Wally Stryk – All Night

November 15, 2015 in Singles

Wally Stryk All Night Act Natural RecordsSome very fine deep, techy grooves here courtesy of French producer Wally Stryk and Kent-based label Act Natural Records.

All Night itself opens with intricate percussion, then adds a heavyweight dub bassline, synth FX and a barely-there vocal that slowly reveals itself to be a wonan saying “we’ll be shaking all night”. Miraflores is an uber-deep slow-roller sitting somewhere between deep house, dub techno and minimal, while finally Project, the liveliest cut of the three, is a simple lolloping groove topped with a guy’s voice whispering “the preacher” now and again.

Not picking a favourite here – this is an excellent EP all round, albeit one that’s aimed fair and square at the purists and connoisseurs rather than mass consumption.

Out: This week

About: You can find Act Natural on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Less is more…

July 7, 2015 in Singles

Seeing as we’re playing catch-up tonight anyway, and by way of balancing the more commercial sounds of the Illyus & Barrientos release below, here just quickly are some very deep slabs that I didn’t quite get round to last week…

N2Brothers Sphere Dub.sphereN2Brothers – Sphere
We start in minimal/dub techno pastures in the company of Germany’s Dub.sphere Records.Two original cuts, Sphere and The Way, plus remixes from Wally Stryk (Sphere) and Aura Dub (The Way), with the originals firmly in headnoddin’ dubby mode while Stryk dancefloors things up a bit and Aura Dub go through the door marked ‘dark and pounding, but not stupidly so’. The original of the title track stands out for me.
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Kazak Keep Deep Down Gert RecordsKazak – Keep Deep Down
A simple two-tracker here from Russia’s Gert Records. On the A, Keep Deep Down itself is a slow-moving deep houser with prog-leaning analogue synths, a rave-y throbbing b-line and a man’s voice intoning the title. Flip it, and Echo Chord – my pick of the two – is an even deeper, dreamier cut, veering towards minimal with a ton of space in the production.
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Background Lyric Poem Waldliebe FamilienBackground – Lyric Poem EP
Romania’s ever-checkable Waldliebe Familien come with the deep techno/minimal goodness on this three-tracker from Background. Lyric Poem itself features downpitched, almost SAW-ish vox, muted kicks and industrial FX, Hidden In Pressure is just a tiny bit livelier/housier and finally Controlling Things is a twitchier affair that’ll satisfy the minimal purists, with near-bruk beats and snatches of foreign language spoken vocal. All good, but Hidden In Pressure takes the gold for me.
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Simone M Euthanasia EP Innocent MusicSimone M – Euthanasia EP
More East European deep techno/minimal vibes to end on, in this case coming from Slovenia’s Innocent Music. Euthanasia itself operates in similar territory to Background’s Lyric Poem (above), Walk Around ups the tempo slightly and finally Riots plays us out on a similar note.
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Wally Stryk – Innocent EP

January 1, 2015 in Singles

Wally Stryk Innocent EP Innocent MusicHello, good evening, and welcome to 2015! Let’s kick off the year on a deep techno tip with this latest from Innocent Music… a label who’ve had a lot of reviews love on TIWWD lately but if they keep putting out records as good as this, what’s a boy to do?

Three tracks to choose from. Innocent itself is a lolloping 121BPM affair, with house-y organ/keyboard stabs, minimal-style FX and snatches of distorted vocal sitting atop the sparse beats. Karuna is a little busier in the beats department but otherwise in a similar, quite house-y vein, but the standout for me here is Condition, which although rolling along at the same BPM is considerably deeper,  dubbier and more atmospheric.

A headnodder’s delight, nuff said!

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music here, here and here.