Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto [Akshin Alizadeh Remix]

October 27, 2015 in Singles

Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto Remixes Cold BustedNo, I didn’t think it needed doing, either – some classic tracks just oughta be left alone! So I’m somewhat surprised – but very happy – to report that Azerbaijani producer Alizadeh has absolutely knocked this one out of the park.

In his hands, Woman Of The Ghetto becomes a lazy, laidback jazzual affair, all dusty beats, squalling sax, fluttering Moog, wukka-wukking geetar and of course that vocal, or at least the “I want you to get together” bit of it. And as I said, it’s a stone cold bomb, the combination of Marlena’s voice, headnoddin’ trip-hop beats and just a touch of jazz-funk noodle proving irresistible.

If you want to be a bit more subtle with it, there’s also an accompanying instrumental.

Out: This week, I think… they didn’t say, but that’s when the promo expired

About: This is brought to you by LA label Cold Busted, who’ve long been TIWWD’s favourite purveyors of lo-fi/trip-hop/stoner jazz-type shenanigans. Find ’em here, here and here.

Various – Tom Tam Club Vol 3

September 14, 2015 in Albums

Tom Tam Club Vol 3 Holic TraxPlaying catch-up on a Monday evening yet again, with a couple of compilations from last week still to tell you about. We’ll start with this one, in which Holic Trax label boss Tomoki Tamura gathers together a third selection of upfront nuggets for your listening/spinning/dancing pleasure.

Eight tracks from as many artists, and it’s a pretty wide-ranging collection. We start with Rough Principles’s Pool Back, a melodic instrumental that nods to classic Chicago-style deepness. Habitual Nastiness from Mr Statik is a strange one, an off-kilter affair with what appear to be Theremin sounds and one of the oddest bits of sampled film dialogue* that you’ll hear this year. Point from Marco Faraone and Copenhagen from Ashworth take us into tech/minimal territory, Brunbjrn gives us wonky garage reminiscent of early Madhouse on M’About Ta, and Dubinsky’s Viol Groove is a chugging Balearic house thang. The EP then plays out on a deeper note with the dubby minimalism of Dudley Strangeways’ Brown Leaves and the languid, jazzy trip-hop/bruk beat of Baslow’s Closer.

Given the variety on offer you might not dig every single track equally here, but as a collection of forward-thinking underground music from across a wide genre spectrum, this is hard to fault.

Out: Now

About: You can find Holic Trax on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp.

* From 2012 Denzel Washington movie Flight, Google informs me.

Sarp Yilmaz – Since You’ve Been Gone Away

April 7, 2015 in Albums

Sarp Yilmaz Since You've Been Gone Away Apparel MusicTen facts about the new Sarp Yilmaz album (his third, if I’m not mistaken):

1. It came out last week, but I’m a bit behind cos of the Bank Holiday.

2. It’s available on vinyl or digitally, but only the title track appears on both versions… so the vinyl release has seven other tracks that aren’t available digitally while the digital version has nine tracks that aren’t on the vinyl.

3. This has confused the hell out of me, which is another reason the review’s a bit late.

4. If you want the vinyl you’d best be quick – there are only 150 copies in the whole wide world.

5. The two albums (cos that’s really what they are, surely?) are quite different… the vinyl mostly operates in jazzy/leftfield/triphop kinda territory, while the digital release is much more dancefloor-oriented and best described overall as ‘deep/tech house with a jazz twist’.

6. There’s a track on the (digital) album called Roll A Big Fag which is, in itself, reason to buy it.

7. Other tracks are called High As A Kite, Smoking Rooms and King Of Skunk. You can draw your own conclusions regarding appropriate states of mind in which to listen.

8. There’s a frankly superb jazzual take on Closer Than Close which also needs to be heard.

9. Don’t Leave Me This Way reinvented as a torch-y lounge number also warrants investigation.

10. Imagine a meeting point between dusty, jazzy hip-hop à la Cold Busted and wonky Leftroom/Freerange-style house and you’re about as close as I can get to describing what is a truly inventive and original long-player. Best check it for yourself then, eh?

Out: Last week

About: This comes on Apparel Music, who are based in that London and can be found here, here and here.

M-Capio – Dot Dash EP

October 13, 2013 in Singles

M-Capio Dot Dash EP Plain Sound RecordingsTime for a change of pace now, with an EP packed full of dusty, lo-fi beats from M-Capio, AKA Irish producer Jonny Mac.

“After several deep and tech EPs, this time I’m getting back to my roots with some trip-hop, dub and disco beats,” Jonny told me in his email, and yeah, that just about covers it. Neon Dub is a slo-mo skanker for which my notes read “laidback stoner beats”, Sandy Says puts extensive spoken Obama samples over what sound like distorted trombone samples and a wonky, scratchy backbeat your average Bay Area backpacker would be proud of , while finally Hills Of Funk is livelier, funkier number with an 80s disco sound palette that gets a bit Axel F in places.

Neon Dub is the standout for me but as changes of pace go this’ll do nicely all round.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Plain Sound Recordings, a Denver-based label who haven’t featured on TIWWD until tonight. They describe their remit as “house, techno and abstract composition” so I’m guessing this falls into the latter category! To find out more, hit ’em up on Facebook and/or Soundcloud.

Mister T – Gentle Music

January 15, 2012 in Albums

Because it was before Xmas it seems like ages now, but it was actually a mere 24 days ago that I reviewed the album Seven Wonders by Mojo Rising, saying that not a lot of such downtempo, dusty kinda vibes make it onto TIWWD. Well, here we are 24 days later and here’s another album of mellow, funk-fuelled goodness from the same stable, Denver’s Cold Busted.

Mister T hails from Athens, Greece and Gentle Music is his debut full-length. Within its grooves you’ll find raw retro funk (Everything Is Wah, Rastas Funky Well), quirky electronic lounge vibes (Cocktails, Memories) and lo-fi near-instrumental hip/trip-hop (Hip Soul, Lazy Sound, Back To Bristol), ending with the scratchy, vibraphone-laden Living Room. I can think of no better way of describing it further, than to say that I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon and that’s probably the perfect time to hear this album, as well.
Perfect lazy, laidback vibes for sofa-surfers and lounge lizards everywhere, then. And the second winner on the bounce from Cold Busted.
Out: This week
About: If you dig your downtempo funk/trip-hop/lo-fi grooves then Cold Busted have plenty more where this one came from. Check out their radio show as well.