Fauvrelle – Music Machine EP

September 3, 2015 in Singles

Fauvrelle Music Machine EP Colour In MusicVery solid house grooves as ever on this latest four-track EP from Portugal’s Colour In Music.

Reverse Machine is up first, a no-nonsense, heads-down kinda cut with tuff-ish 4/4s, a throbbing, filtered bassline and space-y synths/FX. Melody Machine follows in two mixes – the hazy, dreamy original with its delicate Italo/cosmic flourishes, and a more driving refix from Memoryman that nudges towards tech/tribal territory.  Completing the package is Addictions Of A Wolf, which takes stuttery drums, high-pitched synth drones and a positively rude squelching bassline, and tops the lot with a vocal bite from Phuture’s classic Your Only Friend.

The latter pips it for me, but all four are quality cuts that should work on a range of house floors.

Out: This week

About: You can find Colour In Music here, here and here.

Various – No 552 EP

March 30, 2015 in Singles

No 552 EP Street King

And speaking of King Street (see Ensall review below), here’s the latest in sub-label Street King’s excellent ‘number’ series of EPs.

The Cologne-based duo of Lifekiss&Hoover are up first with Can You Feel It?, a track that with its surging drums, nagging old skool pianos and attitude-y female vocal (“one more time Mr DJ, one more time for the crowd… can you feel it?”) would be a strong contender for peaktime Saturday night podium action, an effect only heightened by the inclusion of some almost handbag-ish synth stabs. B-Liv give us Jazz Whirling next, a deeper house groove with hefty throbbing bass, solid kicks, all manner of atmospherics and, most importantly, plenty of mournful, moody jazz saxomophone. The EP’s then completed by Original and Dub mixes of Mario Bianco’s My Soul Sacrifice, a real journey of a track that tops tribal drums with Santana-esque fretwork, interspersed with some lounge-y keyboard licks.

My Soul Sacrifice definitely wins out in the “original and distinctive” stakes, while Can You Feel It? is easily the safest bet for floor play. But Jazz Whirling is good too… which means, all told, this is something of a must-check EP.

Out: Now on Traxsource promo, full release TBA.

About: You know where to find the King Street massive by now!

David Morales feat Quentin Harris & Hector Romero – The Xperience

March 15, 2015 in Singles

David Morales The Xperience Def MixThree heavyweights of the New York house scene team up here.

Two mixes of The Xperience to choose from. The Demo Mix is a slowly evolving, somewhat epic affair, near-instrumental and led by tribal percussion that comes topped with a soaring strings, a nagging synth riff and some ker-razy (Hammond? Farfisa?) organ noodles. The NYC Mix, meanwhile, features added hand percussion from Steve Thornton but sadly features a little less of that ace wigged-out organ.

Clocking in at 7:47 and 9:16 respectively, either will be best served when the floor’s energetic and truly locked-on.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by the legendary Def Mix, who you can find here, here and here.

Raw Underground – All I Want

February 20, 2015 in Singles

Raw Underground All I Want FVR StreetAnd from one well-known vocal to another, as a chunk of DSK’s What Would We Do gets another dancefloor run-out atop your choice of five 2015-style house backings.

The Original is big, strutty and bass-y to start with then drops considerably deeper, making for the perfect 3am transition from ‘peaktime’ to ‘in for the long haul’. The Original Sax mix is, er, very similar but with added saxophone. The Brian Morse Remix treads a deeper but still chunky house path, while the Halfwerk Remix is more tribal/tech-y, using the vocal much more sparingly and adding a male “all right” one of its own. And then finally the Tiam Wills Remix chucks elements of breakbeat house, big beat and raw funk into a blender and firehoses the results all over the messier floors.

All the mixes are strong but it’s the more trad-style Original I’m liking best, though I suspect Halfwerk’s might be the rub you hear out most.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by FVR Street, an offshoot of Spain’s Frigo Vide Records, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

GruuvElement’s – Enters/Power

February 3, 2015 in Singles

GruuvElement's Enters/Power Groove OnRomanian duo GruuvElement’s (yes, that’s how they’re spelling it) serve up a dark, techy two-tracker for George Morel’s Groove On label here.

On the A, Enters is a bottom-heavy chugger with indecipherable snatches of heavily treated and downpitched male vocal, and understated yet nonetheless firin’ percussion. On the flip, Power is a more sprightly and house-ified affair, with something of an ‘early 00s tribal’ air about it and a neat line in wobbly synth sounds as well as sampled Afro-chant vox.

Always good to see house veterans moving with the times and George doesn’t disappoint with this latest signing.

Out: Today

About: You can find Groove On on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Wise D & Kobe – What’s Up

December 12, 2014 in Singles

Wise D & Kobe What's Up Street KingWe up the tempo somewhat now with a slab of fiercely rolling tech-house courtesy of King Street diffusion label Street King.

Well, fiercely rolling tech-house on the A, anyway, where the original of What’s Up centres around Iberican-sounding, terrace-friendly percussion and a HUGE bassline that’s reminiscent of (but not sampled from) Sandy B’s Make The World Go Round, all topped with a snatch of Jungle Brothers vox (or possibly a resung take thereon?) and some very cool organ parps.

Flip it over, though, and the deeper Who Else Remix could almost be a different track entirely, with simple, understated 4/4s replacing the tribal drums and the big warping bass nowhere to be heard; in its place you get simple, insistent synth chords and some speed garage-y wibble FX. Only the vocal sample remains the same, and even that’s used far more sparingly.

Both tracks do what they do well, though. So the Who Else Remix would be the one for warm-up play, while the original’s the peak-time pick… and having options is never a bad thing.

Out: This week, on Traxsource

About: Find Street King and the rest of the King Street label family here, here and here.

Various/Oscar Aguilera – Deeperfect Ibiza 2014

July 19, 2014 in Albums

Oscar Aguilera Deeperfect Ibiza 2014A change of pace now, yet in many ways this and the Nang comp below have a lot in common. If Nang are dependable purveyors of nu-disco – never the coolest/hippest/most cutting-edge label in the playground, perhaps, but staying true to their sound year in, year out and seldom letting themselves down with a sub-par release – then Italy’s Deeperfect are definitely dependable purveyors of party-hearty tech-house shenanigans.

So, across the 12 all-new tracks here, expect tuff, rolling and occasionally tribal-tinged beats from start to finish, a winning way with a well-known vocal sample here and a cheeky disco stab there, and the odd venture into slightly harder techno territory just to keep the energy levels up. With a mixture of usual suspects – Umek, label boss Stefano Noferini of course, Daniel Selfmade, Gabriel D’Or, Ronan Portela – and newer names, Deeperfect Ibiza 2014 won’t win any awards for 90 Minutes Of Madness-style electicism, nor will it make ideal background music for your next dinner party.

What it will do, is soundtrack your next 83 minutes of unabashed dancefloor hedonism perfectly… whether you’re on the sun-drenched Ibiza terraces these tracks are made for, or just dancing round your bedsit in Grimsby. Naughty music for naughty times.

Out: This week

About: Find Deeperfect on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Mr Costy – 28

October 31, 2013 in Singles

Mr Costy 28 Family GroovesSome rolling, percussive tech-house vibes to kick us off tonight courtesy of Spain’s Mr Costy and Croatian label Family Grooves.

In its Original form, 28 is yer straight-up Iberican terrace chugger, with a slighty proggy pulse to it and sampled spoken male vox. The CKOS Remix is similar in style but a little more in-your-face about it, Unique (CRO) & Adoo give us a slightly techer rerub, and then best of all there’s the Darkrow Remix, which is more of a dark, sparse afterhours thang.

Out: This week

About: You can find Family Grooves on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Fadel – Found

August 27, 2013 in Singles

Fadel Found Tiny Lamp MusicLast one for tonight, and we continue with tonight’s theme of instrumental, warm-up friendly grooves with this offering from Tiny Lamp, a Canadian label who are making their TIWWD debut.

In its Original form, Found is a meandering deep/tech houser with jungle-y overtones… in the sense of tribal rhythms and atmospheric jungle sounds, not in the drum & bass sense. The Ellroy 12inch Remix has even more of a moody, tribal feel, but the real reason this is here is Thomas Courribet’s Late Night Remix, wherein Found becomes a sumptuous deep house head-nodder driven by a phat, sashaying bassline.

As with the Lonya & Roi Okev release below, then, it’s all about picking the right mix with this one!

Out: This week on general release, though I believe it’s been out on Beatport for a fortnight.

About: Tiny Lamp can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud, and is a a new venture (this is TLM006) from the Ready Mix Records crew, based in Montreal.

Various – Big Fist Ibiza Sampler 2013

July 17, 2013 in Singles

Big Fist Ibiza 2013Something of a surprise from Big Fist now, as the label normally known for tough tech-house and techno serve up an EP of deeper, housier grooves.

Paul Jamez’s The Light (nothing to do with the Michelle Weeks classic of the same name, BTW) is one highlight with its rumblin’, buzzin’ b-line and joyously old-school female vocal, Stereo Cartel’s rumbunctious terrace-disco workout Just Freakin’ another. Cuts from Deep Faith, John James, Mindform and PJC Project make up the rest of the EP, which as a whole should serve you nicely if you were looking for some solid, tracky shizzle to fill those outdoor summer sets.

Out: This week

About: You can find Big Fist on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.