Digipulation – FLTR EP

May 8, 2016 in Singles

Digipulation FLTR EP Family GroovesAn energetic tech-house three-tracker here from Croatia’s ever-checkable Family Grooves.

FLTR itself is up first, which is quite dark n’ pounding in the drums department but actually quite shimmery and disco-y on top, with much use of filters – as the title implies. Rising is even more discofied and very summery, with “house music!” vocal stabs and some gorgeous tinkling ivories.

But good as both of those are, the standout for me here is Boing, which is an absolute MONSTER of a tune centred around a big, dark speed garage bassline – I’m quite fond of them, y’know – and sporting sampled reggae vox buried deep in the mix.

Out: This week

About: Find Family Grooves herehere and here.

South Royston – Zapp

December 12, 2015 in Singles

South Royston Zapp Throne Room RecordsOnly the third release here from a new house label based up in Newcastle – Liam Armstrong’s Throne Room Records.

You get three mixes of Zapp to choose from, plus bonus cut Inside Of Me. In its Original form, Zapp is a very solid lil’ deep house chugger that’s got a hefty enough bottom end to sound thoroughly ‘now’, and that comes topped with shouts and FX which are vaguely reminiscent of Gunman, Fly Life etc. Lee Walker supplies a bigger, bouncier remix that ups the BPMs and foregrounds the vocal, which is married here to a different but just as weighty b-line, while Ryan Padley & Johnsson’s Bumping Drums Remix has percussion that harks back to vintage Chi-town, “I said bass!” shouts, whistles, cowbells and a general feeling of energetic dancefloor abandon. Finally, Inside Of Me is a rawer, even more garage-leaning affair with a looping “inside of me” vocal and a defiantly hip-wigglin’ bassline.

The likes of No Artificial Colours, Cristoph, Hot Since 82 and Riva Starr are already supporting this one and with further releases already lined up from Reset Safari, Jerome Price and Architech, the future for Throne Room Records looks bright!

Out: This week

About: You can find out more by hitting up Throne Room Records on Soundcloud and Facebook, or at their own website.

Some albums, quickly…

November 30, 2015 in Albums

Time once again tonight to catch up with some album releases from the past couple of weeks that I didn’t quite get around to… all are out now but still fresh!

Various – Ten Years Of Leftroom
Ten Years Of LeftroomHard to believe Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom label has been in business for an entire decade but such, seemingly, is the case. To mark this landmark, they’re releasing this 10-track collection which takes in old favourites, some new remixes and a clutch of new material as well. Tolfrey himself either provides, collaborates on or remixes a full 50% of ’em, while his partners-in-crime include the likes of Route 94, Audiojack, Kate Simko, Jay Haze and Laura Jones. Together, they serve up a heady cocktail of meaty house and sinuous techno that’s dark, often trippy, and perfectly in keeping with the label’s always forward-looking remit. Oh, and you get a 37-minute mixed version thrown in as well. More info here.

Danny M – Deeper Vol 1
Danny M Deeper Vol 1 New Politics RecordsThe New Politics Records stalwart comes with his debut artist full-length here. If you know the label, you’ll already have a pretty good idea what to expect and sure enough, contemporary-style ‘bass house’ with strong nods to both vintage UK/speed garage and the mid-00s bassline house era is pretty much the order of the day throughout. If you’re not a fan of the style, then it’s fair to say this won’t be the album to change your mind, but if you are then cuts like the dreamy Need You, or the big n’ strutty Rock The Disco with its familiar vocal sample, will more than satisfy. More info here.

Various – Ekletik Beats Vol 004
Eklektik Beats Vol 004 EDM UndergroundAnother label comp here, this one coming from Greece’s unfortunately named EDM Underground, who for those that don’t know them have nothing to do with cake-throwing, pyrotechnics and electotraptrancestep, and everything to do with quality underground house music. Across this 17-track collection you’ll find deep and tech vibes ranging from the laidback and jazzy to the peaktime and stompy, and while some names – BiG AL, Pano Manara, Vincenzo De Robertis, label boss Analog Trip – should be familiar to TIWWD readers, most of it’s been made by relative newcomers – making the high quality standard throughout all the more impressive. More info here.

Various – Jazzy Best Pt 6
Jazzy Best Vol 6 Apparel MusicAnd from a label called EDM that have very little to do with EDM, we move on to a compilation called Jazzy Best that has very little to do with jazz! Okay, there’s a brushed snare here, a mournful sax parp there, I’ll grant you. But a Peterson-esque noodlefest this definitely isn’t; instead expect 20 tracks of the finest underground house music – mostly on a deep dancefloor tip but with one or two techier moments and a few more downtempo excursions – coming from the likes of Echonomist, Sarp Yilmaz, Sek and a raft of lesser-known names. ‘Jazzy’ it may not be, but ‘best’? Not far off, I’d say… More info here.

Various – Krafted Vol 1
Krafted Vol 1 Krafted MusicLastly for tonight’s little round-up but by no means least, we have this first-ever label comp from Krafted Music, which consists of 13 full-length tracks plus a continuous mix by Paul Moore of Soultrak. Ger Gleeson, Danny Satori and Christ Burstein are probably the best-known names that feature but as with the comps above, this isn’t about big names, it’s about quality house tuneage. And on that count these 13 slices of underground deep and tech goodness certainly deliver, with Prudence’s Notice Me and Sean Grainger’s Climax – MONSTER tunes, the pair of ’em – worth the price of admission on their own. More info here.

As ever with these round-up thingummies, sorry to all concerned that each of these albums didn’t get a little more in-depth love but there’s only so many hours in the day!

Hackney Polo Club – Babylon Must Fall EP

November 17, 2015 in Singles

Hackney Polo Club Babylon Must Fall EP Simma BlackIt’s been a busy day, but there’s just time before the clock strikes midnight and all bloggers turn into pumpkins* about this three-track of bassy goodness from Simma Black.

Opening track Babylon shows a strong speed garage influence in its hefty bassline and Gunman-ish synth wobbles, which are augmented by rastaman “Babylon shall fall!” vox and some very rave-y synth stabs. Follow Mi is a tuff, chuggy affair with more reggae vox and more nods to the old school, while finally River Dance is a techier cut that tops syncopated, almost UK funky-ish beats with female vocal snips, gnarly synths and, in the mid-section, some sprightly piano sprinkles.

All good, but Babylon‘s the killer.

Out: This week

About: You can find Simma Black on Soundcloud and Facebook.

* Actual scientific fact

Boys Don’t Disco, Paul Najera & Jr Quijada – True Lies EP

November 12, 2015 in Singles

Boys Don't Disco, Paul Najera & Jr Quijada True Lies EP Form & FunctionA neat little two-tracker here from Form & Function that finds Messrs Najera and Quijada, who’ve had several releases on the label before, teaming up with the US duo of Jeremiah Roa and Alex Saludes, AKA Boys Don’t Disco.

On the A, Truth 2 Da Youth starts out in typical contemporary “garage house” fashion, before slowly adding Rastaman vox and, as the track goes on, a light does of 303 screech, both of which elements will help the track stand out amidst a sea of similar material. On the B, Let Me Love You pelts along at a fair old lick and looks more to classic speed garage for inspiration, and sports jaunty organ parps and a looped male R&B vocal.

Both tracks will rock floors without a doubt but the latter just nudges it for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find Form & Function on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Sinden ft Fritz Helder & Herve – Thick As Thieves Pt 2

October 29, 2015 in Singles

Sinden ft Hervé & Fritz Helder Thick As Thieves Pt 2 Sweat It Out MusicSo one morning in 2007, I’m sat in the iDJ office when my friend and colleague Dave Jenkins (currently of D&B Arena/UKF) walks in and plugs his iPod into the office stereo. He’s been checking promos on the train and tells me, “Dude, you love a speed garage bassline, you HAVE to hear this tune!” The track in question was, of course, Beeper, and Mr Jenkins was right – it was a beast. Since then though – I’ll be honest – nothing either Sinden or Hervé (or ‘The Count’, as was) have done has touched me in quite the same way.

Until now, that is! Because here the Beeper twosome team up once more, and the results are every bit as certified dancefloor-destroying as their 2007 breakout release, with lead track Hit & Run fusing chopped n’ looped fem vox, oriental-sounding keys and, from the 1:33 mark onwards, a huge dark SG bassline. BIG, is the word that springs to mind. Sinden’s solo offering Like Smoke follows and is another very checkable peaktime slammer, as glacial 80s synths and classic house-style female vocal snips do battle with another XXL bassline.

Sinden feat Fritz Helder’s Move Together is a more straight-up dark tech-houser to play us out; to these ears it doesn’t quite match up to the other two, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty who disagree, and anway in this instance two out of three is more than enough.

Out: Tomorrow (30 Oct)

About: This comes on a label who I don’t remember featuring on TIWWD before, Australia’s Sweat It Out Music. Find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Skapes – I’m Going

October 16, 2015 in Singles

Skapes I'm Going Eskape MusikIt’s Friday night, so four on a big n’ bouncy tip for you tonight… starting with this bass house stomper from fledgling UK label Eskape Musik.

Label boss Skapes is the man at the controls for the label’s fifth release, serving up an energetic, peaktime-ready number complete with cut-up male R&B vox and an absolutely MONSTROUS speed garage bassline, wobbles n’ all. There’s just the one mix, and admittedly it isn’t going to win any prizes for paradigm-altering or envelope-pushing… this is strickly throwback bizniss right here. But if you’re playing this kinda tackle at all, then this is going to kill it on the floor, trust.

Out: This week

About: Find Eskape Musik on Soundcloud and Facebook.

So many tunes, so little time…

October 11, 2015 in Singles

Hmm, the weekly round-up of ‘stuff I didn’t quite get round to’ seems to be back… so yes, here’s a bunch more fine tuneage that’s just dropped this week.

BK Rogers Love In The Music Kingdom Kome CutsBK Rogers – Love In The Music
A very familiar vocal gets another run-out on this offering from young Australian producer BK Rogers. Four mixes to choose from, with the original a sinuous, strutty tech-houser, the Amy DB Remix slightly brasher and tuffer, the Cìrukè Remix a touch more proggy and synthified. My pick though is the 4AM Deep Mix, a stripped-back, bass-tastic affair built for getting proper stompy in darkened rooms to. Comes on Kingdom Kome Cuts.

Hysteric Ego Ladies & Gentlemen MVMTHysteric Ego – Ladies & Gentlemen
Another well-known vocal here as chunks of Grace Jones’ Operattack (if you don’t know the title, you’ll know the “annihilating rhythm” bit) are placed atop deep, chunky beats and big organ stabs in what is another very fine stripped-down 4am throbber, albeit of a deeper variety than the BK Rogers one above, with an unexpected synth crescendo near the end that’s not a little reminiscent of Collapse’s rave-era classic My Love.  It’s simple but devastating – annihilating, even! – and is brought to you by MVMT (or HouseMVMT, if you prefer).

Jickells Eventually EP Something DifferentJickells – Eventually EP
Some excellent deep house grooves here from Something Different. Eventually itself is a lively little roller that’s got both tech and (very light) Afro tinges, but it’s Shinjuku I’m feeling the most. In its original form, this is a dubby, lolloping affair with fluttering synths, mournful chords and ethereal female vocal snippets, while a brace of rerubs from Justin Harris are of predictably high calibre even if they don’t flip the script that much.

Vexus T Saviour EP Silence In MetropolisVexus T – Saviour
More proper deep house grooves now courtesy of Washington DC label Silence In Metropolis. Saviour is an unhurried throbber with tribal/jungle sounds, a strange spoken male vocal (“I don’t claim to be the creator, but I’m the saviour”) and a deep, dark, cavernous feel overall. Liam Geddes supplies a stripped, twitchy, dub-tinged refix that breaks out the acid as it nears its conclusion, while bonus cut I’m Wrong With You is a bit more abstract, Berlin-ish and soundscape-y, with whispered male vox.

Low Steppa Basement EP Simma BlackLow Steppa – Basement EP
Low Steppa comes with the big, strutty bass house vibes here on his own Simma Black label. Four tracks to choose from: The Art (Being A DJ) is pounding n’ techy with an amusing female vocal sample, The Joint has overtones of both two-step and G-house, while Meatfeast operates in similar territory but foregrounds a big warping b-line. The pick for me though is Drums Rockin’, which starts out all drummy then turns into a speed garage rumblemonster with sampled Technotronic vox. What’s not to love?

The Fakies Let You Go City Soul RecordingsThe Fakies feat Bibi Provence – Let You Go
Some rather more traditionally styled house shenanigans next courtesy of City Soul Recordings. The original of Let You Go is a small hours deep/soulful house chugger par excellence, with Blackwater-ish bass, soaring diva vox and lovely lingering Rhodes notes. It comes accompanied by a Jazzloungerz Club Mix that takes us into smoother, funkier soulful house territory, and that’s also eminently playable. Horses, courses, etc…

Zepherin Saint ft Ann Nesby & 3G Optimistic Tribe RecordsZepherin Saint feat Ann Nesby & 3G – Optimistic
We end on an uplifting note as Ann Nesby revisits a song she herself made famous in her Sounds Of Blackness days, this time in the company of Tribe Records boss Zepherin Saint to mark the label’s 100th release. It’s a little more upbeat than the original, and nearly 25 years on the production’s a tad smoother; otherwise, though, it’s a very faithful rendition that comes supplied in simple Main Vocal, Instrumental and Radio flavas. Drop this to an older floor and there won’t be a dry eye in the house…

So many tunes, so little time

October 5, 2015 in Singles

Due to me being ill this week, there were lots of things I wanted to blog about but didn’t get time to. So here’s just a quick round-up now…

Arnold From Mumbai Sonic Excursions EP Soupherb RecordsArnold From Mumbai – Sonic Excursions EP
We start off in deep, dark and groovy techno territory with this six-track EP from Arnold From Mumbai, which is brought to you by New Delhi-based label Soupherb Records. If you like your tech beats lo-slung and sleazy, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here, with Domination a particular standout to these ears.
Out: This week

Tim Andresen Running Around In Circles Savoir Faire MusiqueTim Andresen – Running Around In Circles
My man Tim comes to the ever-checkable Savoir Faire Musique here. His original version of Running Around In Circles is an unhurried, melodic near-instrumental that should work on a range of house floors, but my money’s actually on the B-side’s Angelo Ferreri Remix, which plumps for slightly tuffer beats and a nice squelchy synth riff all of its own.
Out: This week

Martin Waslewski Gerd EP Mother RecordingsMartin Waslewski – Gerd EP
I’ve not come across Martin Waslewski before, and I don’t think the label, Germany’s Mother Recordings, have featured on TIWWD before either. If everything they do is as good as this, though, then I’m very pleased to make both their acquaintance! Gerd itself is a very cool, jazzy affair with rolling drums and some splendid piano and geetar licks, while the B’s Never Leave You is a more straight-up houser topped with Stingily-esque falsetto vox.
Out: This week

Roni Kush Robot Noize Foreign Language RecordsRoni Kush – Robot Noize
Ministry’s Ibiza resident Roni Kush serves up some dark, sleazy house bizniss for newbie Leeds label Foreign Language Records that blend tech, disco and acid influences. Loses a point for the slightly dodgy spoken female vocal (“deep in the discoteca, these beats can make you wetter”), but gains lots for the out-and-out retro acid house vibes of the excellent Scurrilous Remix, which to these ears is easily the standout of the three rubs on offer.
Out: This week

JM The Blank Page Foreign Languag RecordsJM – The Blank Page EP
Contemporary bass-house/UKG vibes in XXL are the order of the day on this offering from French label Carton Pate Records (AKA CP Rec), which was sent to me in two parts (originals, then remixes) but I think now being released as one EP. New rubs from Tru Fonix, Jay Robinson, Nina Wilde & Abeyance and Spoils should broaden the appeal but the killer’s still Careless, an immense, dark slab of contemporary speed garage to die for.
Out: This week

Todd Terry & Roland Clark – Tee’s Church

September 26, 2015 in Singles

Todd Terry & Roland Clark Tee's Church InHouse RecordsTwo revered house veterans team up on this single-track release, and the results might suprise you…

Sure, there are the tuff, crisp beats you’d expect from Todd, and a full-lunged, preacher-style vocal of the kind that’s graced many a Clark production. What you might not be expecting, though, is the big fuck-off warping speed garage bassline that drops around the 1:30 mark.

When it does, it’s game over… this is a BEAST of a tune.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Terry’s own InHouse Records, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.