Various/Sek – Prime Cuts Vol 2

June 22, 2014 in Albums

Sek Prime Cuts 2 Lost My DogGreek DJ/producer Sek is the man chosen to helm the second installment in Lost My Dog’s Prime Cuts series, whereby LMD artists are invited to serve up a DJ mix featuring their personal favourites from the label’s back catalogue alongside any of their own new material they want to throw in.

And the results, in Sek’s case, are quite simply stunning. With tracks from Dale Howard, Pete Dafeet, YSE, Roland Nights, James Dexter and more, plus three newies from Sek, this is proper deep house music at its finest, ranging from the soulful vibes of YSE feat Frank H Carter III’s I Don’t Want Love, to the disco-lounge-in-space jam that is Jon Delerious’s Remember, to Sek’s own jackin’, tech-tinged Just Ducky and the funky-assed, left coast-ish strut of YSE’s Bounce Back.

If you buy one deep house mix album this month, make it this one. It’s a reminder of just how fine a label LMD really is – frankly, you wonder how they do it!

Out: This week

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Various – Five Years Of 6th Sense Music

December 22, 2013 in Albums

5 Years Of 6th Sense MusicAnother label compilation for you now, this one coming courtesy of Manchester label 6th Sense Music.

As with the Share comp below, there’s not time to go into each and every track but, again, quality deep house grooves are the general order of the day. On this album, though, the emphasis is less on lazy, laidback, late-night grooves and more on funk-fuelled dancefloor struttin’. Craig Hamilton revisits a very famous old vocal on Burnin’, Funk Mediterraneo’s Numbers Machine will see shapes being thrown, Rob Clarke’s Hows Music features one of those spoken, house music-eulogising vocals atop lush chords and Drew Tempest’s Drunk Ass Funk is a jazz-tinged romp that once upon a time we’d have called ‘East Midlands-y’.

With further tracks and mixes from familiar names such as Rick Leonard, Corduroy Maverickz, Hector Moralez, Pete Dafeet and YSE, this is something of a must-check for lovers of real deep house music.

Out: This week

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Dale Howard – Prime Cuts 01

April 6, 2013 in Albums

Dale Howard Prime Cuts 01 Lost My DogJust over a week ago, I described the sampler EP for this album as “superb stuff that suggests the album will really be something special”. Well, whaddya know… it turns out I was right. Something special this is indeed.

Prime Cuts 01 is the first in a new mix comp series from Lost My Dog that sees Mr Howard raiding the label’s back catalogue for tasty musical treats, and throwing in a few of his own productions for good measure. So the artist roster here is mostly made up of very familiar names – Pete Dafeet, YSE, Dominic Martin, Demarkus Lewis, as well as Howard himself – while the likes of Giom, Huxley, Milton Jackson and Moodymanc also crop up on remix duties. Combine a line-up like that, with Dale’s by now well-established penchant for those funked-up environs where deep house and garage collide, and you have the recipe for a 12-track journey into slinky, sexy dancefloor bump n’ grind that’s pretty much unmissable.

Picking highlights is almost superfluous, cos this rocks from start to finish… but YSE feat Frank H Carter III’s soul-dripping Magic In Your Eyes is one track the USG heads will fiend for while Domsko feat Astral T’s Hard Yards (Dub) will satisfy those in search of big, throbbing 4am jackery. So everyone’s happy, then.

Out: This week

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YSE feat Frank H Carter III – Foundations EP

July 19, 2012 in Singles

Yse Frank H Carter Foundations EP Lost My Dog

Finally for tonight, something of a treat for the older heads among us…

This latest from Lost My Dog sees Yse teaming up once more with NYC vocalist Frank H Carter III, following on from their 2011 collab Guessing Games. Opener I Don’t Want Love marries contemporary, chuggy deep/tech beats with Carter’s Colonal Abrams-esque tonsils, while Magic In Your Eyes is a full-on soul number, a new departure for Yse.

But the real gems here are Play On and the Giom Remix of Magic In Your Eyes, both of which can safely be filed under ‘proper garage, the way we used to‘. The latter in particular, with its classic NJ organs and, in the mid-section, MK/Todd Edwards-ish chopping and stuttering of the vocal, is sure to bring a nostalgic smile to many an old raver’s face – but don’t sleep on Play On either, which harks back all the way to the Easy Street days. Take a glass… put some class in it. What have you got?

Or perhaps I shoudld say, wot do u call it? Tee hee.

Out: This week

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Demarkus Lewis – Snazz-A-Tron EP

May 15, 2012 in Singles

Next up, we have a new EP from Demarkus Lewis on Lost My Dog… words which should be enough to get any deep house lover salivating.

There are three original tracks, in a total of five mixes. Look N Deep is a midtempo cut with a soulful male vocal and lots of subtle, squelchy 303 bass. RP Foolin’ is a more uptempo and bumpin’ affair with a disco sheen, that’s then given a deeper refix by Lost My Dog regular Yse (pronounced ‘ee-suh’, in case you were wondering). And then finally Wipe Your Mouth is a more heads-down jacking number, with militant snares counterpointed by some lovely warm pianos and garage-y vox; Milton Jackson then serves up a remix that’s sparser and glitchier still, and that somewhat recalls the more musical, less obvious end of UKG circa 1999 or so.

All told, a very solid bet for the deeper floors, particularly those that like it a little soulfully-inclined.

Out: This week

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