Roland Nights – Chicago Soul EP

October 17, 2015 in Singles

Roland Nights Chicago Soul EP PIV RecordsA treat for the more traditionally inclined here as Roland Nights serves up some sumptuous deep house/US garage bizniss for brand new Dutch label PIV Records.

Chicago Soul itself takes fat, ass-swayin’ bass, muted kicks and crisp hi-hats, and tops them with Jersey-style organ stabs and soulful male “hurting… yes I am” vox, the result being a proper little dancefloor bumper that should work anywhere from Smokescreen to Soul Heaven. Freydel & Osaka give us a remix that’s a bit more ‘now’ and Berlin-y; it’ll work for a lot of jocks for sure, but the original’s the one for me. Elsewhere on the EP, Play It Down is raw, tracky NJ shizzle straight outta 1993 while Recall treads a similar path but heads just a little deeper; and both are just as good as the title cut.

You can generally rely on Roland to come up with goods and he doesn’t disappoint here. And for a label’s first-ever release, this is really quite ridiculously good – now go seek!

Out: This week

About: You can find PIV Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website. This is PIV001.

Filth & Smell – Groovin’

August 29, 2015 in Singles

Filth & Smell Groovin' Inner City RecordsSome fine garage-tinged deep house vibes on this offering from Inner City Records.

Groovin’ itself, in its original form, is a jazzy, bumpin’ little, er, groover with cheeky bites from Roger Sanchez’s You Can’t Change Me by way of a vocal… and was that a snatch of Colonel Abrams’ Trapped I heard as well? Label co-owner Roland Nights’ remix is very similar but just a teensy bit smoother, while completing the package is A Better Place, a stripped n’ sparse 4am rumpshaker that pays homage to the deepest sound of New Jersey.

Excellent work all round, but the title track takes the gold.

Out: This week

About: Find Inner City Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Chris Stussy – One Thing I Can EP

June 27, 2015 in Singles

Chris Stussy One Thing I Can EP Inner City RecordsSome familiar samples come out to play on this three-track, four-mix EP from young Dutch producer Chris Stussy.

One Thing I Can, you see, borrows heavily from Phreek/Class Action’s classic Weekend, underpinning the very familar vocal with intricate percussion, echoing synth stabs and an understated but quite chunky bassline. Roland Nights delivers a remix that rides more straight-up 4/4s with lush, lingering keys and a funky-assed b-line of its own, while elsewhere on the EP, Jus Playin is a more head-down n’ driving deep house jam with chopped, spoken vox, and finally Deep Gems is an appropriately garage-leaning late-nighter that bites the famous vocal from Cevin Fisher’s The Way Used To.

A fine EP all round, with the RN rub of the title track and Deep Gems nudging just ahead of the other two.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Inner City Records, the label Danny Stott (AKA Roland Nights) co-owns with Mark Horsfall. Find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – Inner City Records Vol 4

November 30, 2014 in Singles

Inner City Records Vol 4Only the fourth release here by Inner City Records… and the fourth to get reviewed on TIWWD. Which may well be some kind of record, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Once again, it’s a V/A offering and home to some very fine deep house grooves. Leigh D Oliver & Andy Lee are up first with Moves Ya, a track with nice fat squelchy bass and a strong influence from trad-style deep US garage. It’s a more UK garage-influenced sound that Leigh then offers up on his solo piece (Sic), Mystep’s Night Drive sits right on the deep/tech house cusp, while finally label co-owner Roland Nights mixes up classic garage and more contemporary ‘bass house’ tropes on his Chandler-esque Let It Rain.

There’s a reason ICR’s hit-rate has been so high, y’know… this is essential stuff.

Out: This week

About: Either the hype sheet contains an error, or Inner City Records have relocated from Manchester to Dorset. Anyway, you can find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Roland Nights – Lar189

July 8, 2014 in Singles

Roland Nights Symmetry EP Large MusicWe go out with a bang tonight, as UK deep house don Roland Nights returns to Chicago’s Large Music for some superlative trad-style grooves.

Sono is up first, essentially a straight-up garage cut sporting defiantly old skool pianos, skippy beats and tinkling vibes (as in the instrument)… the female vocal nods towards the more soulful end of the UKG spectrum but otherwise this is pure New Jersey homage bizniss. Symmetry itself is more your struttin’ deep house dancefloor groover, all bumpin’ bass and euphoric synth-strings, albeit still with plenty of soul flowing through its veins thanks to the twin vocals (chopped male, sultry female). And then finally there’s What If?, a more heads-down deep houser predicated around rolling percussion, some lovely warm organ chords and, again, multiple vocals as soulful male wails go head-to-head with ragga-ish spoken interjections.

Not picking a fave here because all three cuts are sheer class, basically – go seek.

Out: This week

About: Find Large Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various/Sek – Prime Cuts Vol 2

June 22, 2014 in Albums

Sek Prime Cuts 2 Lost My DogGreek DJ/producer Sek is the man chosen to helm the second installment in Lost My Dog’s Prime Cuts series, whereby LMD artists are invited to serve up a DJ mix featuring their personal favourites from the label’s back catalogue alongside any of their own new material they want to throw in.

And the results, in Sek’s case, are quite simply stunning. With tracks from Dale Howard, Pete Dafeet, YSE, Roland Nights, James Dexter and more, plus three newies from Sek, this is proper deep house music at its finest, ranging from the soulful vibes of YSE feat Frank H Carter III’s I Don’t Want Love, to the disco-lounge-in-space jam that is Jon Delerious’s Remember, to Sek’s own jackin’, tech-tinged Just Ducky and the funky-assed, left coast-ish strut of YSE’s Bounce Back.

If you buy one deep house mix album this month, make it this one. It’s a reminder of just how fine a label LMD really is – frankly, you wonder how they do it!

Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog here, here and here.

Roland Nights – Elements EP

September 20, 2013 in Singles

Roland Nights Elements EP Large Music Sorry it’s been quiet on here for a couple of days… been busy. But we get the ball rolling again in fine style tonight with this three-tracker from Mr Nights.

Elements itself is a deep n’ garage-y, fem-vocalled house gem in the classic US style, as befits the label. The Shake is a midtempo, male-vocalled hipshaker that goes even further down the the trad garage route with its skippy beats and Jersey-ish organs, while Burning Soul takes us into more bumpin’, UK-ish garage pastures.

Three killers, no fillers, basically. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Large Music (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)… always good to see the classic US labels picking up on more contemporary UK/European talent.

Roland Nights – Hide And Seek EP

August 31, 2013 in Singles

Roland Nights Hide And Seek EP Deep Edition RecordingsAnd speaking of warm, garage-y grooves (see below), here’s a treat for all you lovers of da real deal shizzle, courtesy of the ever-reliable Deep Edition Recordings.

In its Original form, Hide And Seek is a chunky and fairly upbeat tech-soul ass-shaker, all crisp Jersey beats, big throbbing synths and soulful male vox. The organ-tastic Ready Or Not Dub pushes further towards UKG territory, reminding yours truly a little bit of Smokin’ Beats’ classic Dreams, Tato’s Moon Mix strips things down and tuffens ’em up just a smidgeon for the deep/tech floors while Timmy P’s Slow Mo Fo Remix is a tripped-out, afterhours pass. And then finally You & Me is another soul-dripping gem that you can file under deep house or garage as you see fit, cos it sits right in the middle where all the best tunes are!

Not really keen to pick a fave with this one… it’s deep dancefloor perfection whichever way you slice it. Though if you put a gun to my head then the Ready Or Not Dub’s gonna take some beating.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Edition on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – Sonar Musica 2013

June 13, 2013 in Singles

Sonar Musica 2013 Lost My DogA five-track sampler from Lost My Dog here, released in time for the Sonar festival in Barcelona, which of course kicks off today. If anyone can get there what with European air traffic control strikes

Tracks come from label faves Roland Nights, Sek and Artie Flexs, as well as label boss Pete Dafeet (in association with Miami Ice and vocalist Sara Brito) and newcomers Moet & Benson and Velvet Tux (together). Sek’s jaunty piano-led Come On Toshi! and the bumpin’ deep garage of Nights’ Do You Hear Me are particular highlights for yours truly, but it’s all good, as they say.

Or todo es bueno, as they might say in Barcelona.

Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog in all the usual places like Soundcloud, Facebook or their very own Geocities homepage.

Roland Nights – Til The Morning

June 2, 2013 in Singles

Roland Nights Til The Morning Lost My DogSome awesome garage-y goodness for you here courtesy of Roland Nights and Lost My Dog.

Til The Morning itself is a deep Jersey organ jam with a soul-drenched male vocal in its original form; Mr V then supplies a Main Mix that opts for more driving percussion, (largely) drops the organs and adds some killer jazzual sax, as well as an Instrumental. Elsewhere on the EP, Vision is another garage gem working sparse beats, Rhodes and sweet fem vocal cut-ups, while Breezin’ gets the organ out again and gets seriously down and dirty on yo’ ass in a 4am kinda way.

‘Till’ should have two Ls. Which I only mention because that, and the fact that there’s a picture of a bearded man in a vest on the cover which is never required, are about the only things about this EP that aren’t freaking PERFECT. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: You know where to find Lost My Dog by now, surely…