Various – 4/4 #26

June 25, 2016 in Singles

4/4 #26 1980 RecordingsDan McKie’s 1980 Recordings release the latest in their long-running 4/4 V/A series here, and it’s a cracker, with four varied but equally high-calibre tracks.

Alex A’s Reality is up first, a tuff-ish tech-houser with dramatic filtered synths and a spoken, sampled male vocal. Eddy Lassemblée’s Sound Of Da Police, which follows, is a lively lil’ bouncer with a nagging acid riff and cheeky bites from both Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and (obviously) KRS-One, as well as “bounce!” vocal of its own. Mathieu Basi & Keedo’s 3am In Detroit then takes us into far deeper territory, as you’d probably already guessed from the title, while finally Sterbal’s Creased is a lo-slung, bassy houser with prog and rave elements and a “don’t you tell me” vocal sample.

If pushed then Sound Of Da Police and 3am In Detroit are the standouts for me – but only just because this is good stuff all round.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 1 July

About: Find 1980 Recordings on Facebook or at their own website.

Jean Agoriia – Annabella EP

June 14, 2016 in Singles

Jean Agoriia Annabella EP Airtaxi RecordsTwo techno slabs from last week to catch up on before we crack on with this week’s releases, and it’s something of a red corner/blue corner situation as the two couldn’t be much more different.

In the red corner, we have this offering from Hungary’s Airtaxi Records, representing the more menacing end of the techno spectrum. Agoriia’s original of Annabella itself is all intricately rolling beats, dark surging bassline and horrorshow distorted male spoken vocal fragments, while remixes from Carlos Monsalve & Felipe G and Saulo Paul are essentially variations on the theme. One to reach for in those 3am moments when the floor’s truly locked-on and not ready to slow down yet!

Bonus cut Emulasion [sic], meanwhile, has a slightly lighter touch and is probably best describe as tech-house rather than straight-up techno, but lacks none of the A-side’s dancefloor punch.

Out: Now

About: Find Airtaxi Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Liam Geddes – Right Path To Pray EP

June 5, 2016 in Singles

Liam Geddes Right Path To Pray EP Music Is LoveLiam Geddes returns to Manchester’s Music Is Love here to serve up four fine deep/tech house cuts.

Pray To Watch is up first, all crisp beats, haunting synth drones and squelchly acid bass. Right Path which follows rocks livelier, no-nonsense drums, shimmering synths/pads, resonating piano chords female vocal snips. So Many Needs is a chunkier house cut with jazzy overtones, while finally Song For New is a dreamier affair with surprisingly fierce kicks underpinning yearnsome female vox and what sounds like a loop of playground noise, though I could be wrong.

All good, but if pushed So Many Needs takes the gold.

Out: Today… or at least that’s what the promo mail-out said, though the Soundcloud page is now saying 16 June so go figure.

About: Find Music Is Love on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, or at their own website.

Various – Proper Groovers Vol 1

June 5, 2016 in Singles

Proper Groovers Vol 1 Proper MusiqueSailing into far more contemporary waters now we have this V/A tech-house EP from Arno Stolz’s fledgling Belgian label Proper Musique.

The EP features four tracks from as many artists. Deetech’s opening Storm is a chunky, rolling affair with crisp 4/4s, shakers and a fat, whomping bassline, and is followed by Duke Tran & Paul Quzz’s Forty, a sparser, stuttery affair with distorted male spoken vox and disturbing synth screeches. Rone White’s Cut To The Chase rocks more straight-up housey kicks which it marries to a disco-tinged b-line, chanted male “bom-bom” vox and rave-y risers, while finally Tom Neatis’s Freeloader is a more percussive affair that makes good use of the filters to give it a slightly trippy, 4am kinda feel.

Four very solid floor-movers but Storm and Cut To The Chase stand out in particular.

Out: This week

About: Find Proper Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook, or at their own website.

Roby Deep – Road To The Unknown

May 16, 2016 in Singles

Roby Deep Road To The Unknown Submarine VibesAnother European label who always come up with the deeper goods are Bosnia’s Submarine Vibes, and they don’t disappoint with this single from Slovenia’s Roby Deep.

One thing I like about Submarine Vibes is that you never know quite what particular shade of deepness you’re going to get. In the case of Road To The Unknown in its original form, we’re headed off to that place where deep house, prog and chill-out intertwine. The Yarosslav Remix opts for much more obviously danceable beats, but then confuses with a minute-long beatless breakdown, after which a hypnotic, vaguely Underworld-y half-sung/half-spoken male vocal loop joins the party.

The standout for yours truly, though, is the throbbing, dubby Hibrid Remix – sheer late-night driftaway deep house bliss…

Out: This week

About: You can find Submarine Vibes herehere and here.

Lucio Agustin – Buzios EP

May 15, 2016 in Singles

Lucio Agustin Buzios EP dub.sphereThree quality deep tech cuts here from capital-letters-hating German label dub.sphere.

Buzios itself is probably the most floor-friendly of the three, bringing simple 4/4s, a slinky dub bassline and reverberating FX, all topped with a woman’s voice saying either “protection” or “tension” (can’t work out which). Rosario, which follows, is in a similar vein but with glitchy, minimal-leaning sounds while finally Hurlingham tones down the minimal influences and turns up the dubwise stylings.

The latter’s my pick but these are fine head-noddin’ grooves all round.

Out: This week

About: Find dub.sphere herehere and here.

David Grant – Crookies

May 15, 2016 in Singles

David Grant Crookies 18-09 RecordsI did say tonight’s selection was gonna be ‘up’… though billed as tech-house on the hype sheet, this single-track release from Scottish label 18-09 Records is as close to slammin’ techno as TIWWD ever gets! Still good, though.

The key here is that, while Crookies may sport fierce synths straight out of the darkest corners of 1992 rave, and while those synths may build into a full-on acid assault as the track progresses, the BPM count is kept to a sensible 123 and the jaunty bassline that accompanies them has plenty of roll in its hips. The result is a track that’ll do damage on tech-house, techno and tuffer house floors alike.

Out: This week

About: You can find 18-09 Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

John Randle – Walk With Me EP

May 14, 2016 in Singles

John Randle Walk With Me EP Carton-Pâte RecordsA three-track, four-mix EP of tech/bass house goodness here from France’s ever-checkable Carton-Pâte Records.

Walk With Me itself is up first, which is aptly named as it centres around a LARGE, twangy walking bassline which it marries to whooshy reversed synths, otherwordly Theremin-like sounds and female vocal cut-ups. Unorthodox, which follows, is a pacier affair with cleaner, crisper 4/4s, martial arts movie dialogue and another big bass riff placed front and centre. Completing the EP are two mixes of You’ve Got It, which sees plenty more big-bass action. The original’s a stripped-back affair with something of a Detroit house (yes, Detroit house) feel, nostalgic rave-y synth stabs (think Mentasm or Dominator) that are applied quite sparingly and a looping “Good for you, I’m no good for you” vocal, while the Ben Mono Remix takes us into slightly deeper territory.

All good but if pushed the title track nudges it, with the original of You’ve Got It not far behind.

Out: This week

About: Find Carton-Pâte on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

youANDme – PPPPP

May 14, 2016 in Singles

youANDme PPPPP RCRIt’s Saturday night, people! So gonna keep things fairly ‘up’ tonight, starting with this latest offering from Berlin duo youANDme, which also happens to be the very first release on RCR, a brand new vinyl-only offshoot of Paul Loraine’s Rhythm Cult.

Three mixes of PPPPP to choose from. In its original Diva Mix form, it’s best filed under ‘simple but effective’, as chunks of Loleatta’s Love Sensation vocal are placed atop rolling tech-house beats and a nagging, scraping synth riff that’s got something of a Wild Pitch feel. The accompanying instrumental’s less convincing, TBH – the backing track is quite repetitive, and it’s the vocal that really carries it on the original. But never mind cos there’s also the Drunken Diva Mix, which manages not to deviate too far from the original yet still somehow infuse the track with a loping, dubby feel. As in proper (reggae) dub, not just as in there’s no vocal and they’ve toned the synths down a bit…

Do like the Diva Mix but for sheer ‘not sounding like any other remix I’ve heard lately’-ness it has to be the Drunken Diva Mix that takes the gold here.

Out: This week

About: You can find the Rhythm Cult label family on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

u z z v – Misunderstanding EP

May 8, 2016 in Singles

u z z v Minunderstanding EP Innocent MusicMoving properly into the Sunday night deep zone now, we have this minimal five-tracker from Innocent Music.

Misunderstanding itself, in its Original form, is a chunky but unhurried cut sitting right on the tech-house/minimal cusp and sporting a spoken, downpitched “I hope you will understand” psychobabble vocal. The Markel Remix busies up the percussion a little and adds layers of atmospherics, but it’s the stripped n’ dubby Jesus Soblechero rub that’s floating my boat the most. You also get two mixes of Falling Down to play with. The original’s a twitchy-glitchy affair, quite pacey for the style and with hefty bass, while Enzo Leep’s Tanzania Mix opts again for slightly more intricate percussion.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.