Midi Killer – Gentleman Joker

February 5, 2016 in Singles

Midi Killer Gentleman Joker Sound Vessel RecordsAnother two-track offering here, but we up the pace considerably in the company of US label Sound Vessel Records and Slovenian producer Midi Killer.

Gentleman Joker itself is billed on the hype sheet as house but there’s a distinctly UK garage-ish flava to its bumpin’ bassline, hip-swayin’ beats, muted organ chords and R&B-ish male vocal snips, a feeling that’s only enhanced by a Cockney-accented MC saying “Dapper!” every 20 seconds or so*. A pacey cut that should work on a range of floors, it’s accompanied by Face 9, which again has garage-y elements but also nods to vintage rave (the old skool synth stabs) while the drums have something of an early 00s tribal timbre, if not rhythm.

The A’s the one for yours truly, though.

Out: This week

About: Sound Vessel are based in San Diego and can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

*BTW I didn’t actually measure that in any way, before anyone writes in to tell me “It’s every 14 seconds, ACTUALLY”

Stavros Doussis – Spiral

January 3, 2016 in Singles

Stavros Doussis Spiral Sound Vessel RecordsA wicked two-track, five-mix EP here from Athens’ Stavros Doussis, coming on San Diego label Sound Vessel Records.

In its Original form, Spiral itself is an unhurried little deep house gem, its simple chugging beats topped with lingering synth notes and ethereal female vocal snips. It’s strictly one for warm-up or late-night/post-club play, admittedly, but rather lovely all the same. The Mo’ Funk Remix takes us into tech-house territory with its shuffling, terrace-friendly beats, but better to these ears, and indeed just nudging it over the Original, is the La Rose Remix, which starts out all sweet n’ dreamy but then, at around the 1.5-minute mark, surprises with some seriously dark low-end rumble that forms the backbone of the track from there on in, and that could see it reaching out to all kinds of post-dubstep/bass music floors.

The other original cut, Rule & Conquer, is another fairly laidback houser topped with an extensive chunk of the oft-sampled speech from the end of The Great Dictator, but really comes into its own on the SERIOUSLY deep Processing Vessel Remix. Niceness!

Out: This week

About: Find Sound Vessel on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Sinan Kaya – Vague

June 1, 2015 in Singles

Sinan Kaya Vague Sound Vessel RecordsNo fewer than five mixes to choose from on this offering from Sound Vessel Records, a San Diego-based label who make their TIWWD debut with this.

Istanbul producer Sinan Kaya (who certainly has featured on TIWWD before) is the man at the controls, with his original mix of Vague being a soulfully-infused deep houser with falsetto male vox that, now I come to think of it, would play nicely with the Marcus Raute single below. The DisLike Remix is smoother and more late-night, James Benedict nods to classic Chi-town deepness on his rub while Jonny Bee ups the tempo a notch and beefs up the drums on a mix that’s surely aimed straight at Ibiza dancefloors.

But the pick of the crop for me is the stripped-back, dubby Processing Vessel Remix – it’s a 4am dancefloor journey and no mistake guv’nor!

Out: Last week

About: You can find Sound Vessel Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.