Da Lukas, Scalambrin & Sgarro – Deep Down

December 3, 2013 in Singles

Da Lukas Deep Down What Happens!We seem to be in a kind of dark n’ druggy groove tonight so now seems like a good time to tell you about this latest from What Happens! over in Denmark.

Just the two mixes on offer. In its Club Mix form Deep Down is, well, a slow, dark n’ druggy groove topped with what’s either the “deep deep down, all the way down” vocal from Angel Moraes’ Heaven Knows or a very faithfully resung version thereof! The Dub Mix, meanwhile, is a slightly more surging, epic/anthemic pass you can see going over on prog floors.

House music that’s strictly to be played in dark rooms on big speakers, whichever rub you plump for.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 16 Dec

About: You can find What Happens! on Facebook or at their own website. While you’re there, check out label boss Tim Andresen’s Away single as well, which came out last week but which I never quite got round to reviewing… I’d particularly point you in the direction of the Savoir Faire Dub with that one.

Tim Andresen – Transition/Do It

October 11, 2013 in Singles

Tim Andresen Transtion/Do It What HappensSome deep/tech grooves from my boy Tim on his own What Happens label here.

Transition is the techier of the two tracks on offer, based around a throbbing two-note bassline, crisp beats and soaring, piercing synths, with warmer piano chords and fleeting disco sting stabs adding the essential touches of musicality. Over on the B, meanwhile, Do It is an epic, prog-tinged deep houser that reminds me just a little bit of Jakatta’s American Dream.

Simple stuff, but it’s simple stuff done well.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 October.

About: You can find What Happens on Facebook or here.

So many tunes, so little time 44

June 16, 2013 in Singles


Another week gone by and another stack of releases that we haven’t discussed yet so here goes…

First up tonight is DeepWit main man Alvaro Hylander, who drops a bomb for fellow Danes What Happens in the form of Dark Life, complete with remixes from label boss Tim Andresen and Fer ‘Deep Class’ Ferrari. Expect quality deep vibes leaning towards the proggy/techy side from this heavy-hitting line-up… meanwhile on an out-and-out progressive house-meets-techno tip we have Vanished Subconscious by Arturo Silvestre, a four-track EP coming on Florida’s Drops… another heavyweight team-up sees Brett Johnson and Motorcitysoul joining forces for the Ile De Sables EP on Mr C’s Superfreq label, a druggy, techy workout that comes with a brace of housier refixes from the legendary Satoshi Tomiie… and speaking of druggy, techy instrumental workouts, there’s also Dustain Nantais‘s American Greed, which comes on Australia’s Trojan House Records in four mixes, the most distinctive of which, Dustin’s Ayn Rand Remix, features sampled speech from the eponymous far-right ‘philosopher’… completely devoid of evil witches, by way of contrast, is Ema Remedi‘s Midnightlight, a percussion-led tech-house jam given a more funk-inflected deep house refix by Rosenhaft, and coming to you courtesy of Raw Trax Records… and finally for the first half of the alphabet, Gaol seems to be a name to drop right now and certainly it’s easy to see the deep/tech vibes on his seven-track Get To In EP for Sub_Urban going down well on the hipster floors…


…moving on, Matt Heize‘s Theau EP is home to three tracks of tripped-out melodic techno and comes on Recode MuzikPuff N’ Stuff give us Heavens Are Creepy on Sugar Shack Recordings, two-tracks of wonked-out jazzy house beats… SpeakerpeepsTwo Ting features three tracks in six mixes, with hip-house vox and driving tech-house beats the general order of the day, that one coming to you courtesy of Las Vegas label SoulsupplementTwo Armadillos (AKA Giles Smith and the late Martin Dawson) are the men responsible for the three slices of acid house and melodic techno that make up the Golden Age Thinking Part 4 EP on their own label… and finally for this week, the Visions Vol 2 EP sees Chocky, Lay-Far, The Royal Oberheims and Pablo Valentino bringing the glitchy, quirky, leftfield house noise on City Fly Records.


THANKS ALSO this week to: Akra, Pablo Bolivar, Audio Junkies, Bah Samba, Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meine, Circle Of Funk ft Lifford, Falco, Glenn Micsoul, Ken Rok, Lasertom, MatJoe, Omar El Gamal, Peter Presta, Quell, Richeart, Stephen J Kroos, SummerPlace and Yellowheads

Lloyd Trimmer – Same Difference EP

May 8, 2013 in Singles

Lloyd Trimmer Same Difference EP What HappensAfter something of a garage-fest last night, let’s head off on a slightly tuffer/techier tip tonight… starting with this three-track EP on What Happens.

UK producer Lloyd Trimmer is the man at the controls. Mango’s Groove is aptly titled with its swampy, jungle-y atmospherics and midpaced, chuggy feel. Left Foot Forward is a techier, more frenetic affair, while finally Casino is a percussive workout with sampled, spoken vocals (about gambling, funnily enough).

And all three should keep ’em moving on the dancefloor nicely, ta very much!

Out: This week on Traxsource; next week everywhere else.

About: You can find What Happens, run by my old iDJ buddy Tim Andresen, on Facebook or at their own website.

Trevor O’Neil – Bitch Slap EP

March 6, 2013 in Singles

Trevor O'Neil Bitch Slap EP What HappensAnother very ‘now’ three-tracker here, this time coming courtesy of the ever-checkable What Happens over in Denmark.

Bitch Slap itself marries contemporary deep/tech house vibes with a stroppy, spoken female vocal – think the whole ‘deep house with poetry’ thing meets the ‘bitch house’ days of mid-90s NYC. In Berlin. Sunchild, despite the name, is a quite dark and moody cut with a xylophone riff that vaguely recalls Tears For Fears’ Change to these old ears, before finally Termites takes us into even more dark and atmospheric territory – a track that will be best suited to plays either very early or very late, and that twists, turns and evolves in a manner worthy of Garnier himself.

Three varied tracks, then, but the quality standard never slips an inch.

Out: This week

About: Find What Happens on Facebook or at their own website.

Maxi Valvona – You Gave Me Everything EP

October 2, 2012 in Singles

Maxi Valvona You Gave Me Everything EP What Happens!

There was a point this summer when What Happens! seemed to be releasing top-drawer deep and tech house nuggets on a weekly basis. Of late the release schedule seems to have slowed down a little, but I’m pleased to report there’s been no drop in quality.

In its Original form, You Gave Me Everything itself is a chuggy, near-instrumental groover (it’s instrumental if you don’t count the abstract, voice-as-instrument sounds dotted throughout), with quite tuff beats but an otherwise dreamy, driftaway kinda feel. Label boss and long-time friend of TIWWD Tim Andresen supplies the obligatory remix, which is even more floaty and adds another vocal loop to keep the first one happy, but otherwise isn’t HUGELY different, while rounding out the EP is The Floor Is Yours. A tad more upbeat, this latter is also a bit more on the ‘accessible’ side, what with its pulsing two-note bass riff, and looping male vocal… but thankfully, it’s accessible without straying into the realm of cheese.

Like I said, no drop in What Happens!’s usual high quality standards here!

Out: This week

About: You can find What Happens! on Facebook or at their own website. Visit the latter to check out their latest podcast, from Norwegian tech-house starlet Tina V, and marvel at the fact that they seem to have quietly mastered the science of time travel… being as it was apparently posted on October 28 and all.

Tina V – Cazuela

September 9, 2012 in Singles

Tina V Cazuela What Happens

A three-tracker here from What Happens that’s packed with sinewy, funk-fueled tech-house flex.

There’s no great reinvention of the wheel going on, admittedly: neither Cazuela itself nor the other two cuts, Take One and Ignite, do anything dramatically new and exciting that other tech-house records don’t. But what they do they do very well, all three being rolling, fairly drummy affairs that are made for moving bodies, particularly in those more heads-down, locked-on moments.

And all three will do that admirably – particularly the title track, which has something of that rush-coming-on kinda feeling to its whooshy sounds and pumping b-line. It’s the kind of track that could drag the most recalcitrant club sitter to their feet, the kind of track that’ll push energy levels just a little higher… and we all need a few of those to reach for sometimes!

Out: This week

About: What Happens is of course my boy Tim Andresen’s label, based in Denmark. Find ’em at their website, on Facebook or on MySpace.

Tim Andresen – DTRT/A Day At The Terrace

July 25, 2012 in Singles

Tim Andresen DTRT What Happens

Some very solid summer house vibes here, coming from my man Tim Andresen on his own What Happens imprint.

A-side DTRT is a fairly epic slab of deep-ish house, bordering on prog you could say only without getting all pompous and over-blown… and certainly without any nasty trance synths! It’s a lolloping, bass-and-drums workout that’s sure to see plenty of terrace plays this summer.

And speaking of which, B-side A Day At The Terrace is another percussion-led jam, with barely-there snatches of vocal buried deep in the mix and augmented with crowd noise, whistles and a touch of what sound suspiciously like pan pipes… again, it’s tailor-made for dancing in the Ibiza sunshine, with a more musical and house-ified Dave Nash Remix adding some cool old school piano/organ sounds and an “Oh Lord yeah” female vocal sample.

Good stuff as ever from What Happens.

Out: This week

About: Find What Happens at their website or on Facebook. Should I also mention that they’re from Copenhagen? Nah, you probably know that already.

Various – What Happens Now Vol 3

May 9, 2012 in Singles

A four-track sampler here – the third in the series, as if you hadn’t realised – from Denmark’s ever-excellent What Happens.

First up are Jesus Pablo and Robot Needs Oil, who team up for Chikka Dum Dup, a rolling, chugging tech-houser whose name describes it more or less perfectly! That’s followed by more rolling, drummy vibes courtesy of Chris Rawles on Don’t You Look Back, before Lloyd Trimmer brings us Red Sky At Night, a slightly more laidback affair with Balearic-sounding percussion, long synth washes and a proggy breakdown in the middle. And then finally, label favourite Stanny Abram serves up Wonderwall – not some dreadful housed-up cover of the Oasis song but rather a tuff-ish deep house groove featuring heavily-treated pianos and Afro/jazz vox.

Four very solid cuts from a label you can pretty much always rely on… what’s not to love?

Out: This week

About: Find What Happens at their website or on Facebook.


Stanny Abram – Makelle Solo Vagana EP

March 9, 2012 in Singles

A simple two-tracker here from a man who’s no stranger to this blog, Stanny Abram, and a label who certainly aren’t either, Tim Andresen’s Copenhagen-based What Happens.

The title cut features insistent, multi-layered tribal percussion, chanted vox and… well, that’s about it really, apart from a fairly discreet topline played on what sounds like a Hammond organ, which comes in halfway through. On the B, Kunta Kinte brings more of the Afro percussion, but this time with some garage-y piano chords and a very familiar-sounding female vocal sample.

A treat for those who like their house infused with a little Afro spirit.
Out: This week
About: Keep up with what’s happening at What Happens via their Facebook page