T. Ruggieri – No Way

February 21, 2013 in Singles

T. Ruggieri No Way Mesmerize MusiqueAnother new label makes its TIWWD debut! Tonight it’s the turn of Mesmerize Musique, set up by three young Italian producers and now coming with what’s only their second release.

T.Ruggieri, a name that should be familiar by now, is the man at the controls. You get two mixes of No Way itself: the original’s a bass-y, throbby, Berlin-y kinda deep/tech groove, topped with a multitracked vocal that sounds like it might be sampled from something old, but if it is I couldn’t tell you what. French producer Julian M supplies the remix, pitching down the vox and stripping things back till we’re in almost minimal territory. On the B, meanwhile, you’ll find two rubs of Where You Go. The original chugs along in atmospheric, cinematic fashion doing the pitched-down vox thing again, while A++ supplies a dark remix from the very techiest end of the tech-house continuum.

To these ears No Way is the stronger track, but it’s a solid (almost) debut from the label all round, and sufficiently in keeping with current trends to ensure it could find a place in plenty of sets.

Out: This week

About: Bernardo Cavalli, Marco Gramegna and Guido Durante are the main men behind Mesmerize Musique, who you can find out more about in all the usual places… web (doesn’t do a lot as yet), Facebook and Soundcloud

Various – Finest NY House 2012

December 16, 2012 in Singles

Finest NY House 2012Finest NY House 2012Not one but two sampler EPs here from King Street, following the label’s usual, somewhat confusing strategy of putting out completely different yet identically titled EPs for Beatport and Traxsource.

In the red corner then we have the Beatport Edition. This is a seven-track affair, with contributions from Fisher & Fiebak, Satoshi Fumi, T Ruggieri, Iban Reus & Oliver Schmitz, M2, vexuS T and Mass Digital. Here, the emphasis is mostly on drummy, tracky shit: Ruggieri’s Love Shines Through, Fumi’s Shiny and Mass Digital’s deeper Those Moments stand out.

In the blue corner, meanwhile, the Traxsource edition features a further seven cuts, this time on a more melodic/musical/funkier tip. Marco Bruzzano’s Rebirth is one highlight, Quentin Kane’s euphoric, Rod Stewart-sampling M.U.S.I.C another, with further contributions coming from Washerman, Alex Font, Phazed Groove, Urban Soul and Hamza.

As you might expect from a collection focusing mostly on up-and-coming names, there are a couple of tracks that fail to hit the spot but overall, both EPs do their job of showcasing the current house sound of NYC admirably.

Out: This week for the Traxsource edition; you’ll have to wait till December 24 for the Beatport one.

About: As well as their own website you can now find King Street/Nite Grooves/Street King on Facebook and Soundcloud.

T Ruggieri – The One EP

November 4, 2012 in Singles

T Ruggieri The One EP Four Fingers Hand

What with two days in Leeds seeing old friends, a Hallowe’en party at Mrs TIWWD’s house, the unbelievable shitness of Central Trains’ onboard wi-fi and various other factors, I’ve gotten a bit behind this week… rather than just lump everything into the one ‘So many tunes…’ entry though I’m gonna try and rattle through a few bits quickly today! The first of which is this, a four-tracker from Four Fingers Hand.

You can generally count on Four Fingers Hand for some solid tech-house vibes and this EP is no exception… nuff said really. The obvious floorburner here is Faking Esile, while deeper tastes are catered for best by the dark and twisted Going Under, but it’s all good, as they say.

Out: This week

About: You can find Four Fingers Hand on Facebook.