Dustin Nantais – Hawthorne

October 15, 2014 in Singles

Dustin Nantais Hawthorne Trojan House RecordsAussie label Trojan House Records can usually be relied upon to come up with the house goods, and this latest offering from Canada’s Dustin Nantais doesn’t disappoint.

Hawthorne itself comes in three mixes. The original is a slinky, funk-fuelled deep houser featuring plenty of ass-shakin’ bottom-end welly, slightly chipmunk’y fem vox and a rather nice piano interlude in the middle.  The Fear Of Dawn Remix is a darker, chunkier variation on the theme, but it’s the stripped-down David Moran Remix, with its added organs and hefty bass squelch that takes top honours for yours truly. Rounding out the EP is Two Steps Back, a more languid, drifty piece that the hype sheet calls “an out-of-body experience ideal for late nights and early mornings”.

All four cuts are good but it’s Moran’s rub that’s the killer, though to be fair the original’s not far behind.

Out: This week (on Beatport)

About: Find Trojan House Records here, here and here.

Ozzi – My Love

August 23, 2014 in Singles

Ozzi My Love Trojan House RecordsSome fine Saturday night dancefloor struttery here from Aussie label Trojan House Records.

In its original form, My Love is essentially a UKG/bassline affair, sporting the obligtory BIIIIG bassline and a very British-sounding “You left me broken-hearted/from the day that you departed” female vocal. A track that wouldn’t have sounded at all out of place on Silk City FM ten years back! The deeper Greenfish Remix has a housier feel, while the Mr Jefferson Remix is a more hip-swayin’ pass underpinned by drums that border on breakbeats. Rounding out the package, you also get I Remember, again a decidedly garage-leaning deep houser that borrows (or possibly resings?) a certain classic Ralphi Rosario vocal from days of yore…

Just for nostalgia’s sake I think it’s actually I Remember that takes the gold for me, but this is a strong package all round for those of a (UK) garage-y bent.

Out: This week

About: You can find Trojan House Records here, here and here.

Scuba Stew & Blake Brown – It’s OK

April 20, 2014 in Singles

Scuba Stew & Blake Brown It's OK Trojan House RecordsA every familiar vocal gets another run-out here as Scuba Stew and Blake Brown serve up the vox from Whitney’s It’s Not Right (etc) atop a deep house backing.

It’s OK comes in four mixes. The original is a contemporary-style bass-heavy, big room deep house groove. The trippier, spacier Farfan Remix has jazz and disco elements, Matt Prehn’s rub chugs steadily along while tipping its hat to vintage Chi-town house sounds while a garage-tinged refix from Patrick Daniels, complete with monster bass stabs and downpitched vocal, is the most likely to appeal to young, hipster floors. Rounding out the package is French Hear, a mellower deep house groove with Balearic overtones.

With a range of styles on offer, plenty of jocks should find something to play here.

Out: This week (on Beatport)

About: This comes to you courtesy of Aussie label Trojan House Records, who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

So many tunes, so little time 44

June 16, 2013 in Singles


Another week gone by and another stack of releases that we haven’t discussed yet so here goes…

First up tonight is DeepWit main man Alvaro Hylander, who drops a bomb for fellow Danes What Happens in the form of Dark Life, complete with remixes from label boss Tim Andresen and Fer ‘Deep Class’ Ferrari. Expect quality deep vibes leaning towards the proggy/techy side from this heavy-hitting line-up… meanwhile on an out-and-out progressive house-meets-techno tip we have Vanished Subconscious by Arturo Silvestre, a four-track EP coming on Florida’s Drops… another heavyweight team-up sees Brett Johnson and Motorcitysoul joining forces for the Ile De Sables EP on Mr C’s Superfreq label, a druggy, techy workout that comes with a brace of housier refixes from the legendary Satoshi Tomiie… and speaking of druggy, techy instrumental workouts, there’s also Dustain Nantais‘s American Greed, which comes on Australia’s Trojan House Records in four mixes, the most distinctive of which, Dustin’s Ayn Rand Remix, features sampled speech from the eponymous far-right ‘philosopher’… completely devoid of evil witches, by way of contrast, is Ema Remedi‘s Midnightlight, a percussion-led tech-house jam given a more funk-inflected deep house refix by Rosenhaft, and coming to you courtesy of Raw Trax Records… and finally for the first half of the alphabet, Gaol seems to be a name to drop right now and certainly it’s easy to see the deep/tech vibes on his seven-track Get To In EP for Sub_Urban going down well on the hipster floors…


…moving on, Matt Heize‘s Theau EP is home to three tracks of tripped-out melodic techno and comes on Recode MuzikPuff N’ Stuff give us Heavens Are Creepy on Sugar Shack Recordings, two-tracks of wonked-out jazzy house beats… SpeakerpeepsTwo Ting features three tracks in six mixes, with hip-house vox and driving tech-house beats the general order of the day, that one coming to you courtesy of Las Vegas label SoulsupplementTwo Armadillos (AKA Giles Smith and the late Martin Dawson) are the men responsible for the three slices of acid house and melodic techno that make up the Golden Age Thinking Part 4 EP on their own label… and finally for this week, the Visions Vol 2 EP sees Chocky, Lay-Far, The Royal Oberheims and Pablo Valentino bringing the glitchy, quirky, leftfield house noise on City Fly Records.


THANKS ALSO this week to: Akra, Pablo Bolivar, Audio Junkies, Bah Samba, Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meine, Circle Of Funk ft Lifford, Falco, Glenn Micsoul, Ken Rok, Lasertom, MatJoe, Omar El Gamal, Peter Presta, Quell, Richeart, Stephen J Kroos, SummerPlace and Yellowheads