Roby Deep – Road To The Unknown

May 16, 2016 in Singles

Roby Deep Road To The Unknown Submarine VibesAnother European label who always come up with the deeper goods are Bosnia’s Submarine Vibes, and they don’t disappoint with this single from Slovenia’s Roby Deep.

One thing I like about Submarine Vibes is that you never know quite what particular shade of deepness you’re going to get. In the case of Road To The Unknown in its original form, we’re headed off to that place where deep house, prog and chill-out intertwine. The Yarosslav Remix opts for much more obviously danceable beats, but then confuses with a minute-long beatless breakdown, after which a hypnotic, vaguely Underworld-y half-sung/half-spoken male vocal loop joins the party.

The standout for yours truly, though, is the throbbing, dubby Hibrid Remix – sheer late-night driftaway deep house bliss…

Out: This week

About: You can find Submarine Vibes herehere and here.

Roby Deep – Going Under

June 14, 2015 in Singles

Roby Deep Going Under Submarine VibesFour mixes to choose from on this latest from ever-checkable Bosnian imprint Submarine Vibes.

In its Original form, Going Under has muted kicks, scratchy top-end percussion, distorted male vox and what sounds like a warped trombone sample. It’s probably most easily lumped into the ‘deep techno’ category but really its druggy, dubby vibes should appeal to lovers of the deep from across the house/techno spectrum. Addex uses a different, quite poetic spoken male vocal on his smoother, housier rub, while the Chrono Remix is a nice understated tech-house groover and finally Dustin Nantais serves up a lolloping, late-night deep house take.

Nantais and Addex share top honours for me, perhaps unsurprisingly, but the whole EP’s something of a headnodder’s delight.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find Submarine Vibes on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.