Cadatta – The Machine

November 8, 2014 in Singles

Cadatta The Machine DeepWit RecordingsMoving into more straight-up house pastures now with this latest from the ever-checkable DeepWit.

In its original form, The Machine is a simply gorgeous deep house groover in the traditional mode, with warm, muted Rhodes chords and gently chugging beats topped with some old dude talking about jazz n’ such… you know the kind of thing! The Soul Minority Remix tuffens up the drums a notch and adds some dreamy fem vox, resulting in a mix that’s perhaps got a little more ‘big room’ appeal, while label boss Alvaro Hylander heads in the opposite direction with a laidback, uber-deep rub for the headnoddin’ crew.

Liking all three but it’s the Original that takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings here, here and here.

Tim Andresen – Right Here, Right Now

September 20, 2013 in Singles

Tim Andresen Right Here Right Now Savoir Faire MusiqueThree very different mixes on offer of this latest from my boy Tim.

In its Original form, Right Here, Right Now is a fairly laidback, beach-y kind of affair, with simple (and actually fairly tuff) drums overlaid with shimmering pads and a spoken male “right here, right now” vocal hook. The Marc Jay Techsoul Remix is the obvious choice for late night floors, starting out as a heads-down, drummy number then, after a killer drop, getting more trippy and freaky as it goes along. But nudging it for me is the Soul Minority Beach Party Remix, another slow-burner that builds gradually into a piano-tastic slice of euphoric, Balearically inclined house, but with the cheese factor kept firmly in check and with the treated, barely-there additional vocals saving it from being a mere exercise in nostalgia.

Out: This week

About: This comes on the ever-checkable Savoir Faire Musique –  you can find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud, as if you didn’t know.

Jon Donson & Buraq – Hang Around

May 21, 2013 in Singles

SFM51And from a label making their TIWWD debut (Digital Memory Music, below) we move on to a label who’ve featured on here many, many times – Scott Harrington’s Savoir Faire Musique.

There are three mixes of Hang Around on offer. The original ploughs an uncompromisingly deep and dubby house furrow, with cavernous, echoing production and just the briefest snatch of heavily treated, spoken vocal. Soul Minority’s remix uses more of the vocal and adds extra vocal elements to boot while opting for busier, more floor-friendly percussion, while Harold Heath keeps things nice n’ deep but with techier, more stuttery drums and a funkier throb to the b-line.

I’m liking all three, but despite the heavy-hitting remix line-up it’s actually the Original mix that stands out for me.

Out: This week

About:  Jon Donson & Buraq hail from Switzerland, while you can find Savoir Faire Musique, as ever, on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Savvas – Soultown EP

December 16, 2012 in Singles

Savvas Soultown EP Savoir Faire Musique

Two tracks in four mixes make up this latest essential EP from the ever on-point Savoir Faire Musique.

As is par for the course with SFM, deep house from the soulful/garage-y side of the street is the order of the day. Soultown itself in its original form is a lush, midtempo groover with an atmospheric, cinematic kinda feel, while Soul Minority provide a remix that’s a little bit dreamier still, and that makes more use of the male vocal. What You Need is another atmospheric, midtempo affair with chorused M&F vox reciting the title over lots of long, evolving synths sounds, while Echofusion’s mix with its sax parps, “ooh yeah” vocal inserts and warm bass drops takes us into the late-night driftaway zone, yet is somehow more obviously floor-friendly at the same time.

In fact, the latter mix would be my pick of the whole EP, with the original of Soultown a close second, but it’s all good.

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Martijn – Green Haze

November 1, 2012 in Singles

Martijn Green Haze Deep 8

Northeastern lad Martijn takes time out from running his own Deep Editions label to deliver a single for another UK label, Deep 8.

In its Original form, Green Haze is an atmospheric, late night affair, albeit one that does have solid kicks throughout, not to mention some weirdy Radiophonics Workshop-tye sounds going on. Soul Minority’s remix beefs up the beats some more and injects a lil’ more rumpshakin’ funk, while Matches brings the EP to close with a somewhat more stripped-down pass that for me is probably the standout of the bunch (not an unprecedented situation when Matches gets involved!)

With three respected names like these involved, this will be something of a must-check for the true underground lovers. Not entirely certain what the title’s meant to refer too, though…

Out: This week

About: You can find Deep 8, rather quaintly, on MySpace

Edmund ft Pablo Fierro – When It Flows

April 16, 2012 in Singles

We’re a tiny bit late on this one… it actually came out about a week ago but I only got it yesterday, and it’s been ages since we had anything through from my boy Diego, AKA Edmund, so it’s going in!

If you like your deep house on the soulful side, then the slow-groovin’ original of When It Flows won’t disappoint, what with its insistent throbbing b-line, wood block percussion and atmospherics a-gogo. If you want it a little more floor-oriented, though, then head for the remix from fellow Spaniard Soul Minority , which couldn’t be much more different as he adds a jackin’ Chicago backbeat, squelchy acid b-line and a familiar “runnin’” vocal sample.

Despite there being just the two mixes, then, this is a package that will suit a range of DJs and times/moods. Top stuff… but then coming from Edmund, and on i! Records, what else did you expect?

Out: Now

About: i! Records can be found online here and on Facebook.

Soul Sway – Quality Of Life EP

March 30, 2012 in Singles

Going a little bit deeper now with this latest rather sumptuous offering from the always on-point Savoir Faire Musique.

In its Original form, Quality Of Life is a chuggy, midtempo deep house/deep garage cut with a warm b-line, organs, pianos and vocal stabs… it’s just lush, basically, and couldn’t be much more up my street if it lived in the house next door. Soul Minority then defy the laws of gravity (or something) by delivering a refix that if anything is even better, a proper late-night gem for the ‘proper garage’ heads!
And then finally Drift takes us more into deep/tech territory, albeit with the kind of dark room, semi-tribal feel that’s got NYC written all over it (as opposed to Berlin or, say, Grimsby)… though, that said, there’s enough musicality in its mournful low-end sax warbles to ensure it’s just as suitable for home listening as it is for dazed 5am dancefloors.
All told, another excellent offering from Savoir Faire.
Out: This week
About: This is Soul Sway’s second outing on SFM – as you might recall, his Don’t Step Down EP was the label’s very first release last year. Anyway, you can find Savoire Faire Musique online here and here (website and Facebook).