Various – The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 2

December 22, 2014 in Albums

The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 2From jackin’, percussive tech-house grooves courtesy of MadTech we move on to bumpin’ floor-friendly deep house shenanigans courtesy of Bounce House.

Now then… regular readers will know I’m a bit of a Bounce House fan generally, and with this being a ‘best of’, all the tracks here HAVE been out before. So I won’t wax too lyrical right now… suffice to say that if you like your deep house on the traditional side – warm, organic and funk-fuelled, as opposed to cool, clinical and Berlin-y – then if you aren’t already familiar with this fine ex-west coast, now Amsterdam-based imprint,this collection is your perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

Names like Al Bradley, Grant Dell and Rob Clarke, as well of course as label founders Short Bus Kids and the now-solo DK Watts, should be enough to tempt most knowledgeable deep house lovers, with Rob’s Whitney-sampling Sometimes a particular highlight. And on a personal note, it’s good to hear Blow & Hos again – that was the track that first alerted me to the genius of the Short Bus Kids nearly a whole decade ago, and it’s still sounding mighty fresh today!

Out: Now

About: Find Bounce House here, here and here.

Various – The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 1

January 11, 2014 in Albums

Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 1As regular readers will know, this was aways gonna be something of a no-brainer for yours truly, having been a fan of San Francisco’s Bounce House Records for (scarily) nearly a decade now.

Still, the release of this 12-track ‘best of’ set right now – to mark the label’s tenth birthday – does highlight how deep house has changed over said decade. Firstly, compared to tracks being released now, much of what’s here sounds pretty fast – dammit, a few even nudge over the 125bpm mark! And secondly: there are several actual full female vocals. Remember them?

As such, it’s perhaps an album that will appeal more to househeads ‘of a certain age’ than to today’s club kids with their v-necks and their ketamine. Or maybe not; maybe it’ll reintroduce a more soulful, funk-fuelled variety of deep house to a younger audience, who can say? I won’t be grumbling either way. If I did have any niggles, it’d be that Short Bus Kids’ Blow & Hos isn’t included, definitely my all-time fave Bounce House track, but then maybe they’re saving that for Vol 2, which we’re promised is coming soon.

In the meantime, let the likes of Matt Prehn, Funk Mediterraneao, Kinky Movement, DK Watts and of course the SBK’s themselves put some classic west coast bump back in your life. You know you want to…

Out: Monday (13 Jan)

About: You can find Bounce House on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Lance Leber – Roundi EP01

August 1, 2012 in Singles

Lance Leber Roundi EP01 Roundi Music

You want the good or the bad news? The good news is that, due to impracticalities of working together while living on different continents, Short Bus Kids have decided to call it a day, or at least put things on hold for a while.

The good news is that both the two producers involved are now working solo, which could in theory mean twice as much deep house goodness heading our way! So this is the first solo offering from former SBK Lance Leber, who’s now returned to the studio after taking some time out to be a new dad, and consists of four tracks, confusingly titled Roundi 4, Roundi 9, Roundi 11 and Roundi 12. Go figure.

Roundi 4 (AKA Spanish Chant) is proggy and dreamy, Roundi 9 (AKA Own Thing) is typically bumpin’ and hip-house flavoured à la vintage SBKs, Roundi 11 (AKA Mike N’ Ally’s House) is a little techier but still pretty darn funky, and then finally Roundi 12 (AKA Chemistry) draws heavily on jazz, funk and soul influences, sounding a little like Prince circa Sexy Motherfucker but at a house tempo.

A varied EP, then, that shows this west coast stalwart hasn’t lost his touch. Welcome back.

**UPDATE 8/8: Had an email from Lance this morning: Roundi 11 (Mike N’ Ally’s House) and Roundi 12 (Chemistry) are now being released by Drop Music instead, complete with an Inland Knights remix of Chemistry… so the finished Roundi EP01 now just consists of the other two. Sorry for the confusion!

Out: This week

About: This comes on brand new label Roundi, as you might’ve guessed from the EP title! As far as I can make out, Lance is co-running the label with one Jerad Hioki. The only website I can find for them is this one which doesn’t seem to do a lot at the mo’ but no doubt it’ll be up and running properly soon… in the meantime you can keep up with Lance’s goings-on at, and also I can tell you now that he’s got another single coming on Vincent Kwok’s Eight-fifteen label very soon.

DJ MIXES DK Watts – House Music As It Should Be

October 16, 2011 in Singles

I posted these earlier in the week on the TIWWD Facebook page but just in case you missed ’em… what we have here, for your Sunday night grooving the bluse away pleasure, are a whapping ruddy great SEVEN HOURS of really quite stunningly lovely deep house mixes from my boy DK Watts to download and enjoy.

If you miss these, then you really are more of a fool than I took you for. Nuff said!

Short Bus Kids – Day Party

August 21, 2011 in Singles

Short Bus Kids Day PartySomewhat unusually for the SBKs, this latest release actually comes with remixes rather than just a whole bunch of individual tracks. There’s even a Radio Edit! Which leads me to surmise Lance and DK are hoping for big things from what is, to be sure, one of their most accessible outings to date.

Featuring one Catherine Fluss (‘Cat’) on vocals, Day Party is a summery and uplifting cut in a not dissimilar vein to the kind of thing Andy Caldwell and Kaskade used to do on Om may moons ago. Don’t worry, though, this is the SBKs we’re talking about so it’s not too horribly light and poppy… and there’s some very cool sax work, too.
But DK’s Underground Dub is probably the mix most TIWWD readers are likely to go for, a considerably deeper pass with crisp, insistent snares, chopped-up, echo’d snippets of the vocal and pads to make you go all warm and gooey inside.
Out: This week
About: As ever, this comes on the boys’ own Bounce House Recordings

Short Bus Kids – Shout Out EP

July 21, 2009 in Singles

And speaking of people who are runnin’ tings on the west coast right now (see below), along come those ker-razy Short Bus Kids with another superb EP that totally justifies the praise I’ve recently been lavishing on them in iDJ. I’m seldom wrong about these things, you know…

The EP kicks off with Shout Out, which uses a reggae/ragga-style vocal, something I’ve not heard on a deep house track for quite some time. It comes in two mixes, Underground and Club, the latter being a tad more percussive and probably workable for a broader range of jocks, though it’s the former that does it for me. Then we get Yah Better Hurry, something of a curveball from the SBK’s cos it’s a breakbeat-driven number with a hip-hop vocal (albeit from the funkiest and least in-yer-face reaches of the breaks spectrum imaginable), before the EP comes to a close with Tony Montana, a deep house dancefloor romp with a discotheque sheen and samples from… well, I’m guessing you can imagine what film it samples. That’s right. Holiday On The Buses*.
About the label: This is the 15th release on Bounce House Recordings, which is the SBKs’ own label, and as reliable a source of rumpshakin’ deep house as you’ll find anywhere in Christendom right now, even if their sleeves are a bit rubbish. Show some love, peeps.
* I seem recently to have developed a morbid fascination with On The Buses. I always used to loathe it with a vengeance, but lately I can’t help watching it. Even though it singularly fails to make me laugh, which in the normal run of things would be one of my foremost requirements from a ‘comedy’. The whole situation’s a bit odd, to be honest.