Robot Needs Oil – Little Jack

November 29, 2015 in Singles

Robot Needs Oil Little Jack Sonic Soul RecordsDon’t get me wrong, I like the three records I just told you about below a lot, or they wouldn’t be here. But this… we’re definitely ending on a high note tonight because this is a little slice of deep house heaven.

In its Original form, Little Jack is a deep, garage-y beauty with a strong jazz flava to its mournful trumpets, understated two-chord piano hook, floaty sax and distinctive near-scat “It’s just a little funky jive” vocal. As if that wasn’t enough, you then get a trio of remixes from what’s pretty much a TIWWD dream team line-up of Rishi K, Harold Heath and Tony S. Harold adds just a hint of disco/funk, Rishi beefs up the kicks a little and adds subtle M1 sounds as well as some frankly superb live piano licks, while Tony strips things back for the 3am floors.

Like I said: a little slice of deep house heaven. Go seek!

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by US label Sonic Soul Records. It’s their seventh release and you can find them on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tony S – Shame

October 29, 2015 in Singles

Tony S Shame La Pitti RecordsThe good ship TIWWD sails now into straight-up deep house waters with another three-track EP, this one coming from the ever-prolific Tony Stevenson.

Shame itself is a lazy, midtempo-bordering-on-slo-mo affair with the lightest of Afro touches in the percussion and wailed/chanted vox, as well as some fine Jersey-ish chord action. Speak is another quite laidback cut that mixes up dub, middle eastern and garage-y elements to sterling effect, while the package is completed by Liberosis, which rides more uptempo percussion with thobbing bass, cut-up vox and synth stabs that hark back to the earliest days of house.

Three quite different cuts, then – he’s nothing if not versatile, our Tone. Liking all three but if forced to choose I think Speak just has the edge.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Vincenzo de Robertis’s La Pitti Records over in sunny Italia. Find ’em  on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Soul Academy – Your Love Keeps

September 4, 2015 in Singles

Soul Academy Your Love Keeps Haute MusiqueDeep house from, unsurprisingly, the soulful side on this latest from Canada’s Haute Musique.

Four mixes of Your Love Keeps to choose from. The original’s an unhurried affair, with synth sounds that hark back to the earliest Chicago deep house à la Mr Fingers, sax parps and a soulful male “your love keeps” vocal. Yigit Atilla’s remix doesn’t flip the script massively but does tuffen up the drums and adds some now-sounding bass throb, Tony S funks things up with some hefty slap bass, and then finally Moe Turk & Joe Mitri take us into more blissed-out, ‘Beefa-friendly territory while also pitching down the vocal slightly.

All good, but Tony and Yigit share top honours for me.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find Haute Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – Hot Summer Vol 1

August 2, 2015 in Albums

Hot Summer Vol 1 La Pitti RecordsRight then… it’s 10pm on a Sunday night, which means it’s time to take a trip into the deep zone. And whose company to do so in better than Vincenzo De Robertis’ La Pitti Records, over in sunny Italia?

Again, there’s 14 tracks from 14 artists so you’ll excuse me if I don’t do the full track-by-track! In any case, you should know the La Pitti sound by now: smooth, soul- and jazz-tinged (very) deep house grooves are the label’s stock in trade, and that’s basically what you get here. With cuts from TIWWD regulars like Tony S, Phasen, James Benedict and Igor Gonya, plus a bunch of newer names, this definitely isn’t the place to come looking for romping, stomping Saturday night dancefloor thrills. But if you need to soothe your soul with the aural equivalent of a long hot bath, step right on in…

Out: This week

About: You can find La Pitti Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Adam Byrd – After Sunset EP

June 19, 2015 in Singles

Adam Byrd After Sunset EP Haute MusiqueSome superlative deep, jazzified house grooves on this latest from Haute Musique.

There are three mixes of After Sunset itself to choose from. The original’s a laidback affair perfectly suited to Ibiza sundown sessions, with gently shuffling beats, soaring saxomophone and plainitive electric geetar. BiG AL’s Deep Re-Think is more obviously aimed at deep house dancefloors and has dubby overtones, while the Christos Fourkis Somewhere Else Remix takes us further into all-out smooth jazz territory. You also get two mixes of Sweetest Sin: the warm, lazy and trumpet-soaked original and a struttier, bassed-up refix from Tony S.

The jazz-phobic will definitely want to look elsewhere but for the rest of this is sterling stuff, with Al and Tony unsurprisingly leading the charge.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 29 June

About: Find Haute Musique here and here.

Various – Best Of DeepWit Vol 3

May 27, 2015 in Albums

Best of DeepWit Vol 3 DeepWit RecordingsThe more observant among you may have noticed a dearth of DeepWit releases featuring on TIWWD of late. I thought they were on a break; it actually turns out they’d swapped promo systems and my email fell off in transition. Anyway it’s all sorted now… and what better way to catch up than with this third installment in the Danish label’s ‘best of’ comp series?

Even the less observant among you will have noticed I’m a fan of DeepWit’s particular, supremely chilled take on deep house generally, and one look at the talent roster here – which includes the likes of Tony S, Portofino Sunrise, Loz Goddard, Ivan Garci and Angelo Mele – should be enough to tell you that’s unlikely to change with this release. To pick but two cherries from a very fine tree, Demarkus Lewis’s garage-y refix of Agent Libre’s Miles Away would be worth the price of admission on its own, while for dreamy, dubby house vibes you’ll struggle to beat DMP’s Lexion this week.

If deep house from the more laidback end of the spectrum is what you’re looking for, then do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this forthwith.

Out: Last week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

G-Spice, Zorz Post & Emme – Is It Love

March 12, 2015 in Singles

G-Spice, Zorz Post & Emme Is This Love Ready Mix RecordsPredictably fine deep house grooves here from the always on-point Ready Mix Records.

The work of a trio of Greek producers, Is It Love comes in your choice of four mixes. The original has a nice chunky bassline, atmospheric synth sweeps, garage-y keys and female scat vox, along with a spoken female “love” sample that loops throughout. The Deep Active Sound Remix is a little more spangled and 3am-ish (the time of night, that is, not the label!) while a more lilting Tony S Remix gets the vibes out and Moe Turk takes us into dreamier, more late-night pastures.

All four are quality but if pushed, the Original and Moe Turk rubs just nudge it.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 23 March.

About: Find Ready Mix Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tony S – Flight Of Ideas EP

March 8, 2015 in Singles

Tony S Flight Of Ideas EP Headset RecordingsA three-tracker here from a producer who should need no introduction to TIWWD readers, coming to you courtesy of San Francisco label Headset Recordings.

Flight Of Ideas itself is up first, which opens with simple beats and throbbing bassline, then adds tinkly pads, female vocal wails and some wibbly analogue-sounding synth action. After The Fact, which follows, is a slightly techier affair with two competing female vocal elements (one saying “tick-tock”, the other an extended “ye-eaah”) doing battle above Middle Eastern sounds, busy top-end percussion and hefty but muted bass, the end result being a hypnotic track made for locked-on 4am floors. The standout for yours truly, though – sorry Tony! – is the Terry Vernixx Remix of the title track, which is somewhat livelier than the original but nonetheless has a dubby, deep garage feel.

Out: This week

About: You can find Headset Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Spennu – You Shouldn’t Do

December 24, 2014 in Singles

Spennu You Should't Do Ready Mix RecordsFinally for today, we stay in trad-style, vocal territory but drop a little deeper with this lil’ beauty from Canada’s ever-dependable Ready Mix Records.

Four mixes to choose from. The original is a garage-leaning deep house gem that could have come out at any point in the past 20 years, with rolling beats and an insistent Balearic-sounding synth riff underpinning a gorgeous wistful female “ain’t no use in cryin'” vocal. Analog Trip’s remix is a more laidback bass with some cool fluttering geetar and a more organic feel overall, Felipe L maintains the feel of the original but heads into more late-night, headnoddin’ territory, while finally my man Tony S goes proper deep while adding a little Latin shimmy to the drums.

If pushed then it’s a toss-up between the Original and Felipe L rubs as to which takes the gold for me, but to be honest I’d sooner not be pushed – the whole EP is very classy indeed. Then again, that’s pretty much what we expect from Big AL’s label, n’est-ce pas?

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 5 January

About: Find Ready Mix Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tony S – Sleepless EP

December 14, 2014 in Singles

Tony S Sleepless EP Ready Mix RecordsRegular readers will know that in my head, a Tony S record on Ready Mix is pretty much a dead-on cert. Thankfully, the Sleepless EP doesn’t disappoint.

In its Original form, Sleepless itself is a chugging, 4am, eyes-wide-shut deep house groover, with shimmering synths and female vocal microsnips panning back and forth and gloriously old school piano riffage in the background. The more jacking Moreno (LDN) Remix mostly strips out the trippy, Balearic top end and hits your innards with seriously chunky, funky bass instead. Trope, meanwhile, starts life as a throbbing, bassy deep house groove sprinkled liberally with vaguely tropical sounds, before the Tamandua Twist Remix turns the dial marked ‘spangly’ up to create a irresistible slice of beach house/nu-disco dancefloor action. Even better, though is the deep disco of the Loz Goddard Remix, which builds from rich, lingering, bell-like piano chords, via a fat, pounding kick and Negro-esque synths, into a head-gone-astray small hours monster.

The latter cut and Moreno’s rub of the title track take top honours for me, but really there’s not a mix here that doesn’t come highly commended.

Out: This week, apparently, though I originally had it down as Nov 24 so it’s possible I’m a little late on this one…

About: You can find Ready Mix Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.