna know why!

Various – 43 Degrees And Cloudy

January 28, 2012 in Singles

Denver’s currently on-fire 5 And Dime return with another V/A ep that’ll delight those who like their house from the deepest end of the spectrum.

Proceedings kick off with Zach De Vincent’s Phase II, a classic-style sumptuous, dreamy deep houser with lush pads, muted percussion, floaty synths and a whispered male vocal intoning the title. Tony Rodelli’s gorgeous The Way We Go comes next, a slightly more upbeat but nonetheless very mellow number with piano chords to die for. And then finally we have F Stop’s It’s Complicated, which is somewhat techier in its sound palette but still a near-horizontal affair made for post-club sofa sessions and lazy Sunday mornings.

Top stuff all round, so another winner from 5 And Dime.
Out: This week
About: 5 And Dime are only a handful of releases old but every one’s been a cracker so far. Find ’em online here, on Facebook or on Soundcloud.

Various – 43 Degrees & Cloudy

January 18, 2012 in Singles

Well, the deep gems just seem to keep on coming this week… here’s another quality offering, this time from new (this is their third release) Denver-based label 5 And Dime Recordings. As the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed, it’s a V/A affair, the A’s in question being Zach De Vincent, Tony Rodelli (previously of MUM fame) and F Stop. Between them, they turn in three quite different but still complimentary tracks.

De Vincent’s Phase II is probably the most obviously floor-friendly of the three, a fairly traditional-sounding deep houser with a dreamy feel and a nice warm bottom end. The Way We Go from Rodelli is still driving enough for floor play but is perhaps best suited to warm-up or post-club sessions; that’s by no means a slight, though, because the lush Rhodes chords on this track are to die for. And then finally there’s It’s Complicated from F Stop, a sparse, brooding affair with the influence of deep techno writ large.
If pushed I’d pick The Way We Go as the standout but I’d sooner not have to, because in all honesty all three tracks here are the business. Making this a label you definitely want to be keeping an eye on.
Out: This week
About: Rather than moving to Denver and stalking them from behind the mailbox across the street, you can keep an eye on 5 And Dime by visiting their website, Facebook or Soundcloud pages. Seriously, that’s the way to go. Not the false moustache and binoculars, so much.
Oh yeah, and you can HEAR THIS on Soundcloud as well. And indeed, here it is…

5 and Dime Recordings – 43 Degrees and Cloudy by 5 and Dime Recordings

Various – Morally Casual EP

December 23, 2011 in Singles

Some really nice deep/tech house vibes on this v/a EP from 5 And Dime Records.

The three tracks are Under Water by Zach De Vincent, Quadratic Souls by Wyatt Earp & ben A, and Transitional Period by Mateous. And, to be honest, I haven’t got huge amounts to say about any of them, but all three are quality instrumental grooves that’ll suit warm-up sets or post-club sessions to a T.
This is only the second release from this label so take time to check ’em out, people! You won’t be disappointed, this is very cool stuff indeed.
Out: This week
About: 5 And Dime are based, like a lot of people these days it seems, in Denver, Colorado. Find out more at their website and Facebook page.