Tim Richards – Soul Music EP

December 4, 2015 in Singles

Tim Richards Soul Music EP Something DifferentMore soulfully inclined house vibes on this latest offering from Liverpool’s Something Different.

In its Orginal form, Soul Music has some dude talking extensively about, well, soul music, atop understated but still floor-friendly rolling beats and some sterling, equally subtle organ chords. The Alternative Mix takes us to a bouncier place and adds disco stabs n’ claps, applying the vocal a little more sparingly and letting the keys do more of the talking. Both are great… but then you see along comes a Terrence Parker remix and when, I ask you, did a Terrence Parker remix ever NOT absolutely kick it out of the park? Pretty much never, is the answer, and his bumpin’ bass-and-organs led rub is well up to his usual standard, nuff said!

Oh!, a chuggier groove with soulful male vocal contributions from Maximum Hush completes what is a strong package all round, but it’s the TP bomb that you need to pick this one up for.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

So many tunes, so little time…

October 11, 2015 in Singles

Hmm, the weekly round-up of ‘stuff I didn’t quite get round to’ seems to be back… so yes, here’s a bunch more fine tuneage that’s just dropped this week.

BK Rogers Love In The Music Kingdom Kome CutsBK Rogers – Love In The Music
A very familiar vocal gets another run-out on this offering from young Australian producer BK Rogers. Four mixes to choose from, with the original a sinuous, strutty tech-houser, the Amy DB Remix slightly brasher and tuffer, the Cìrukè Remix a touch more proggy and synthified. My pick though is the 4AM Deep Mix, a stripped-back, bass-tastic affair built for getting proper stompy in darkened rooms to. Comes on Kingdom Kome Cuts.

Hysteric Ego Ladies & Gentlemen MVMTHysteric Ego – Ladies & Gentlemen
Another well-known vocal here as chunks of Grace Jones’ Operattack (if you don’t know the title, you’ll know the “annihilating rhythm” bit) are placed atop deep, chunky beats and big organ stabs in what is another very fine stripped-down 4am throbber, albeit of a deeper variety than the BK Rogers one above, with an unexpected synth crescendo near the end that’s not a little reminiscent of Collapse’s rave-era classic My Love.  It’s simple but devastating – annihilating, even! – and is brought to you by MVMT (or HouseMVMT, if you prefer).

Jickells Eventually EP Something DifferentJickells – Eventually EP
Some excellent deep house grooves here from Something Different. Eventually itself is a lively little roller that’s got both tech and (very light) Afro tinges, but it’s Shinjuku I’m feeling the most. In its original form, this is a dubby, lolloping affair with fluttering synths, mournful chords and ethereal female vocal snippets, while a brace of rerubs from Justin Harris are of predictably high calibre even if they don’t flip the script that much.

Vexus T Saviour EP Silence In MetropolisVexus T – Saviour
More proper deep house grooves now courtesy of Washington DC label Silence In Metropolis. Saviour is an unhurried throbber with tribal/jungle sounds, a strange spoken male vocal (“I don’t claim to be the creator, but I’m the saviour”) and a deep, dark, cavernous feel overall. Liam Geddes supplies a stripped, twitchy, dub-tinged refix that breaks out the acid as it nears its conclusion, while bonus cut I’m Wrong With You is a bit more abstract, Berlin-ish and soundscape-y, with whispered male vox.

Low Steppa Basement EP Simma BlackLow Steppa – Basement EP
Low Steppa comes with the big, strutty bass house vibes here on his own Simma Black label. Four tracks to choose from: The Art (Being A DJ) is pounding n’ techy with an amusing female vocal sample, The Joint has overtones of both two-step and G-house, while Meatfeast operates in similar territory but foregrounds a big warping b-line. The pick for me though is Drums Rockin’, which starts out all drummy then turns into a speed garage rumblemonster with sampled Technotronic vox. What’s not to love?

The Fakies Let You Go City Soul RecordingsThe Fakies feat Bibi Provence – Let You Go
Some rather more traditionally styled house shenanigans next courtesy of City Soul Recordings. The original of Let You Go is a small hours deep/soulful house chugger par excellence, with Blackwater-ish bass, soaring diva vox and lovely lingering Rhodes notes. It comes accompanied by a Jazzloungerz Club Mix that takes us into smoother, funkier soulful house territory, and that’s also eminently playable. Horses, courses, etc…

Zepherin Saint ft Ann Nesby & 3G Optimistic Tribe RecordsZepherin Saint feat Ann Nesby & 3G – Optimistic
We end on an uplifting note as Ann Nesby revisits a song she herself made famous in her Sounds Of Blackness days, this time in the company of Tribe Records boss Zepherin Saint to mark the label’s 100th release. It’s a little more upbeat than the original, and nearly 25 years on the production’s a tad smoother; otherwise, though, it’s a very faithful rendition that comes supplied in simple Main Vocal, Instrumental and Radio flavas. Drop this to an older floor and there won’t be a dry eye in the house…

Nuno (SEA) – Higher

September 25, 2015 in Singles

Nuno (SEA) Higher EP Something DifferentMore resolutely non-Bieberesque deep house goodness on this latest from Liverpool’s always on-point Something Different Records.

In its Original form, Higher is a garage-tinged affair with dramatic (but muted/filtered) chords, crisply rolling beats, atmospheric pads and a looping female “higher babe” vocal. Marcus Raute’s Jazz-A-Mood Mix takes us into (even) deeper territory and sports some lovely brushed snares (one of my favourite sounds in the world), while to complete the package you also get Just My Luck, a gorgeously sparse n’ dreamy number built with post-club sofa surfing in mind.

Again, all good, but Raute’s mix of the title track just nudges it for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: As ever, you can find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook. This also happens to be the label’s 80th release, so congrats to Jesus Pablo and the crew on reaching that landmark…

Smok – My Way EP

August 1, 2015 in Singles

Smok My Way EP Something DifferentDeep n’ groovy house vibes from Finland’s Smok on this latest from Something Different.

Three mixes of My Way to choose from. The original’s a lo-slung and sultry affair with a nice squelchy bassline and sparse atmospheric keys, that gets a lil’ more head-fried as it goes on. The Marcus Sur Vox Mix is even sparser and trippier, but adds a ranting vocal section in the middle, and is accompanied by a Marcus Sur Dub, presumably for those who DO like scratchy FX and cavernous production, but DON’T like being shouted at about “motherfuckers standing on my feet”. It’s a niche market, admittedly, but it’s good to see they’re being catered for. Completing the package is Floating Away, a lazy, late-night gem with some gorgeous Hammond-y sounds later on.

So, smooth grooves or freaky-deaky weirdness? You get a choice of both, here…

Out: This week

About: Find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – Something For Ibiza 2015

July 21, 2015 in Albums

Something For Ibiza 2015 Something DifferentBefore we get on with this week’s reviews, got a few albums from last week still to tell you about, starting with this latest compilation set from the Something Different camp.

With 12 all-new tracks, if you’re fan of the label this one’s a bit of a no-brainer, to be honest. The album opens with the midpaced lollop of Brrak’s My House, and ends with Upright’s strutty 006; in-between you’ll find lazy dub- and disco-inflected grooves from Darbinyan, tropical funk from JEPE, UKG nostalgia from Dutch Schulz, Kaua’s Wet Soil with its deeper re-imagining of classic filter disco/French touch tropes, pounding acid-tinged tech-house from Sean Danke, and more besides… coming from a few familiar names but mostly from new signings.

So what’s not to like?

Out: Last week (but last week was stupid busy, sorry bout dat)

About: Find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Justin Harris – A Time Like Now EP

April 25, 2015 in Singles

Justin Harris A Time Like Now EP Something DifferentFreaks veteran Justin Harris continues a recent fine run of form with this offering on Something Different.

In its original form, A Time Like Now itself is a very trad-style house cut featuring a warm, resonant bass with hints of Chi-town, gloriously old skool pianos and, as the track progresses, some gorgeous garage-y keys, all topped off with some very familar vocal snips, including a male voice advising us to “rock the discotheque” and what would appear to be a cheeky bite from Class Action’s 1983 disco/boogie classic Weekend (wow-wow-wow). If that’s a bit too disco-tastic for you then Claude Monnet serves up a darker, techier, bassier refix, while bonus cut If Beats Is What You Eat (terrible grammar there… are what you eat, surely? tee hee) is a deeper, chuggier house groove with a beach-y, lounge-y kinda feel and, eventually snippets of a soul-jazz-style female vocal.

Liking the latter, Monnet’s rub will do the job but it’s the Original that runs away with it for me here.

Out: This week

About: As always, you can find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Harlem Knights ft Rebound – Funky Sashay EP

April 10, 2015 in Singles

Harlem Knights Funky Sashay EP Something DifferentThe clue’s in the title with this EP from Harlem Knights, AKA Adel ‘BiG AL’ Ghandour (of Ready Mix Records fame) and Levente Szabo.

In its Original form, Funky Sashay itself rocks a big ass-shakin’ disco bassline straight outta the late 90s, stabby chords, handclaps, atmospheric synth washes and Magic Carpet Ride-ish vocal snips. Lukas Greenberg’s remix is deeper, slinkier and sleazier, while bonus cut Smoke is a more heads-down deep house jam that nods to both UKG and dub.

To these ears, Greenberg’s rub just leads what is a very fine pack.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Something Different, who you can find here and here. And seeing as I had it open anyway, here’s Harlem Knights’ own Soundcloud page, too.

Various – Something For Miami Vol 2

March 15, 2015 in Singles

Something For Miami Vol 2 Something DfiferentMust admit I’m getting a bit confused with the sheer amount of Miami samplers/EPs/albums coming from the Something Different camp this year! This is the second in a three-EP series from Something Different itself, and there’s also a Different Attitudes For Miami collection as well as two volumes of Attitudes Remixed For Miami (also on Different Attitudes), and who’s to say that Something Else and Something Different Again won’t be getting in on the act too?! You definitely can’t accuse the Bootle crew of resting on their laurels…

Anyway, right now we’re talking about this EP, which has eight tracks from as many different arists. As such, a range of house styles are represented, from Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani’s dark n’ techy A Night At The Club House to the contemporary ‘big room deep’ of Mastercris’s Poseidon, so I’d strongly recommend you check this EP for yourself. But when you do, I’d also humbly suggest that Justin Harris’s jazzy, disco-tinged Change The Game, Harlem Knights’ understated roller Deep Sea and Smok’s laidback, organ- and sax-flecked Southern Side would be good places to start…

Out: This week

About: You can find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Inland Knights – I Want I Need EP

October 25, 2014 in Singles

Inland Knights I Want I Need EP Something DifferentIf we’re talking “traditional meets modern” (see below), then there can’t be a much better example of that than deep house veterans Inland Knights appearing for the first time on Something Different.

Released to mark the label’s third birthday, I Want I Need itself is, in its original form, as contemporary-sounding a deep houser as I’ve heard from Laurence and Andy to date. Don’t worry, the traditional bumpin’ East Mids feel is still there, it’s just now accompanied by hefty 2014-style bass and a looping sweet, female vocal that, dare I say, even veers a little towards the poppy. For me it stays just the right side of the line, but if it’s a little TOO sweet for your tastes don’t worry, you can always plump for Junior Gee’s stripped-back and pounding afterhours pass on the flip. Plus there’s also the small matter of There It Go, a late-night kinda jam with soulful female vocal snippets, lush pads, just a hint of acid and some funny ‘barking dog’ noises to boot.

“This, ladies and gentleman, is proper house music,” says the hype sheet. The hype sheet is not wrong… I wish my birthdays were celebrated in as fine fashion as this!

Out: This week

About: As you may, just feasibly, be aware by now, you can find Something Different here and here.

Some albums, almost indecently quickly…

October 13, 2014 in Singles

As promised yesterday on Facebook, here’s a round-up of some of the most checkable albums from the past couple of weeks. Apologies to all the labels/artists concerned, because in an ideal world all of these would have got a full review, but… well, it’s not an ideal world, what can I tell you?

Gareth Bilaney Deep Noon DeepWitGareth Bilaney – Deep Noon
A double first, this: it’s the debut album by NYC-based Mr Bilaney, and it’s also the first-ever artist full-length on DeepWit. Expect smooth deep house grooves in fairly typical DeepWit style, augmented by a couple of excursions into more downtempo territory and, in C Side, one surprisingly effective foray into deep, liquid D&B.
More info: deepwitrecordings.com

Omelette Du Fromage Vol 2 Avec MoiVarious – Omelette De Fromage Vol 2
Don’t let the ‘cheese omelette’ title put you off here! This compilation from Romanian label Avec Moi is, I’m happy to confirm, pretty much entirely free of cheese… instead, it’s home to some very fine deep house and garage from a mixture of familiar names (James Dax, Tony S, Yagiz Bayrak) and newcomers. The organ sounds on Dax’s House Avec Moi are worth the £££ on their own…
More info: soundcloud.com/avecmoi

The Story So Far Midnight Social RecordingsVarious – The Story So Far
Carlo Gambino’s Midnight Social Recordings present the best of, well, the story so far! You know to expect only the finest in deep and tech house from MSR and many of the cuts here have been previously reviewed on TIWWD as singles anyway, so I’ll just tell you that featured artists include Al Bradley, Dudley Strangeways, Low District, Didier Morris and of course, Carlo himself.
More info: facebook.com/midnightsocialrecordings

Something Remixed Vol 2 Something DifferentVarious – Something Remixed Vol 2
The promised follow-up to the first installment (reviewed on this blog a couple of weeks back) sees more back catalogue gems from the Something Different stable getting the remix treatment. With almost too many scene players to list (David Duriez, Onur Ozman, Distant Relatives, Roland Nights, BiG AL, Justin Harris and more), I think you’ll find this one’s a little bit on the crucial side!
More info: soundcloud.com/somethingdifferentrecords

Even more quickly… if soulful, Afro-leaning grooves are your thing, then Ralf Gum‘s In My City on Gogo Music and the Peng Soul compilation on Peng Records should be right up your street, Cold Busted serve up dusty lo-fi funk, trip-hop and downtempo grooves on their second IWYMI label comp, and So Sound Recordings‘ excellent genre-defying Hotel Voyage compilation from a couple of years back has just been re-issued.