Tommy Bones – Arrival EP

April 24, 2016 in Singles

Tommy Bones Arrival EP Strictly RhythmGonna keep it nice n’ deep tonight after last night’s trek through stompier pastures, starting with this two-tracker from the mighty Strictly Rhythm.

It’s the B-side you’ll be wanting to head for. Not that the A’s Aisha isn’t a perfectly playable lil’ slice of peaktime house music: it is. It’s heavily indebted to French Kiss, admittedly, but the jaunty piano chords save it from being a mere pastiche. But Aisha pales in comparison next to T’s Jazzy Joint on the B, a far deeper jam that does very much what it says on the tin. Crucially, though, its fluttering synth-flutes, tinkling vibes and scatty vocal snips are underpinned by rock-solid 4/4s and a satisfying full-fat bassline.

No chin-stroking noodlefest this one, just 5:57 of sumptuous house music to lose yourself in. Which I suggest you do at your earliest opportunity.

Out: This week

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Tommy Bones – Love & War EP

July 5, 2015 in Singles

Tommy Bones Love & War EP Strictly RhythmNYC veteran Tommy Bones serves up a three-tracker for the seemingly immortal Strictly Rhythm here.

Love & War itself is quite a dark house groove, built to power busy but more discerning house floors on through till dawn. Something of an E-Smoove’ish feel to this one, particularly in the off-kilter pianos… but it’s actually bonus cut Get Down (yes, another one – see below) that’s the standout for me. In its original form, Get Down tops classic NY-style house drums with a bouncy bass hook, female “up, down, up, down” vox and sax parps, as well as backing diva wails. It’s ‘trad-leaning’ for sure, yet sounds thoroughly contemporary at the same time – and much the same can be said for the bigger and even bouncier Remix, where the M1 comes out to play.

Out: This week

About: Find Strictly Rhythm here, here and here.

Tommy Bones – Love & War EP

June 20, 2015 in Singles

Tommy Bones Love & War EP Strictly RhythmPicking up the tempo a little now, here we have the latest from iconic NYC label Strictly Rhythm.

In its Original form, Get Down itself is a mid-paced houser sporting diva wails as well as a separate female “up and down” vocal, a bouncin’ synth hook and tuff, very NY-sounding beats. Love & War is a slightly more heads-down and driving cut with some great bass-y piano chords, but the killer for me is Get Down (Remix)… a sax-sprinkled M1 organ bouncer to die for!

Out: This week

About: Find Strictly Rhythm here, here and here.