Andi Rivera – In My Mind

December 27, 2015 in Singles

Andi Rivera In My Mind Xylo MusicSo here we are, the little baby Jesus’s birthday has been and gone and it’s time to get back in the reviewing saddle, starting with this UKG-leaning offering from Andi Rivera on Xylo Music.

Four mixes of In My Mind to choose from. The strutty, stuttery Original is in some ways closest to that original late 90s vibe, but my money’s on the slightly smoother Jamie George, which has something of a Tuff Jam/Baffled Republic feel, albeit the big rasping bassline clearly sounds a bit more contemporary. Elsewhere, Secret Sinz’ remix is just a little less frantic than the original while the Soul Academy rub strips things right back and adds house-y, rave-y keys – I could’ve sworn it was gonna break out into Xpansions Move Your Body at one point!

All good, but as I said, Jamie George takes the gold for me here.

Out: This week

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The Raconteur feat Jasmine Taylor – My Only

June 26, 2015 in Singles

The Raconteur ft Jasmine Taylor My Only Xylo MusicEnding tonight on about as commercial a note as TIWWD gets, with a bass-heavy vocal houser aimed fair and square at the bigger dancefloors.

In its Original form, My Only is a hi-octane future houser that’s surely destined to grace 101 completely misnomered Deep House Ibiza Euphoria-type comps before the year’s out. Dene Antony’s mix is a slightly housier variation on the theme, Jay Robinson goes full-on bassline house with a warping b-line’d monster of a refix, while Tempo Elektrik’s gnarlier rub would be more readily filed under ‘bass music’. But these are pretty minor distinctions: house beats + pianos + sweet fem vox + huge bassline is the formula throughout.

There’s a reason this is getting reviewed where much similar tackle gets passed by, though, and that’s the quality of Ms Taylor’s voice, which has a ‘delicate yet powerful’ quality that’s redolent of Lisa Shaw. And from me, that’s praise indeed.

Out: This week

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Andi Rivera & Gettoblaster ft DJ Skip – Southside Groove

May 9, 2015 in Singles

Andi Rvera & Gettoblaster Southside Groove Xylo MusicBack now after a few days’ break, so let’s kick off with this four-track slab of big n’ strutty G-house from Xylo Music.

The four mixes comprise the Original and rerubs from Curtis Gabriel, Paul Anthony and Skapes. Truth be told, though – while all will do the do on 2015 dancefloors for sure – they don’t vary hugely, all sticking to the ‘big rave/SG bassline + cut-up rap vox’ blueprint pretty rigidly.

If pushed, though, I’d say head for Skapes’ rub if you’re feeling nostalgic for the UKG glory days, Anthony’s pacier Jackin’ The Southside Remix for nods to both vintage acid house and more contemporary juke/ghetto-tech, or Gabriel’s Strollin’ Down 5th Remix if you’re after something just a tiny bit deeper.

Out: This week on Beatport, from 18 May on general release.

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Ozzi – Dis Version

November 29, 2014 in Singles

Ozzi Dis Version Xylo MusicWhen I saw the title of this one, I thought it was gonna be some kind of remix of Mutabaruka’s militant reggae classic Dis Poem.

It’s not, but I wasn’t far off… instead it lifts chunks of reggae toaster vox (a young U-Roy I think, but I wouldn’t put money on it) and places them atop a fat speed garage bassline, complete with sirens, familiar synth wibbles, “all junglist!” shouts and Dee-Klinesque stutter FX on the voc-voc-voc-vocal.

It’s like 1997 all over again, and it’s ace. Just the one mix, so we’re done here.

Out: This week

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AndMe. – Sometimes/Bad Thing

September 16, 2014 in Singles

AndMe. Sometimes Xylo MusicFledgling London house and garage label Xylo Music – this is only number nine – hit the nail bang on the head yet again here!

As the more perceptive among you will have guessed, it’s a simple two-track affair, with both tracks rocking that bass house/speed garage revival thing to the max. Sometimes is all chopped-up M/F vox, skippy beats and of course a rather laaaarrge bassline. It’s great, striking the balance between ‘contemporary’ and ‘nostalgic’ perfectly, but Bad Thing is even better – starting with gently tinkling keys and a Donna Dee-ish “baby, you know you make my heart sing” vocal, then unleashing a monster of an M1 organ line.

And you know how fond of those TIWWD is! Sterling work yet again, from both the label and the producer.

Out: This week

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Danny Woof – Come Down

September 2, 2014 in Singles

Danny Woof Come Down Xylo MusicSeeing as we were just discussing the current bass-heavy/UKG-influenced house sound, now seems like the perfect time to tell you about this latest from a label at the forefront of that scene, Xylo Music.

Three mixes of this latest offering from Dutch producer Danny Woof to choose from. In its original form, Come Down rocks hard-slammin’, almost technoid beats but marries them to a big slinky-ass b-line as simple stabby synths lead the way into old skool pianos and garage-y cut-up fem vox. Andi Rivera’s remix is a notch ‘busier’ and rides rolling house drums, but just nudging ahead of an already fine pack for yours truly is Mr Rich’s Old School Vibes Remix, which takes us straight back to the mid-late 90s glory days of UKG. But, y’know, in a slightly more modern kinda way.

Fine stuff as ever from Xylo!

Out: This week

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AndMe – Release Me

August 4, 2014 in Singles

AndMe Release Me Xylo MusicNumber six here from excellent London start-up label Xylo Music. Pretty soon they’ll release a rubbish record and it’ll all go horribly wrong between us but for now the love affair continues – this is ace.

It’s not the most cool, hip and underground offering, admittedly. Spent a large part of the day trying to figure out what Release Me reminded me of, then realised it was Take Me Away by Stonebridgethanks to the euphoric synth risers and the whooshy effect applied to the female vocal. And just like that record, Release Me in its original form ain’t nothing but a very ‘accessible’ peaktime Saturday night screamalong, albeit one that also packs a very now-sounding big buzz bassline.

Thing is… in my book, dancing and having a good time on a Saturday night isn’t a crime. In fact it’s positively to be encouraged, and this’ll ‘encourage’ the less pretentious floors no end. If the A’s a little too commercial 4 ya, you can always flip it over for the A Lister refix, which has a scuzzier, 4×4/Niche kinda feel about it.

Out: Today

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Sab & Keelan – Used To Be

July 12, 2014 in Singles

Sab & Keelan Used To Be Xylo MusicLots to get through so we’ll start with a nice simple one.

Southend duo Sab & Keelan do the honours for the currently on-fire Xylo Music here, serving up a BEAST of a male vocal tune that’s 100% in keeping with the current vogue for big-room deep/tech house with strong (UK) garage overtones. With a main riff straight from the Ultra Flava/Let’s Groove school of thought, this has ‘summer anthem’ written all over it.

Just the one mix so not much more to say, really.

Out: This week

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Dave Fogg – World Unfold

June 20, 2014 in Singles

Dave Fogg World Unfold Xylo MusicJust the one for you tonight but it’s a certified floorburner… quality not quantity, kids!

This is only the third release from London label Xylo Music, but they’ve already marked themselves out in TIWWD’s eyes as a label to watch. Their last offering from Andi Rivera, reviewed on here three weeks back, was a trip down garage memory lane; this two-tracker from Dave Fogg develops the theme by fusing classic garage/bassline tropes with contemporary-style big room deep/tech house. World Unfold introduces itself with energetic percussion and piercing synth-strings, before introducing chopped-up soulful male vox and a big, throbbing b-line. S’good, but it’s b-side Falling To Pieces that’s the killer, which puts an endearingly raw and definitely UK-sounding female vocal alongside a vaguely Murk-ish bassline, then stirs in vintage-style rave pianos.

It’s one for the Unashamed Disco Dollies™ rather than the proverbial chin-stroking ‘headz’, admittedly. But it’s Friday night and we’re out of the World Cup… we all need something to cheer us up and this is a track that’s sure to put smiles on faces – not to mention hands in the air.

Out: This week

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Andi Rivera – In My Mind/The One

May 30, 2014 in Singles

Andi Rivera In My Mind Xylo MusicAnd while we’re revisiting classic sounds (see below), here’s a two-tracker from fledgling London label Xylo Music that’ll have older garage heads grinning from ear to ear.

Andi Rivera has impressed TIWWD before with his remix work for Deep8, but now he comes with two original tracks. The One is ‘merely’ a very good revisiting of the kind of soulfully-inclined UK bizniss with which the likes of Tuff Jam and Grant Nelson made their name but it’s In My Mind that’s the absolute killer here, as Mr Rivera digs back even further in time… if you’d played me this and told me it was an Azuli or Serious Grooves 12 from 1993 or so I’d have totally believed you.

Raw like sushi with parping organs, skippy beats and chopped M&F vox, this is PROPER garage alive and well in 2014. RU sleepin’? You’d better wake up boy…

Out: This week

About: This is only number two from Xylo Music… let’s hope there’s plenty more to come! You can find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud.