Mariusz Kryska – Acid Talks EP

December 20, 2015 in Singles

Mariusz Kryska Acid Talks EP Svogue MuziqA three-track EP here from Spain’s Svogue Muziq.

The aptly named Acid Talks itself rides a squelchin’ 303 bassline and driving 4/4s with frantically shufflin’ hi-hats and a spoken, treated “we’re the freaks… we’re the freaks… the contribution of what you do is so different” vocal. Dumb Shaker is a more now-sounding, struttin’ tech-houser that nonetheless sports some horror movie-style synths that hark back to 80s electro, while completing the EP is Phrase, a deeper, darker house jam to take you into the wee small hours…

Good stuff all round but Acid Talks takes the gold, with Phrase not far behind.

Out: This week

About: Find Svoque Muziq on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Dee Brown & Ufuk K – Street Love EP

October 14, 2015 in Singles

Dee Brown & Ufuk K Sweet Love EP Svogue MuziqAn international affair here, as Bradford’s Dee Brown teams up with Swiss producer Ufuk K for a release on Spanish label Svogue Muziq.

In its Original form, Street Love is a tuff, percussive houser with garage-y warping organ chords and yearnsome fem vox. The accompanying Dee Brown Edit takes us into more straight-up garage territory (think UKG of the Tuff Jam/Grant Nelson persuasion), while completing the package is Feelings For You, which marries slamming 4/4s to dreamy, lingering chords and tops the lot with another female vocal, in this case a simple “I’ve got a feeling, yeah, I’ve got a feeling” loop.

All good, but Dee’s edit takes the gold for me.

Out: Yesterday

About: You can find Svogue Muziq here, here and here.

AcidFlowerzz – Dark Alley EP

November 30, 2014 in Singles

AcidFlowerzz Dark Alley EP Svoque MuziqA neat lil’ two-tracker here from Spain’s Svogue Muziq, featuring two contrasting cuts from Buenos Aires’s Leandro Matias, AKA AcidFlowerzz.

On the A, Dark Alley itself starts out with sparse beats and indecipherable vocal snips, but builds inexorably into something chunkier and struttier (albeit still in a fairly laidback kinda way, if that makes any sense). Over on the B, Aka Deep is an altogether different proposition, a midpaced bordering on slo-mo affair with downpitched soulful vox and a lazy, druggy vibe that means it would sit well next to the more minimal cuts on the Liam Geddes EP below.

Aka Deep‘s good – and sports some wicked clanging bells for added tripped-out effect – but Dark Alley wins out for me.

Out: This week

About: Find Svoque Muziq on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Dee Brown – Snare You Out EP

November 14, 2014 in Singles

Dee Brown Snare You Out EP Svoque MuziqMore garage-y vibes on this two-tracker from Scottish producer Dee Brown, who’s based in TIWWD’s original home town of Bradford.

On the A here, Snare You Out‘s title gives you a clue as to the kind of sparse, almost two-steppy drum patterns involved, which come topped with reverberating synth notes and a spoken vocal about “I’m tired of motherfuckers using that as an excuse to deflect when somebody says some real shit”. Reminiscent of some of the more quirky/leftfield/jazzy two-step of the early 00s, it’s fine, but the vocal repeats a few too many times for these ears… so it’s really B-side She Makes Me Hot that’s earning this its place here, thanks to its authentically skippy beats, killer Rhodes doodles and chopped-up soulful vox.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Spanish label Svogue Muziq, who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Paul Pure – OK EP

August 30, 2014 in Singles

Paul Pure OK EP Svogue MuziqLastly for tonight we have this two-tracker from Paul Pure, a Lithuanian producer based in London, coming on Spanish label Svogue Muziq.

Let’s Go is up first, a very now-sounding house/garage/bass fusion with the obligatory big strutty b-line, chopped-up soulful backing vox, piercing synths and a spoken “Ready? Let’s go baby/It’s time to hit the floor, so sexy” main male vocal. On the flip, OK itself is a tuffer affair nudging closer to tech-house/G-house territory with its chopped rap-style vox (“big bad bassline sounds… OK”), militant off-kilter rhythms and wonked-out synth FX.

OK is okay, especially the retro 909-ish drum sounds, but it’s Let’s Go that’s earning this its place here.

Out: This week

About: Svoque Muziq live here, here and here. And in Barcelona.

Variouser and variouser…

December 1, 2013 in Singles

Been absolutely inundated with music this week so here’s just a quick round-up of a few V/A EPs you’d be well advised to check out…

All Night Long Svoque MuziqVarious – All Night Long
We’ll start with this six-artist, six-track sampler from Barcelona’s Svogue Muziq. And a pretty heavyweight line-up it is too, with Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley, Low District, LowLife and Matteo Floris all representing alongside Fabio Carla & Matteo San and Manuel Del Giudice. Expect very fine deep house grooves, often with a techy twist, with Low District’s deep n’ groovy Just Dance the standout for yours truly.

Autumn Air Vol 2 DeepWit RecordingsVarious – Autumn Air Vol 2
Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of Denmark’s DeepWit stable and this latest V/A offering doesn’t disappoint. Focusing on the kind of chilled, uber-deep grooves the label does best, with the emphasis on up-and-coming artists, tracks come from Portofino Sunrise, Adjust, DMP, Reeggo and Mr P, with standouts for me including the stripped n’ saxy late-night garaahge of Reeggo’s Raisin N’ Peach, and DMP’s blissed-out Lexion.

Dive Into Illusion Les Folies DigitalesVarious – Dive Into Illusion EP
A three-artist, three-track sampler here from Zurich’s Les Folies Digitales label. Allgoritmika’s Todo Meu Amor marries crisp tech-house beats with a positively rude bassline and snatches of attitude-y vocal, Space Dive by Frank Fonema is a laidback nu-disco/Balearic funker, and Rino Buttice’s Mere Illusion is a minimal-influenced affair, all delicate stuttering rhythms and synthy atmospherics. It’s only the label’s second-ever release so show some love!

Various – Slowly Going Deep & Svogue Vol 1

January 31, 2013 in Albums

Deep & Svogue Vol 1Now then, here’s an eight-track sampler album/EP from a label that haven’t featured on here before (Svogue Muziq), but featuring a bunch of artists that mostly have…

Matt Prehn gives us the deep, wistful and soulful Dirty Happy, Matteo Floris serves up the big-system chugger If You Feel and the sexy, garage-y Smooth On, while Carlo Gambino does the deep, jackin’ & darkly discofied Leeds house thang as only he can on Together. The newer names don’t do too badly, either: Gustavo FK’s Maxi Jazz-sampling (er, I’m about 85% sure) Diva’s Burn is sure to grace a few Ibiza warm-up sessions this season, while Michael Otten’s In My Head is a fine midtempo afterhours jam and Santiago Fernandez does the ‘deep/tech with slowed-down vox’ thing better than most on Gettin’ Back, adding summa doze space disco stabs that are always gonna work for me…

This is only the third release from Svogue (you can hear the whole catalogue to date at their Soundcloud page), but already it looks like they’re gonna be a very welcome arrival on the scene.

Out: This week

About: You can also find Svogue Muziq on Facebook. Oh, and in Barcelona. Cos that’s where they live, and that.