Kiano & Below Bangkok – Deep Thoughts [Remixed]

November 1, 2015 in Albums

Kiano & Below Bangkok Deep Thoughts Remixed Ready Mix RecordsTracks from the Croatian duo’s 2014 artist album get remixed by a host of respected deep house producers here, with predictably fine results!

It should be pointed out that this isn’t a ‘remix album’ as such, in the sense that they haven’t taken all of the original album’s 16 tracks, and had each one remixed. Rather, these are the other mixes you’d have gotten hold of had you purchased all four singles from the album – namely Love & Happiness (with remixes from Tom Lown and Pano Manara), Rolling (Bourne, Nico Mendez, Cosmic Cowboys), 49 Steps (Tamandua Twist, Savvas) and In The Heat Of The Night (Ilias Katelanos, Distant Relatives JHB). But just look at that line-up. If you’re a lover of proper underground deep house you’ll be salivating already… I can only add that you’re quite right to do so so!

An unmissable selection of sumptuous deep grooves, with cuts for the floor, cuts for the headphones and not a duff mix in sight.

Out: This week (on general release)

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Tony S – Sleepless EP

December 14, 2014 in Singles

Tony S Sleepless EP Ready Mix RecordsRegular readers will know that in my head, a Tony S record on Ready Mix is pretty much a dead-on cert. Thankfully, the Sleepless EP doesn’t disappoint.

In its Original form, Sleepless itself is a chugging, 4am, eyes-wide-shut deep house groover, with shimmering synths and female vocal microsnips panning back and forth and gloriously old school piano riffage in the background. The more jacking Moreno (LDN) Remix mostly strips out the trippy, Balearic top end and hits your innards with seriously chunky, funky bass instead. Trope, meanwhile, starts life as a throbbing, bassy deep house groove sprinkled liberally with vaguely tropical sounds, before the Tamandua Twist Remix turns the dial marked ‘spangly’ up to create a irresistible slice of beach house/nu-disco dancefloor action. Even better, though is the deep disco of the Loz Goddard Remix, which builds from rich, lingering, bell-like piano chords, via a fat, pounding kick and Negro-esque synths, into a head-gone-astray small hours monster.

The latter cut and Moreno’s rub of the title track take top honours for me, but really there’s not a mix here that doesn’t come highly commended.

Out: This week, apparently, though I originally had it down as Nov 24 so it’s possible I’m a little late on this one…

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Various – Miami WMC 2014 Sampler

April 13, 2014 in Singles

Ready Mix Miami Sampler 2014Yes, it does seem a little late in the day for Miami samplers but I’m reliably assured this is only just out this week!

We were just talking about Ready Mix boss Big AL and here he comes again, with his opening contribution to his label’s Miami sampler being the looping, discofied deep house beauty that is Smooth [Unreleased Dub Mix]. Rishi K’s Holes, which follows, is a dubby, FX-laden ride into deep space, while new kid on the block Tamandua Twist impresses with Jabuticaba 3.0, a slowly-evolving late-night jam comprising lively but understated percussion, densely layered pads n’ fx, tinkling keys and some familiar-sounding vocal snips. Tim ‘What Happens!’ Andresen then gives us Me Ase Bailar, which starts out with the sound of seagulls and waves and builds into a blissed-out, end-of-session affair topped with spoken Spanish female vox, while TIWWD regular Tony S brings things to a close with Sleepless, an unhurried lil’ chugger with “ooh boy” vocal snips.

Again, sterling work all round – as you’d expect given the heavyweight line-up – but Al and Rishi’s contributions are particular must-checks.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 April.

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