Andi Rivera – In My Mind

December 27, 2015 in Singles

Andi Rivera In My Mind Xylo MusicSo here we are, the little baby Jesus’s birthday has been and gone and it’s time to get back in the reviewing saddle, starting with this UKG-leaning offering from Andi Rivera on Xylo Music.

Four mixes of In My Mind to choose from. The strutty, stuttery Original is in some ways closest to that original late 90s vibe, but my money’s on the slightly smoother Jamie George, which has something of a Tuff Jam/Baffled Republic feel, albeit the big rasping bassline clearly sounds a bit more contemporary. Elsewhere, Secret Sinz’ remix is just a little less frantic than the original while the Soul Academy rub strips things right back and adds house-y, rave-y keys – I could’ve sworn it was gonna break out into Xpansions Move Your Body at one point!

All good, but as I said, Jamie George takes the gold for me here.

Out: This week

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Phil Maher & Secret Sinz – Don’t Say You Love Me

September 4, 2015 in Singles

Phil Maher & Secret Sinz Don't You Say You Love Me Blackroom RecordsSeeing as it’s Friday night, let’s finish on a more party-hearty tip with this two-tracker from fledgling UK label Blackroom Records.

Y’know that current style of house people like to complain about, because MoS, Hed Kandi et al insist on calling it “deep house” when it’s really got more in common with mid-90s handbag and garage? Of course you do… well, as I think I’ve said on here before, I get annoyed about it being mislabelled as “deep house” too but some of it, while admittedly on the commercial side, IS actually pretty decent house music all the same. As this is.

Two mixes to choose from: the Classic Club Mix, a full-on vox/piano/M1 belter, and the slightly more subdued After Dark Mix. The former takes me back to many a Manchester podium circa 1994-96 – no mean feat for a record released 20 years later! – so going to have to plump for that one.

Out: This week

About: Find Blackroom Records – who generally concentrate on darker, techier sounds than this, BTW – here, here and here.