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November 30, 2015 in Albums

Time once again tonight to catch up with some album releases from the past couple of weeks that I didn’t quite get around to… all are out now but still fresh!

Various – Ten Years Of Leftroom
Ten Years Of LeftroomHard to believe Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom label has been in business for an entire decade but such, seemingly, is the case. To mark this landmark, they’re releasing this 10-track collection which takes in old favourites, some new remixes and a clutch of new material as well. Tolfrey himself either provides, collaborates on or remixes a full 50% of ’em, while his partners-in-crime include the likes of Route 94, Audiojack, Kate Simko, Jay Haze and Laura Jones. Together, they serve up a heady cocktail of meaty house and sinuous techno that’s dark, often trippy, and perfectly in keeping with the label’s always forward-looking remit. Oh, and you get a 37-minute mixed version thrown in as well. More info here.

Danny M – Deeper Vol 1
Danny M Deeper Vol 1 New Politics RecordsThe New Politics Records stalwart comes with his debut artist full-length here. If you know the label, you’ll already have a pretty good idea what to expect and sure enough, contemporary-style ‘bass house’ with strong nods to both vintage UK/speed garage and the mid-00s bassline house era is pretty much the order of the day throughout. If you’re not a fan of the style, then it’s fair to say this won’t be the album to change your mind, but if you are then cuts like the dreamy Need You, or the big n’ strutty Rock The Disco with its familiar vocal sample, will more than satisfy. More info here.

Various – Ekletik Beats Vol 004
Eklektik Beats Vol 004 EDM UndergroundAnother label comp here, this one coming from Greece’s unfortunately named EDM Underground, who for those that don’t know them have nothing to do with cake-throwing, pyrotechnics and electotraptrancestep, and everything to do with quality underground house music. Across this 17-track collection you’ll find deep and tech vibes ranging from the laidback and jazzy to the peaktime and stompy, and while some names – BiG AL, Pano Manara, Vincenzo De Robertis, label boss Analog Trip – should be familiar to TIWWD readers, most of it’s been made by relative newcomers – making the high quality standard throughout all the more impressive. More info here.

Various – Jazzy Best Pt 6
Jazzy Best Vol 6 Apparel MusicAnd from a label called EDM that have very little to do with EDM, we move on to a compilation called Jazzy Best that has very little to do with jazz! Okay, there’s a brushed snare here, a mournful sax parp there, I’ll grant you. But a Peterson-esque noodlefest this definitely isn’t; instead expect 20 tracks of the finest underground house music – mostly on a deep dancefloor tip but with one or two techier moments and a few more downtempo excursions – coming from the likes of Echonomist, Sarp Yilmaz, Sek and a raft of lesser-known names. ‘Jazzy’ it may not be, but ‘best’? Not far off, I’d say… More info here.

Various – Krafted Vol 1
Krafted Vol 1 Krafted MusicLastly for tonight’s little round-up but by no means least, we have this first-ever label comp from Krafted Music, which consists of 13 full-length tracks plus a continuous mix by Paul Moore of Soultrak. Ger Gleeson, Danny Satori and Christ Burstein are probably the best-known names that feature but as with the comps above, this isn’t about big names, it’s about quality house tuneage. And on that count these 13 slices of underground deep and tech goodness certainly deliver, with Prudence’s Notice Me and Sean Grainger’s Climax – MONSTER tunes, the pair of ’em – worth the price of admission on their own. More info here.

As ever with these round-up thingummies, sorry to all concerned that each of these albums didn’t get a little more in-depth love but there’s only so many hours in the day!

Vincenzo de Robertis – Situation EP

May 10, 2015 in Singles

Vincenzo de Robertis Situation EP Deep ClicksAfter last week’s appearance on Unrivaled Music, here our old friend Vincenzo serves up a two-track, four-mix EP for Spanish label Deep Clicks.

In its Original form, Situation itself is a near-instrumental deep groover with a chugging b-line, tinkling keys that sound like raindrops falling on a xylophone and a slightly epic, proggy vibe overall. James Benedict’s remix takes us into wonky, funked-up midtempo territory, while Lucas Perazzi makes more use of the original’s barely-there vocal samples and adds some mournful-sounding sax/trumpet (not sure which) on his rub. Completing the EP, bonus cut Attractions is an even more epic/atmospheric cut than Situation, and sports a vaguely disturbing, distorted female vocal saying “attraction” over and over again.

Perazzi’s remix is the one for yours truly here.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Clicks on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Vincenzo De Robertis – Passion EP

April 30, 2015 in Singles

Vincenzo De Robertis Passion EP Unrivaled MusicIn which Signore De Robertis takes time out from running his La Pitti Records imprint to deliver a fine deep house two-tracker for Unrivaled Music.

Passion itself is up first, a meandering, atmospheric affair underpinned by rock-solid but warm kicks and topped with a “what’s your passion?” spoken male vocal. My personal pick though would be the B-side’s Loving You, an unhurried dubbed-out chugger with cut-up, jazz diva-style “gotta be in love with you” fem vox.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Unrivaled Music, who as ever can be found here, here and here.

Vincenzo de Robertis – Time EP

December 21, 2014 in Singles

Vincenzo de Robertis Time EP Share RecordsNext up tonight we have this seven-track EP from Italy’s Vincenzo de Robertis, coming on Portugal’s Share Records.

Deep is up first, a fairly self-explanatory late-night gem. Everything I Do ploughs a crunchier, techier furrow, while the pacier Give Me More Ly sits right on the deep/tech cusp. Rain and Summer Star are in a similar vein to Give Me More LyHeart’s Edit is another late-night, sofa surfing affair, while finally Time itself, despite the haunting female vocal, is the most techno-leaning track of the whole EP.

Deep and Rain stand out for yours truly, but it’s a quality EP all round that should find favour with DJs that play deep right across the spectrum.

Out: This week

About: You can find Share Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

DMP – I Don’t Stop

December 8, 2014 in Singles

D.M.P. I Don't Stop La PittiAfter a deep house-tastic weekend, let’s kick off the week on a deep techno tip tonight, starting with this very fine three-tracker from Vincenzo De Robertis’s La Pitti Records.

I Don’t Stop itself is up first, a sonorously deep and dubby affair with snatches of spoken female vocal. Pako S & Genny G supply a remix that starts out even deeper and more stripped-back, but then gradually adds ominous rumbling bass and atmospheric synth FX to create something that’s a little less lilting and a lil’ more dramatic. Cybersys, though, sees us safely back in flotation tank mode.

And flotation tank mode is exactly where ya wanna be with this kind of tackle, so the original of the title track and Cybersys can share top honours.

Out: This week

About: You can find La Pitti here, here and here.

Tony S – Gotta Have It

July 25, 2014 in Singles

Tony S Gotta Have It La Pitti RecordsSomething of a ‘familiar faces’ theme to tonight’s reviews line-up, starting with this latest from Tony S, who’s featured on this blog many times before. Here, though, he’s doing the do for a brand new label, Italy’s La Pitti Records.

In its Original form, Gotta Have It is a lively, funk-fuelled deep houser with garage-y chopped fem vox and bags of space in the production at the start, adding layers of hand percussion, twittery bird noises and such as it goes on. The dEEPoint Remix tones down the garage-y swing in favor of a more dreamy, heads-down vibe, while bonus cut Solstice Sun is a blissed-out late-night drifter par excellence.

Classy stuff as ever from Mr Stevenson.

Out: This week

About: La Pitti Records is a new venture from Vincenzo De Robertis, who’s featured on here before with work on Endemic. This is La Pitti’s second release, and you can find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Vincenzo de Robertis – Deep Down Inside EP

April 26, 2014 in Singles

Vincenzo de Robertis Deep Down Inside EP Endemic DigitalBelow, we have a new release from Lucidflow that goes a little harder than the label’s usual fare… in complete contrast, this latest from Endemic Digital ploughs as deep a furrow as I think we’ve heard from the label to date.

Dam Mas is up first, a languid, throbbing pulse of a tune topped with a sweet female vocal simply intoning the title. Deep Down Inside itself follows, which starts out with ‘leaking pipe dripping in a derelict warehouse’ deep techno sounds but slowly evolves into a smoother late-night ride, while finally Hey Darling is a slo-mo, atmospheric affair with a heart-rending, quite garage-y female vocal and chords that just linger and linger…

Three quality uber-deep (or should that be unter-deep?) cuts with ‘heads only’ running through ’em like a stick of rock.

Out: This week

About: Find Endemic Digital on Soundcloud and Facebook.