S-Man feat Mr V – 6AM

January 31, 2016 in Singles

S-Man ft Mr V 6AM Undr The RadrIn which Mr V waxes poetic over tuff house beats supplied by the legendary Mr Sanchez, on his own Undr The Radr label.

Six mixes to choose from. The original is the kind of ‘big dark room’ house music that Rog does better than almost anyone, propelled by a sinuous bassline and tuff-but-not-stoopid 4/4s, with some brain-frying rising synths thrown in for good measure. But it’s the lyric that’s most striking… at first you think he’s talking about some girl, but eventually you realise that 6AM is really a love song to house music itself.

Mixwise, the original’s accompanied by a matching Dub, prolific Romanian tech-house hero Horatio (try saying that at 6am!) supplies a remix and dub for the relevant floors, Dario D’Attis takes us down slightly darker, more driving pass and finally there’s an acapella for the creative jocks.

Out: This week

About: Find Undr The Radr on Soundcloud and Facebook.

S-Man & Man Without A Clue – Drop The Needle

September 12, 2015 in Singles

S-Man & Man Without A Clue Drop The Needle Undr The RadrOld school meets new school here as Roger Sanchez teams up with Holland’s Man Without A Clue.

In its Main Mix form, Drop The Needle is a muscular main room houser with spoken male “what you trying to do… that’s what house is… drop the needle on it” vox and a lo-slung, snaking bassline. Kevin Knapp’s more stripped-back remix warps up the bass and adds trippy FX for a 4am, deep-in-the-zone kinda pass, while the EP’s completed by simple Dub and Acapella mixes.

I’ve said it before, I know, but no-one does dark, big room house like Rog… go seek!

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Roger’s own NYC-based Undr The Radr imprint, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

S-Man & Tom Flynn feat Cevin Fisher – New Evolution

May 30, 2015 in Singles

S-Man & Tom Flynn New Evolution Undr The RadrIn which the man like Sanchez forgets all that Dutch-inspired EDM/electrohouse nonsense and gets back to doing what he does best…

In its Original form, New Evolution is a dark, chugging and (very lightly) tribal-tinged houser topped with a sing-song spoken vocal from Mr Fisher – “Minimalistic shapes and sounds/abstract, flowing in the underground/pushing the boundaries of your mind/it’s a new revolution, it’s a new evolution”. Remix-wise, things are kept simple with just an instrumental and a full-length acapella.

Big room house done as only Rog can!

Out: This week

About: This is the fifth release from Roger’s own NYC-based Undr The Radr, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Roger Sanchez presents Battle Weapons 3

December 19, 2010 in Singles

Good old Rog: you can’t knock him, really. He might be more your main stage, big in Ibiza, known-for-the-hits type DJ these days, but to be fair to the S-Man, he’s been making quality house music since today’s agenda-setting Shoreditch types were pissing their nappies. And if you’ve ever been in a big room when Rog is on the decks, then you’ll know that when it comes to rocking a floor, there’s very few can touch him.

Here, then, are five of the tracks with which Mr Sanchez has been rocking said floors of late. It’s fair to say the overall vibe is big room rather than cool, hip and underground, but the worst electro/cheese excesses are avoided – well, I’d say they are, but I guess that depends where you stand on Prok & Fitch and Guy Williams’ wholesale lifting of the classic Fascinated riff for their contribution, Yalla. Geoff M & Terrence T’s Bang! perhaps has too much of a foot in the nu-rave for comfort, but the other four tracks (Yalla included) will serve non-elitist house floors nicely, with Tangula’s Boys Don’t Dance a personal highlight.

Good old Rog, eh?

Out: This week

About: This is on Stealth Records, which is of course Sanchez’s own label, based in the Netherlands where he now resides. Visit their website here.

On a slightly less relevant note, Roger Sanchez once kissed my girlfriend, and she got a bit swoony and had to have a bit of a sit-down. I didn’t mind, though: it was only a friendly mwah-mwah peck on the cheek, and it’s an understandable reaction I guess. And he was paying for dinner, after all…