Danced Til Midnight – Sun Bleach

March 19, 2015 in Singles

Danced Til Midnight Sun Bleach EP Thylacine RecordsSomething of a change of pace now, as TIWWD’s attention turns to this four-track EP from brand new UK label Thylacine Sounds.

The EP opens with Sun Bleach itself, which is like car chase funk given a hefty dose of Latin swing, embracing as it does batucada drums, mariachi brass and flamenco guitars, as well as some seriously wigged-out psychedelic flourishes. Step It Up, which follows, is a phat n’ squelchy, brass-laden bruk beat affair, while Tall Black Guy collab Wheat Bread And Eggs is a slice of leftfield/downtempo electronica, again with lashings of rude bass. Finally, to close out the EP comes Flour And Eggs, which operates in similar territory to the title track only with added rawk guitar squalls.

There are a LOT of musical ideas here, and to be honest some pan out better than others. But as a statement of intent from a new label, it’s certainly one to prick up the ears. File under ‘eclectic funk’.

Out: This week

About: Can’t seem to find a website for Thylacine Sounds but you can find Danced Til Midnight on Facebook.