Various – Attitudes Remixed For Miami Vol 1

March 23, 2015 in Singles

Attitudes Remixed For Miami Vol 1 Different AttitudesAs previously discussed, there are several Miami samplers coming from the Something Different/Something Else/Different Attitudes camp this year, and here’s the latest, which as the name suggests features new mixes of tracks that have been released previously.

No time right now to dig out the originals for comparison, sorry. But Peter Makto & Gregory S’s remix of BiG AL’s I’ll Be Good (nothing to do with the Rene & Angela classic of the same name) is a throbbing, garage-leaning deep houser with an “I’ll be good to you baby” female vocal, while Human Mode’s Raw 90s Remix of Edgar Ariza’s They Can’t Be Us is another quality deep gem with a fat but not in-your-face bottom end, lilting pianos and freaky Italo synth squiggles. Paul Najera & Jr Quijada’s Nobody’s Perfect as remixed by Skeleton Army starts with a rave-y breakbeat before dropping down into a lush n’ lavish two-stepper that bites a well-known Missy vocal, Zuckre’s Once In A Lifetime is put into the hands of Cameron Cooper and emerges as a late-night headnodder with muted tribal drums, vaguely Oriental-sounding keys and a deep male voice intoning the title, while finally Skeleton Army’s own Bottleneck is, as remixed by Edmond Binoge, the EP’s techiest offering, with intricate, unrelenting percussion and a droning, acid-y synth riff.

BiG AL and Najera & Quijada (or I guess Makto & Gregory S and Skeleton Army, depending how you look at it!) stand out from a strong pack.

Out: Last week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 30 March.

About: Find Different Attitudes on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Mike Millrain – Let The Spirit

February 6, 2015 in Singles

Mike Millrain Let The Spirit Form-and FunctionAn EP here from Mike Millrain that’ll appeal to younger and older floors alike, methinks.

On the A, the original of Let The Spirit does that “classic house vibes plus big ruff-edged contemporary-style bass” thing. As such, it’ll appeal to today’s house newbies without a doubt, while some cheeky lil’ vocal bites that accompany the main diva “let the spirit move you” vocal (and that are possibly best not named for legal reasons!) mean it’ll raise a smile from the veterans too. But it’s the D-Base UKG Edit on the flip that’s got even more nostalgic appeal, as it takes us on a rare excursion these days into full-blown two-step territory.

Boo! 🙂

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Form-and Function, who can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook. Oh yeah, and it’s their 50th release so congrats to Wez, Mark and the crew for reaching the half-century!

Nu Era – Red Box EP

October 17, 2014 in Singles

Nu Era Red Box EP Four40 RecordsSeeing as it’s Friday night, let’s end on a more energetic note with this three-tracker from Nu Era, coming on Birmingham’s Four40 Records.

Have You tops its driving beats and warping b-line with a soulful male “Baby I need you, I wanna have you babe” vocal (complete with chipmunk’d counterpointing topline) and rave-tastic pia-pia-pianos. File under ‘bassline house’ or ‘4×4’ as you see fit. Red Box itself is a slower, sparser cut that leans towards the dubstep side of things, sporting as it does some truly apocalyptic one-note bass drops. And then finally Runaway completes the package, its twitchy beats harking back to the more experimental end of two-step circa 2000 (think Azuli Black Label) while treated soulful male vox and what I think might be harp sounds bring the musicality.

Overall, it’s a nicely varied EP that shows there’s more than one string to these boys’ musical bow, and I’m digging the title cut for sure, but it’s the hi-octane retro vibes of Have You that’ve earned this it’s Friday night slot here!

Out: This week

About: Find Four40 Records here, here and here.

Various – From Argentina To Japan

August 10, 2013 in Albums

From Argentina To Japan Raw TraxItaly’s Raw Trax have been around since 2007 but, I’ll confess, only started to appear on TIWWD’s radar comparatively recently. Which means this 10-track V/A sampler is a very welcome cos it’ll help yours truly get up to speed!

I’m guessing the title refers to the geographic origins of the nine artists represented… hard to say, given that there’s zero included with the mail-out in the way of information and that they’re mostly new names to me. As you’d expect from an album featuring tracks by up-and-coming producers from all over the globe, there’s quite a lot of stylistic variety and I’ll be honest, there are a few cuts here that aren’t really doing it for me… but no matter because there’s plenty that are.

There’s Martin Bellomo’s Kurmasama, which is like classic New Jersey garage from the dark side, a tuff drums-and-organs workout that gets in groove after the first minute and then, admirably, stays there for five more. Club tourists need not apply! There’s Reece Johnson’s Microtouch, another raw dancefloor gem that’ll appeal to lovers of vintage Jersey vibes à la Movin’ or Eight Ball. There’s Rhythm On The Track, one of two tracks contributed by Juan Demal, which is a quirky, twitchy affair that reminds me of a very odd, very obscure two-step record called For All My Friends that I’m going to have to go and ruddy well rummage through the vinyl shelves for now, damn him. And there’s Dark Room by Critical Sustain, a techier, heads-down affair made for big speakers in big, dark warehouses.

Those are four that stand out for yours truly, anyway… there are more goodies as well but I seriously suggest you go check this for yourself to find ’em!

Out: This week

About: Raw Trax can be found on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Anton Lanski – Kill Me

December 30, 2012 in Singles

Anton Lanski Kill Me Etoka Records

Liverpool’s masters of all things deeper than deep serve up a fine remix package here.

Anton Lanski’s original version of Kill Me operates in downtempo/chill-out territory, but the rest of the EP is made of more floor-oriented remixes, which are the winners of a remix competition run by the label earlier in the year. Forteba gives us lo-slung, sleazy nu-disco/slo-mo, Insect O takes us into dub techno territory, Jedd’s mix comes on like the very sparsest and most minimal of two-step, while What About U’s rub is the closest to the sumpuous original, just with slightly beefier kicks.

The Forteba and Insect-O mixes stand out for me but it’s an impressive EP all round – given that the remixers involved are competition winners and hence presumably relative newcomers, doubly so.

Out: This week

About: You can find Etoka Records at their website or on Soundcloud.

Klartraum – Playfulness EP

June 16, 2012 in Singles

Klartraum Playfulness

I’ve gotta say the Klartraum/Lucidflow school of deep, dubby, thinking man’s techno has really been hitting the spot for me lately… so here’s some more of it.

Three mixes, and while the above description works as an umbrella for all of ’em, they do vary. The Kris Wadsworth Space Face Remix is the deepest and dubbiest of all, leaving Nadja and Helmut sounding like they were locked in a huge underground water tank for a few days with nothing but a big bag of weed and a drum machine for company, while the Tim Underbelly Soft Porn Remix flirts with the very deepest of prog textures, layering sound upon sound to create an atmospheric and ever-evolving mix.

But while both of those are very cool, the pick for me here is still the Original, a glitchy, twitchy affair that’s as close as deep techno ever gets to two-step garage. FFWD veterans, minimal/micro-house devotees and red-eyed dawn tokers generally should enjoy this one a lot.

Out: This week, digitally (it’s been kicking around on vinyl for a couple of weeks but it only landed with me last week)

About: This comes not on Klartraum’s Lucidflow, but on Tim’s own UK-based Underbelly Records. Here’s the obligatory website, Facebook and Soundcloud links, then…

Kaua – Spuma EP

April 23, 2012 in Singles

Some serious deepness here from Switzerland’s ever-excellent Acryl Music and Japanese producer Kaua.

The title track Spuma itself is the most obviously dancefloor-oriented of the three tracks on offer, a deep n’ moody groover topped off with dreamy, floaty, proggy twiddles. Next up, Abelia is a late-night, sofa-surfin’ kinda thang with ambience galore, periodic injections of fat squelchy bass, mournful brass and glitchy broken/two-step beats.

But while those are both very cool, the killer to these ears is Owni, which is as fine a slice of heavy dub-inspired deep house/deep techno bizniss as you’ll hear all week. In fact it’s probably closer to straight-up dub than anything… but that’s by no means a problem, obviously. Crucial vibes, seen?

Out: For a couple of weeks on Beatport, but getting a full worldwide release this week.

About: Find Acryl Music at their website, on MySpace and on Soundcloud.

Enigma Dubz – Hard To Smile EP

January 19, 2012 in Singles

Okay, time to flip the script a bit now and get on a future garage tip.

Well, I say ‘future garage’ but TBH, there’s nothing particularly future-y about opener Between Me And You… with a roomy, boomy bottom end, heavily swung beats that verge on two-step, lush, lingering chords and snippets of barely-there soulful male vocal, this could have come out back in the late 90s/early 00s UKG glory days no problem. That’s a compliment, by the way!

Hard To Smile is a more obviously contemporary affair, sampling Tupac’s Smile for the vocal and laying it over a typical UKG backing at first, but then bringing in a (whisper it) trance riff. And at first you’re thinking, oh no! – but you know what? It actually kinda works. It comes across like the trance riff’s being used as just AN Other sound source, the way for instance Massive Attack might use an orchestral synth stab… as opposed to just someone chucking in a trance riff for instant get out of jail free idiots-at-Glasto appeal. I can think of a few bigger names in the grime/dubstep/etc sphere who could learn a thing or two here… softly does it!
So yeah, Hard To Smile has you worried for a minute but it all turns out fine in the end. And then there’s Issues, another old skool-sounding cut which rocks a huge bassline and ragga vox, and sounds like the kind of thing I used to pick up from Release The Groove back in iDJ’s earliest days*, back when I was just the garage reviewer!
As a good friend posted on my Facebook the other day, “It’s all gone 1997 blud!”. Some of us would say that’s no bad thing 🙂
Out: This week
About: This comes on Four40 Records, sister label to LU10 and Lepento and always worth checking – they do a lot of gnarly tear-out stuff that’s sometimes a bit too full-on for this blog but they do turn out deeper gems like this as well.
You can find Four40 on Facebook, Tumblr, MySpace and Soundcloud… by the miracle of which, here’s the EP…
*Shouts out at this point to Neil, Jeremy, Marcia, Angel, Adamm, Chas and the one and only Gary D!