Roland Nights – Hide And Seek EP

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Roland Nights Hide And Seek EP Deep Edition RecordingsAnd speaking of warm, garage-y grooves (see below), here’s a treat for all you lovers of da real deal shizzle, courtesy of the ever-reliable Deep Edition Recordings.

In its Original form, Hide And Seek is a chunky and fairly upbeat tech-soul ass-shaker, all crisp Jersey beats, big throbbing synths and soulful male vox. The organ-tastic Ready Or Not Dub pushes further towards UKG territory, reminding yours truly a little bit of Smokin’ Beats’ classic Dreams, Tato’s Moon Mix strips things down and tuffens ’em up just a smidgeon for the deep/tech floors while Timmy P’s Slow Mo Fo Remix is a tripped-out, afterhours pass. And then finally You & Me is another soul-dripping gem that you can file under deep house or garage as you see fit, cos it sits right in the middle where all the best tunes are!

Not really keen to pick a fave with this one… it’s deep dancefloor perfection whichever way you slice it. Though if you put a gun to my head then the Ready Or Not Dub’s gonna take some beating.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Edition on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Timmy P – Haze

June 2, 2012 in Singles

And from Tony S, we move on to Tony P, who serves up a four-tracker for Four Fingers Hand. Try saying that when you’ve had a few.

Haze itself kicks off the EP, a lovely mellow deep groove with (US) garage-y overtones that’ll please older househeads no end (or at least it does this one). Downbeat, despite the title, is actually a little more upbeat, though it’s still pretty mellow and as such best suited for warm-up or afterhours play. Chill Spot, oddly, tuffens up the beats another notch, but counterpoints the more energetic rhythms with a luxuriant and dreamy overall feel, while finally Are The One starts out with tough, no-nonsense kicks but gradually introduces more musical elements, including floaty, disembodied female vocals and some classic Jersey-style organs.
Again, then, there’s nothing hugely innovative, pioneering or paradigm-shifting going on here, but these are four classy house/deep house cuts for lovers of the classic groove. And you can tell ’em Russy D said so!
Out: This week
About: Seems ages since I heard from Four Fingers Hand, who used to feature on here quite regularly. Don’t know if they’ve had a bit of a break or what but anyway, welcome back guys! Here’s their Facebook page.

Timmy P – Mode EP

December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

A three-track EP here from the mysterious Timmy P, on which he touches several house bases.

Mode itself is the most uptempo and driving of the three cuts, with a tuff techy beats n’ bassline groove counterpointed by insistent female wails – not to mention a wee snippet of a VERY familiar male vocal from way back in the day (I won’t spoil it but you’ll know it the second you hear it) – and… er, well that’s about it really but that’s all you really need.

Moving on, 1880 is another fairly chunky number but with a slightly more late-floor kinda feel… which brings us nicely to the real star of the show for me, Afterparty, which appropriately enough is a deeper proposition altogether, starting out with fairly no-nonsense kicks but soon warming up with lots of atmospherics, gently tinkling keys and floaty, disembodied vocal hooks.
Afterparty‘s my pick but it’s a strong EP all round.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Manchester Underground Music