Lex (Athens), Steve Sai, Alain Hellion – Everybody Lies EP

June 13, 2015 in Singles

Lex Athens Everybody Lies EP What HappensA two-tracker here from my man Tim Andresen’s What Happens! stable.

Everybody Lies is a collaboration between Lex and Sai, and is a mid-paced tech-houser sporting all manner of squelchy FX and a spoken vocal saying “everybody lies, it’s the human condition”. It’s accompanied by Core, which sees Lex teaming up with Hellion to create a small-hours dancefloor workout based around crisp, almost military-sounding drums, a heavyweight bassline, dubby FX, Detroit-y keyboard stabs and microsnips of a male R&B vocal.

Both are cool but the latter just nudges it for me.

Out: This week (on general release)

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James Benedict – To Move Is To Groove EP

May 9, 2015 in Singles

James Benedict To Move Is To Groove EP What HappensA four-track EP here from Denmark’s ever-checkable What Happens imprint.

To Move Is To Groove itself is up first, a laidback, garage-leaning deep house groove with reversed organ sounds, cut-up female vocals, tinkling pianos and layers of ‘vinyl crackle’. Elsewhere, the quite uptempo Think Of You has overtones of Balearic prog, Blue Sky is a proper dreamy, eyes-wide-shut affair aimed at 5am dancefloors and finally No Stoppin’ has nu-disco/boogie overtones.

The title cut takes the gold for me, but Blue Sky isn’t too far behind.

Out: This week on Traxsource, from 18 May on general release.

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Low Tone – You’ll Be Lucky EP

April 19, 2015 in Singles

Low Tone You'll Be Lucky EP What HappensA two-track, four-mix EP here from Tim Andresen’s ever-checkable What Happens imprint and Low Tone, AKA the Yorkshire duo of Al ‘3am Recordings’ Bradley and Carlo ‘Midnight Social’ Gambino.

You’ll Be Lucky itself, in its original form, is a crackly, tuff-but-deep house groover with crisp beats, monstrous rolling bass, moody synth washes and a “hey, who do you think I am?” female vocal sample. Howard Sessions’ remix tones down the atmospherics and opts for warmer 4/4s and a different bassline, while adding a spoken male vocal and fat, squelchy synths. The other original cut, Goin’ On, uses a female “You got it goin’ on” vocal that’s a little too close to Groove Armada’s I See You Baby (AKA the most annoying vocal in house music history) for comfort, but that’s a personal thing… otherwise it’s a nice warm, chunky deep house chugger sporting some trippy FX/atmospherics that make it a cert for small-hours play, while Phasen’s refix is a techier, dare I say proggier pass with some great spangled keys action.

All four are plenty playable, as you’d expect from such a heavyweight line-up, but the Howard Sessions mix takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

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Tim Andresen – Daydreamer EP

March 13, 2015 in Singles

Tim Andresen Daydreamer EP What HappensAnother very checkable two-tracker here, this one coming from my old friend Tim Andresen on his own What Happens imprint.

On the A, Daydreamer itself is a fairly lively, chuggy affair predicated around a jaunty, hip-swayin’ bassline, crisp beats, nagging muted synth chords and warping pads. On the flip, Dark Illusion rides no-nonsense tech-house beats with dubwise FX, intricate percussion, cinematic synth trills and menacing bass stabs.

Two solid heads-down cuts made to keep bodies moving through till sunrise.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 23 March

About: You can find What Happens on Soundcloud, on Facebook and at their own website.

Various – What Happens 100

February 9, 2015 in Albums

Various What Happens 100Much as I do like the Innocent and Noise Music comps below (I wouldn’t have bothered reviewing them otherwise) it’s definitely a case of “best till last” tonight as we turn our attention to this 100th release from Denmark’s What Happens stable.

In the interests of transparency and full disclosure and all that, I should probably point out that I’ve known What Happens label boss Tim Andresen for well over 10 years, probably more like 15, ever since he used to be iDJ’s Danish correspondent for our Around The World section. But, y’know, it’s not like we go on holiday together or anything, and the reason What Happens? get a lot of love from TIWWD is really nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the label consistently turning out top-quality deep and tech house over the years… as this compilation demonstrates. Because with 11 all-new cuts from the likes of Alvaro Hylander, Yigit Atilla, BiG AL, Angelo Draetta, Jon Sweetname and of course Tim himself, plus some lesser-known names, What Happens 100 is as fine a house collection as you’ll hear this week. Or even last.

You know what to do…

Out: Last week

About: You can find What Happens on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Tim Andresen – Almost Done

December 6, 2014 in Singles

Tim Andresen Almost Done What HappensMy old friend Mr Andresen comes with a two-tracker on his own What Happens label.

In its original form, Almost Done is a deep, drummy and quite slow-moving affair, with an atmospheric spoken vocal saying “dawn… the night is almost done”. It’s a track probably best suited to warm-up or very late play, while Ben Teufel ups the tempo and beefs up the beats on his more tech-tinged remix.

The original gets my vote but you can see the Teufel remix getting plenty of dancefloor love, too.

Out: This week

About: Find What Happens on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Tim Andresen – Me & You

April 11, 2014 in Singles

Tim Andresen Me & You What Happens!We get our Friday night started with this neat little AA from my old friend Tim Andresen, coming on his own What Happens! imprint.

Me is up first, a deep/tech house chugger powered along by a nice squelchy bass riff and topped with piercing synths and “yeah!” male vocal interjections. Over on the flip, You is a slightly deeper cut with another fat, buzzy b-line, film dialogue buried deep in the mix, a soulful (but indecipherable) male vocal loop and, again, plenty of big, atmospheric synth action.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 April.

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Davide Bianchetti – Doses/Getting Hold

March 17, 2014 in Singles

Davide Bianchetti Doses/Getting Hold What Happens!Just time for one more before the clock strikes midnight so here’s a neat lil’ two-tracker from What Happens! over in Denmark for your consideration and listening pleasure.

On the one side, you’ve got Doses, a no-nonsense, midpaced tech-house chugger with occasional Tenaglia/Vasquez-ish tribal flourishes in the drumwork and what appears to be a sample of a transexual talking. On the other, Getting Hold is another heads-down affair with more of those tribal touches and a rather strange male (sampled) vocal that you’d really need to hear for yourself…

Both tracks are aimed fair and square at dark, bug-eyed 3am dancefloors and in that situation, both will rock the spot for sure.

Out: Today on Beatport, everywhere else from 31 March.

About: You can find What Happens! here, here and here.

Jon Sweetname – Save Our Souls EP

March 15, 2014 in Singles

Jon Sweetname Save Our Souls EP What Happens!A three-tracker here from Tim Andresen’s ever-checkable What Happens! imprint.

Finis Terae is up first, a midtempo deep/tech chugger with a sampled spoken vocal. Save Our Souls itself follows, a deeper cut riding a tribal-ish rhythm with a breathy, spoken female vocal and atmospheric synth work. And then finally there’s Shunut, which has slightly beefier drums underpinning some simply gorgeous piano.

All told, three solid cuts for the deeper floors, with Shunut my personal fave.

Out: This week (on general release, though it’s been on Beatport for a couple of weeks I believe)

About: What Happens! can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

James Dutton – Kahlua

January 19, 2014 in Singles

James Dutton Kahlua What Happens!Some more trad-style deep house grooves now courtesy of Denmark’s ever-reliable What Happens! label and Amnesia resident James Dutton.

There are three mixes of Kahlua on offer, but to be honest they don’t vary hugely. The original’s an unhurried deep shuffler with the occasional huge, reverbed keyboard stab or heavily-treated vocal snip to add a sense of drama. Alvaro ‘DeepWit’ Hylander gives us a mix that’s much the same but with a slightly stronger 4/4 kick, while Dutton’s own Black Box Remix also beefs up the kick drum and adds some tripped-out FX, whooshes and synth squiggles. But heads-down grooves for fried 4am dancefloors are pretty much the order of the day throughout.

Not that that’s in any way a bad thing!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 27 Jan.

About: Find What Happens!  here, here and here.