Stefan Kaye – The Next Phase EP

August 9, 2014 in Singles

Stefan Kaye Next Phase EP Unrivaled MusicLastly for tonight we have this five-track EP from a producer who needs no introduction to TIWWD readers, Stefan Kaye.

Level Up opens proceedings, something of a ‘journey’ track with both progressive (the pushing, pulsing synths) and Balearic (the fluttering Spanish guitars) tinges. On The Pier is another prog-tinged cut sporting mournful sax and heavily treated, chorus’d female vocal snips, while Panoramic takes us into more drummy, heads-down, afterhours territory, albeit in a slightly more understated way than that description might lead you to expect. Some nice lilting Rhodes in there, too. Speed Boat is a more thoughtful, late-night, blissed-out kinda thang, while finally the slightly groovier The Next Phase itself is the most obvious call to wind up your waist of the whole EP.

If you’re looking for some quality deep house on the more epic/melodic/proggy side, this EP’s a must.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha via our old friends at Unrivaled Music.

Various – Bone Deep EP

February 15, 2014 in Singles

Various Bone Deep Lost My DogThree very fine V/A EPs to tell you about tonight, starting with this five-tracker from Lost My Dog, with all five of the artists involved making their Lost My Dog debut here.

Lil’ Mark is up first with the techy, driving, acid-tinged squelch of End Of The Road. That’s followed first by Grey Area’s female-vocalled deep/soulful jam Gotta Know, then by the euphoric, melodic vibes of JammHot’s One Of Two Ways. After that comes Ivan Dbri’s Danke, a late-night deep houser in the classic Chi-town vein, before Stefan Kaye’s Landcruiser brings the EP to a suitably blissed-out, sax’d up end-of-night finale.

With five varied cuts straight out of the top drawer, as long as they keep turning out quality like this Lost My Dog’s place at the top of the UK deep house tree doesn’t look like it’s any danger for a while yet!

Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Stefan Kaye – The Quest

January 11, 2014 in Albums

Stefan Kaye The Quest Endemic DigitalSticking with the long-players tonight, and first up we have this second offering from Endemic regular Stefan Kaye, following on from last year’s The Love ID.

I’ve just looked back and a full dozen previous Kaye releases have been reviewed on this blog, so you should have some idea of what to expect by now! And you’d be right because there are, it has to be said, no huge surprises here. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; instead, Mr Kaye concentrates on doing what he does best, serving up 15 tracks of largely instrumental deep house music, with a dash of tech here and a twist of prog there.

Standouts for yours truly include the jazzy, saxed-up opener After Hours Deluxe and the pulsing, throbbing Midnight Service, but you’ll have your own faves I’m sure…

Out: This week

About: Here’s the usual Endemic link, then…

Stefan Kaye – Seasons Of Deep EP

December 23, 2013 in Singles

Stefan Kaye Seasons Of Deep EP Unrivaled MusicThe name Stefan Kaye’s cropped up on TIWWD quite a lot lately… and now here he is again with the fairly self-explanatory Seasons Of Deep EP.

Four tracks on offer. Ceaseless Motion is a floaty, blissed-out, prog-tinged affair with some gorgeous snippets of female vocal. Rhythmic Funktion is, as the name suggests, a slightly tuffer cut, again with a proggy edge to the pulsating synth riff. Seasons Of Deep is another floaty, almost Balearic number, and then finally Watching The Sunset sports a mournful trumpet line and sounds tailormade for, well, sundown sessions.

There’s nothing here you’ll be humming all week, to be honest, but if you’re looking for finely-crafted, warm-up friendly melodic grooves, you’re sorted.

Out: Last week (my bad!)

About: This comes on Unrivaled Music, who as you know are part of the Endemic stable.

Stefan Kaye – Follow The Groove EP

December 6, 2013 in Singles

Stefan Kaye Follow The Groove EP Endemic DigitalIt’s Friday night and I’m tired, so just the one for you tonight. So better make sure it’s a good ‘un… enter Mr Stefan Kaye!

No stranger to this blog, Stefan’s built himself a reputation as a very reliable provider of quality deep house grooves and this four-track EP is no exception. What I Need is sumptuous and pulsing with touches of soulful male vocal, Phase is chunky, heads-down and tech-tinged, On The Terrace is skippy, jazzy and light on its feet, Follow The Groove is late-night n’ drifty…  and all four are very fine indeed.

Proper underground deep house. Here endeth the review.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Endemic Digital, who are no strangers to this blog either.

Stefan Kaye – Set The Tone EP

October 20, 2013 in Singles

Stefan Kaye Set The Tone EP Unrivaled MusicSome deeper house vibes now from the ever-dependable Stefan Kaye.

Just Let It Flow is a luxuriant midtempo groove best suited to warm-up or post-club play, with warm bass, subtle shakers and garage-y male vocal snips. Resonant is a dubby afterhours dancefloor chugger, while finally Set The Tone itself is a dreamy, sumptuous delight, with lush piano chords, understated squelchy bass and more male vocal wails.

Play this, and yer cockles will be just that little bit warmer. I promise.

Out: This week

About: This is comin’ atcha like Cleopatra on Unrivaled Music.

Stefan Kaye – Some Loving EP

September 30, 2013 in Singles

Stefan Kaye Some Loving EP Sounds Of JuanMore fine, fairly uptempo house grooves here courtesy of Stefan Kaye and Sounds Of Juan.

In The Flow gets the EP started, a sundown-at-Bora-Bora kinda cut with understated Balearic keys and soft, rolling drums. But it’s Moving All Night that first really grabs the attention, a sumptuous and musical affair topped with dreamy female vocal sample (“tonight I’m…”) but centred around an irresistible ass-shakin’ bass/synth riff. Night Theme, also pretty much an order to dance, marries busy but muted percussion to another hefty bass hook, while Some Lovin’ Tonight is another languid, Balearically inclined outing, and then finally with To The Point we’re back to the big, rumblin’ basslines again, this time topped with little sax doodles.

It’s Moving All Night and Night Theme that are the killers here for me but that’s a purely personal viewpoint – this is strong package all round.

Out: Today

About: You know the score with Sounds Of Juan by now…

Stefan Kaye – The Rooftop Party EP

June 16, 2013 in Singles

Stefan Kaye The Rooftop Party EP Endemic DigitalSome mellow deep house grooves to get Sunday started here from Stefan Kaye.

There are four tracks making up the Rooftop Party EP. The title track is a fairly uptempo but still gently rolling affair with jazzy sax and soulful female vocal samples, Into Rhythm is another lilting, laidback affair and Give It More is in the same kinda vein with a very familiar “hold me” vocal sample. But the standout for me is All Night, which follows a similar blueprint to the rest but has just a lil’ more jazzy swing.

Smooth, soul-flecked vibes best served outdoors in the sunshine.

Out: This week

About: This comes on the ever-prolific Endemic Digital.

Various – After Hours Miami 2013 Sampler EPs

April 18, 2013 in Singles

After Hours Miami 2013 TraxsourceAfter Hours Miami 2013 BeatportWell it’s been another crazy day, but unlike Gerry Rafferty I’m not gonna drink the night away. Because a) I don’t drink and b) I’ve got blogging to do. Like telling you about these two sampler EPs from King Street.

Not sure whether that’s as in ‘label sampler’ or as in ‘sampler for a forthcoming album’ but either way, they’ve done the usual KSS thing of doing two separate editions for Traxsource and Beatport. Now, normally they’ll have the more pumping stuff on Beatport and the more soulful vibes on Traxsource but here it’s not quite so clear-cut.

So on the Traxsource edition, you get one or two crossover-tastic numbers like Conga Squad’s It’s All Yours and John Demark & Antoine Cortez’s Fabolous Disco, neither of which would sound out of place at a Hed Kandi party, but mostly you get deeper vibes from the likes of Nicko Vee (the London/Berlin-sounding Rise), Demarkus Lewis (the bumping, west coast-ish Deeper Than Thou) and TIWWD regular Stefan Kaye (the mellow n’ melodic Liaison). On the Beatport edition, meanwhile, Gary Caos’s swing-infused Woman sits next to the stripped-down 5am dancefloor workout that is Redondo’s Say It To Me, and the big throbbing bass on the Crabibiza Remix of Namy & Barbara Tucker’s I Can’t Wait, which wouldn’t have sounded out of place at a Brummie bassline night circa 2003-5 (and that’s NOT a diss).

With such a wide range of styles on offer and no obvious ‘theming’ it’s hard to recommend which different buyers should, er, purchase. But then with 13 new tracks from one of the world’s longest-running and most-respected house music stables, you’re not gonna go too far wrong snapping up both…

Out: This week, on promo at the respective online stores. Everywhere else from 7 May.

About: These come on Street King, technically, but carry the logos of all three King Street imprints. Here’s the obligatory and by now no doubt very familar worldwide supernet interlink thingummy.

Stefan Kaye – Time Goes By EP

December 11, 2012 in Singles

Stefan Kaye Time Goes By EP Endemic Digital

And from a label who don’t get enough love on here (22 Digit), we move on to a label that get so much love on here, you probably think I’ve got an Endemic Digital duvet cover with matching pillowcases.

I haven’t. But they do keep coming out with the goods! This time around it’s label regular Stefan Kaye doing the honours with a four-track EP. In The Moment is yer basic deep/tech chugger with proggy overtones, With You is a mellower deep groove with a few UKG/UK funky-ish vocal wails applied sparingly on top, while Late Night Player is a little more glitchy. But the killer here is Time Goes By, a proper luxuriant and sumptuous deep houser with soulful male vocal snips and, most imporatntly, organ sounds to die for.

Actually I recently burnt a hole in my favourite duvet cover so Wez, if you were thinking of doing any home furnishing-themed merchandising…

Out: This week

About: Oh come on, you know this link by now!