Reewa Rathod – Enroute Ganeshaa

August 30, 2015 in Singles

Reewa Rathod Enroute Ganeshaa SP RecordingsOkay, last one for tonight, so let’s end with what’s very possibly my favourite record of the week.

Regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for Indo-house fusions and here, Indian chanteuse Reewa Rathod’s gorgeous Hindi vocals are most definitely the star of the show, placed atop a backing from Carlos Francisco and percussionist Javier BR Gonzalez that’s reminiscent of that early 00s ‘dark tribal’ sound, with added strings. The results are quite simply breathtaking.

There’s an accompanying instrumental as well but, frankly, why would you miss out on that voice?

Out: This week, on Traxsource; everywhere else from 11 September.

About: This is brought to you by Francisco’s own Essex-based SP Recordings, AKA Sure Player, who you can find here, here and here.


May 3, 2015 in Singles

NOISIBOI Got Love Bloxbox RecordsNow here’s a sound we don’t hear much of these days… or at least a sound that doesn’t come TIWWD’s way too often.

On this single-track promo, large chunks of Nate Dogg’s I Got Love (I had to look that up BTW, so thank you RapGenius) are placed atop a tuff, bass-y house backdrop reminiscent of the dark tribal sound of the early 00s – think Dark Beat, or just about every record on Sondos, ever. The result is an irresistibly driving tune that’ll slay the more commercial floors for sure… not to mention a certified earworm.

It’s not as good as Bizzi’s Party, but it’s better than most of the 7,463 known garage bootlegs of Thong Song… which should give you a rough idea what to expect.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Bloxbox Records, part of the Krafted Music family – find ’em here, here and here.

Chus & Ceballos, Horatio – BRKLYN BRIDGE

February 3, 2015 in Singles

Chus & Ceballos BRKLYN BRIDGE Incorrect MusicAnd speaking of house veterans, and early 00s tribal (see below), players on that scene didn’t come much bigger than Chus & Ceballos! These days though the Iberican drums have been toned down somewhat in favour of a more universal tech-house sound, as this team-up with Horatio shows.

Four mixes of BRKLYN BRIDGE to choose from. The original’s a tuff, chuggy and just lightly tribal-tinged afterhours workout topped with a spoken male “all bridges lead to Brooklyn” vocal and a strange fluttery sound that may or not be some kind of didgeridoo-like instrument… at first I thought it was a mangled human voice but as it also features on the Instrumental Mix I’m guessing not! Elsewhere, a Nathan Barato BK Dancer Remix takes us into more full-on techno territory, while Pirupa serves up a remix laced with the kind of terrace-friendly rolling percussion that C&C themselves once specialised in.

The original is the one for me here, though.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Chicago’s INCorrect Music, who you can find here, here and here.

Groove Salvation – Spin Me Something

December 29, 2014 in Singles

Groove Salvation Spin Me Something DKRAnd from Groove Syndicate (see below) we move on to Portugal’s Groove Salvation, who here is doing the do for UK label DKR, AKA Digital Killers Records.

In its original form, Spin Me Something – which takes its name from the male “DJ, spin me something!” vocal that loops, on-and-off, throughout – is warm, fuzzy and vaguely tribal-ish. Hard to believe it’s nearly 20 years since yours truly went on a clubbing holiday to Lisbon, but they have indeed been honing this sound on the Iberian peninsula ever since… and it shows! The Ace Paradise Remix is similar but a little twitchier/techier in the percussion department, while the Le Brion Remix heads in the opposite direction and turns the dial marked ‘tribal’ UP. Finally, there’s the deeper MGF Project Dub Tech Remix, which shouldn’t really need too much explaining.

A little more variety in the mixes wouldn’t have gone amiss but this is good stuff all the same, with the original and MGF Project rubs vying for the gold.

Out: Last week

About: Depending whether you believe the hype sheet or their Soundcloud page, DKR are based in either Bolton or Manchester, and you can find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

H Foundation – Hear Dis Sound

November 9, 2014 in Singles

H-Foundation Hear Dis Sound SiestaAnd speaking of things dubwise (see below), here come scene legends H Foundation with a prime slice of dubby, tribal (tech) house goodness.

Or at least they do to start with, because with no fewer than eight mixes on offer, there’s plenty of stylistic variation to choose from here. “Tropical house with rude boy vocals,” is how the hype sheet touts the original, and yeah, that’ll do. Adam Shelton’s remix is a little chunkier and more funked-up, DJ Sneak’s is, well, Sneak-y, Franck Rogers supplies a techier refix, Space Coast get deep n’ dreamy, and Yousef starts out stripped n’ groovy then gets more mentalist as the track goes on. DJ Buck strips things back to their tribal core and adds a reggae soundsystem intro, while finally Craig Richards drops the tempo right down for his dubbed-out slo-mo/leftfield take.

Sneak and Space Coast do it best for me but this is a strong package with a heavyweight remix line-up that should find a place in many a DJ’s set.

Out: This week

About: This comes on long-running west coast label Siesta, who you can find here and here.

Made By Pete – Jungle Funk

November 2, 2014 in Singles

Made By Pete Jungle Funk 303 LoversA single-track release here that manages to cram one hell of a lot of ideas into its 6:32 lifespan!

Jungle Funk starts out sounding like a Sondos/Subusa release from the early 00s, all rolling tribal beats and jungle (as in rainforest) sounds. Rising synths and a breakbeat interlude then trail the arrival of hip-house vox, a woman’s laughter, some ker-razy hand percussion and twangy live funk bass… I told you there was a lot going on! It sounds a bit of a mess on paper, but it all actually gels together suprisingly well.

It’s all also topped with shouts inviting you to “go insane!”, and methinks that if you drop this aptly titled gem at the right time – 3am in dark rooms should do it – the dancers will do just that.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Italian label 303 Lovers, who you can find here, here and here (NB: The second link, for Facebook, doesn’t seem to work unless you’re already logged in).

Various – Groovers Vol 2

September 21, 2014 in Singles

Groovers Vol 2 Family GroovesWe stay in tech-house territory for this V/A ep from Croatia’s ever-reliable Family Grooves imprint.

Mr Wox & Sose Ibiza give us Mite, a percussion-led affair with distored, downpitched vox and ‘Ibiza terraces’ written all over it. Kango by DurtysoXx is another drummy cut but several notches more frenetic, while BOK’s Shhh! is a more musical, almost prog-leaning take on tech-house.

Solid as all three of those are, though, the real reason this is here is Stanny Abram’s Take Your Time. It’s essentially a terrace-friendly remake of Instant Funk’s Salsoul classic I Got My Mind Made Up… and as such, is pretty much a sure-fire party-starter, particularly on floors that know their history!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 3 October.

About: Find Family Grooves here, here and here.

Angel Moraes – Transformation

September 16, 2014 in Singles

Angel Moraes Transformation Mile End RecordsGot asked to do an interview with DeepWit for their blog last week. They asked how long I’d been doing this for and I said, 20 years… then thought, blimey, that’s actually true. Scary! I only mention this now, because I remember reviewing Angel Moraes’ debut album Hot N’ Spycy back in 1996 and now here is again tonight, nearly 20 years later. Respect is due, etc.

As I recall, I described Hot N’ Spycy at the time as “the best consecutive hour of house music you’ll hear all month”. Well, Transformation probably isn’t THE best house record you’ll hear all week, to be honest, but it is very good.

More importantly, it’s pretty much beamed straight in from a big dark room in NYC circa 1995 and trust me, that was a fun place to be. Turn the dark up, play loud.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Mile End Records, who as I’m sure you know are based in Montreal (not NYC) and can be found here, here and here.

Low.Tales – Moving On EP

August 14, 2014 in Singles

Low.Tales Moving On EP Rave Of LoveWe kick off tonight with this EP from Italian DJ Samuel Carangelo, AKA Low.Tales, coming on his own Rave Of Love imprint.

The A-side, Moving On itself, is a tuff-ish, perfectly playable houser accompanied by a somewhat more lo-slung n’ sleazy Anek Remix, but it’s B-side Maybe Acid that excites yours truly more. A heads-down deep groove with just a hint of bubblin’ 303 and drums that nod towards the tribal sound of mid-90s NYC, it’s topped with a husky male vocal asking, “Where were you when you heard acid? Maybe you were at Ministry Of Sound… or maybe some dark club in Detroit? Or were you at Zanzibar? Maybe at Space, Ibiza?” before the climactic, drop-introducing “Or was it… now?”

Coming complete with a more driving, acid-squelchin’ Sven Tasnadi mix for spots that like it a bit harder, this is excellent pounding house bizniss tailormade for dark, locked-on 4am floors.

Out: This week

About: This is just the third release from Rave Of Love, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Peter Presta – Michael Alig Has Returned

May 9, 2014 in Singles

Peter Presta Michael Alig Applejaxx RecordingsThe Velcro EP was gonna be the last review tonight, but seeing as we were just discussing early 90s NYC…

I’m presuming you know the whole Michael Alig/club kids story*. Which means you probably know the kind of dark, tribal-tinged house that was rocking Big Apple dancefloors at the time. Well, voilà. Apart from the horrorshow vocal sample (a ring-mod’d male voice saying the title), ain’t nothin’ goin’ on with this drum- and stab-tastic single-tracker – released in the very week that Michael Alig is released on parole, after 17 years inside – that you couldn’t hear on a hundred Vasquez mixes circa 1995.

But as I probably bought and played about a hundred Vasquez mixes round about that time, gotta say I’m liking this rather a lot too.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Presta’s own Applejaxx Recordings, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

*If you don’t, then read the book Disco Bloodbath or watch the film Party Monster