Various – Vocal House Sessions

July 14, 2014 in Albums

Vocal House Sessions Form-and FunctionIs vocal house – as in, y’know, actual songs, not just sampled snippets or one-line loops – making a comeback? Who can say… but it’s a horse that Form-and Function are certainly backing, as evidenced by this 11-track compilation.

The legendary Grant Nelson makes an appearance on remix duties on label boss Wez Saunders’ Fire, which features Sherrii Ven Dyer on vocals (and which is unsurprisingly one of the album’s highlights). There are a few other names that should ring bells (Want More, Cuz Beats, Corbeau) but otherwise the emphasis is firmly on fresh talent – and as you’d expect from a comp made up mostly of newcomers, there are one or two tracks that don’t quite hit the mark. All the same, with a mix of both male and female vocalists in action, and ranging stylistically from laidback, soulful grooves reminiscent of classic Naked/Om-style deep house (Want More’s Sanctify My Love), to R&B-leaning jams like Maximono’s Wasted, to what’s essentially latterday bassline (Corbeau’s So Good), this is definitely worth checking if you’re sick of hearing the same sample pack vocals used over and over again.

Oh yeah… and I should point out that there’s not a dodgy 80s synthpop vocal in sight, which certainly IS a refreshing change. Berlin producers please take note.

Out: Last week, but the World Cup kinda got in the way, sorry…

About: You can find Form-and Function on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Want More feat Nick Grimes – Modern Day

April 21, 2014 in Singles

Want More Modern Day Planet AcetateMysterious duo Want More come with their very first release here…

In its original form, Modern Day is a chunky, midtempo UKG instrumental whose most notable feature is its hefty warping bassline. The three remixes then feature a vocal from Mr Grimes, though heard in full on the Vocal Mix I have to say it’s a bit too indie-ish for these ears. Tank Edwards’ pacier, techier remix uses only snips of the vocal while adding some decidedly rave-y flourishes, but my pick of the vocal mixes would be Frankie Dep’s shuffly garage take.

It’s the original that stands out for me here, though.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Planet Acetate, which is Tank Edwards’ own label. Find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website. As for Want More themselves, they’re actually two quite well-known figures on the scene but I’m sworn to secrecy…