Alek Soltirov – Warmup Toolz

January 27, 2014 in Singles

Alek Soltirov Warmup Toolz ArtefactMethinks Alek Soltirov – who hails from Skopje in Macedonia, and who’s still only in his teens – is selling himself a little short here. The title of this EP suggests workaday grooves aimed merely at setting the mood… whereas the tracks herein tell a different story.

Oxyd gets the ball rolling. Yes, it’d work in the warm-up, but with its chopped-up vox, lovely reverberating stabs and insistent throbbing-yet-understated bassline, it’d work just as well on afterhours floors or for post-club listening: this is classic-style deep house groovin’ at its finest. And then Fake Thugz, which comes in three mixes, is if anything even better. The original ploughs a similar musical furrow to Oxyd, but tops its mellow, bassy groove with looping rap vox (“to all you fake-ass thugz out there/talkin’ bout you got this and you got that/you gonna murder this one and you gonna murder that one/talking all that bullshit”) to quite devastating effect… particularly when the big rave-y bass drops unexpectedly halfway through. Bruno Browning’s refix maintains the deep vibe but injects a greater sense of urgency with extra hi-hats and random sax parps, while Robert S goes for the main floor jugular with his beefed-up pass.

But it’s actually the two originals that stand out here for me… meaning that this is one teenaged producer you definitely want to be keeping an eye on. And that mere ‘warmup toolz’ these most definitely are not!

Out: Thursday (30 Jan)

About: This comes on Macedonia’s own Artefact Records, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook (they’ve got their own website as well but they seem to have the menders in at the moment)

PS: Here’s Fake Thugz to listen to as well…