Various – Miami WMC 2015 Sampler

March 23, 2015 in Singles

Miami WMC 2015 Sampler Ready Mix RecordsFinally for tonight (and speaking of BiG AL – see below), we have this prosaically titled but predictably high-quality sampler from Ready Mix Records.

There are seven tracks in total, and it’s nearly midnight and I’m tired, so I’m not going into each one individually. But the musical gamut runs from Mattik & No Rabbitz’s chunky, bassy This Is House to the twitchy, dubby minimalism of Pano Manara’s Hommage An Karl, via the classic-style left coast deepness of Rishi K’s Loud & Clear and the sumptuous late-night, piano-flecked vibes of Yigit Atilla’s Neverending.

For readers of this blog, this is safely file-able under ‘must check’, nuff said!

Out: Last week

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G-Spice, Zorz Post & Emme – Is It Love

March 12, 2015 in Singles

G-Spice, Zorz Post & Emme Is This Love Ready Mix RecordsPredictably fine deep house grooves here from the always on-point Ready Mix Records.

The work of a trio of Greek producers, Is It Love comes in your choice of four mixes. The original has a nice chunky bassline, atmospheric synth sweeps, garage-y keys and female scat vox, along with a spoken female “love” sample that loops throughout. The Deep Active Sound Remix is a little more spangled and 3am-ish (the time of night, that is, not the label!) while a more lilting Tony S Remix gets the vibes out and Moe Turk takes us into dreamier, more late-night pastures.

All four are quality but if pushed, the Original and Moe Turk rubs just nudge it.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 23 March.

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Onur Ozman – There’s No Shame

February 11, 2015 in Singles

Onur Ozman There's No Shame Ready Mix RecordsAfter just bigging up YokoO’s contribution to the 22 Digit EP below, we stay in “deep and soulful” territory with this newie from Canada’s ever-checkable Ready Mix Records.

In its original form, the unhurried, male-vocalled There’s No Shame has that early 00s Naked/Om vibe in spades, and should go down a storm on the soulful floors. David Kassi then supplies a Remix and Dub that beef up the beats just a little and respectively use less of the vocal and drop it altogether, while completing the package is a Chriss Ronson Cre8tion Remix that maintains the soulful vibe of the original but gets a lil’ more lo-slung and funky with it.

Ronsson’s rub JUST pips it over the original, to these ears.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 23 Feb.

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Spennu – You Shouldn’t Do

December 24, 2014 in Singles

Spennu You Should't Do Ready Mix RecordsFinally for today, we stay in trad-style, vocal territory but drop a little deeper with this lil’ beauty from Canada’s ever-dependable Ready Mix Records.

Four mixes to choose from. The original is a garage-leaning deep house gem that could have come out at any point in the past 20 years, with rolling beats and an insistent Balearic-sounding synth riff underpinning a gorgeous wistful female “ain’t no use in cryin'” vocal. Analog Trip’s remix is a more laidback bass with some cool fluttering geetar and a more organic feel overall, Felipe L maintains the feel of the original but heads into more late-night, headnoddin’ territory, while finally my man Tony S goes proper deep while adding a little Latin shimmy to the drums.

If pushed then it’s a toss-up between the Original and Felipe L rubs as to which takes the gold for me, but to be honest I’d sooner not be pushed – the whole EP is very classy indeed. Then again, that’s pretty much what we expect from Big AL’s label, n’est-ce pas?

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 5 January

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Tony S – Sleepless EP

December 14, 2014 in Singles

Tony S Sleepless EP Ready Mix RecordsRegular readers will know that in my head, a Tony S record on Ready Mix is pretty much a dead-on cert. Thankfully, the Sleepless EP doesn’t disappoint.

In its Original form, Sleepless itself is a chugging, 4am, eyes-wide-shut deep house groover, with shimmering synths and female vocal microsnips panning back and forth and gloriously old school piano riffage in the background. The more jacking Moreno (LDN) Remix mostly strips out the trippy, Balearic top end and hits your innards with seriously chunky, funky bass instead. Trope, meanwhile, starts life as a throbbing, bassy deep house groove sprinkled liberally with vaguely tropical sounds, before the Tamandua Twist Remix turns the dial marked ‘spangly’ up to create a irresistible slice of beach house/nu-disco dancefloor action. Even better, though is the deep disco of the Loz Goddard Remix, which builds from rich, lingering, bell-like piano chords, via a fat, pounding kick and Negro-esque synths, into a head-gone-astray small hours monster.

The latter cut and Moreno’s rub of the title track take top honours for me, but really there’s not a mix here that doesn’t come highly commended.

Out: This week, apparently, though I originally had it down as Nov 24 so it’s possible I’m a little late on this one…

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Kiano & Below Bangkok – In The Heat Of The Night

December 9, 2014 in Singles

Kiano & Below Bangkok In The Heat Of The Night Ready Mix RecordsSome very deep house grooves to start us off tonight, coming from Ready Mix Records.

Four mixes of In The Heat Of The Night to choose from. The original’s a laidback, late-night and sultry affair with a soulful male vocal. The Instrumental’s self-explanatory, obviously, while Ilias Katelanos strips things back and adds some spoken male vocal samples. But the pick of an admittedly fine crop all round, to these ears, is the sparse, dubby and atmospheric Distant Relatives JHB Remix.

Ready Mix seldom disappoint, and they certainly don’t here.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 22 Dec.

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Addex – Reshape

July 18, 2014 in Albums

Addex Reshape Ready Mix RecordsRomanian producer Addex releases his third album proper (not counting ‘… Remixed’ offerings) under that name, and by my reckoning the fifth of his career (he’s done two more downtempo long-players under his Openzone Bar alias that I know of, but there could easily be other albums I don’t know about).

How Reshape compares to Addex’s earlier output, I sadly can’t tell you. I can tell you, though, that if it’s laidback, late-night deep house grooves you’re after then you won’t go wrong with this. Opening with the plainitive, Knopfler-esque geetar that marks out tranquil opener Envision, across its 16 tracks the album takes in blissed-out, dub-tinged grooves (eg: Riverside), System 7-ish ‘ambient house’ (eg: Hope And Sorrow), moody deep techno (eg: The Shift), and LOTS of floaty, ethereal deep house (eg: Megastructure).

There are even one or two tracks you could dance to (eg: Living Louder). But by and large this is an album best appreciated as you become one with the sofa – whether after a night’s hard partying or just the daily grind.

Out: This week, on Beatport; everywhere else from 3 August.

About: Reshape is brought to you by the ever on-point Ready Mix Records, who live here and here.

PS: Just the one review tonight, because said daily grind has taken its toll big-time. But stay tuned cos there’s a ton of good stuff lined up for the weekend!

Bourne – Fake Illusions EP

June 21, 2014 in Singles

Bourne Fake Illusions EP Ready Mix RecordsHeading into deeper pastures now with this three-track, six-mix EP from Bourne on the ever-checkable Ready Mix Records.

Fake Illusions itself is supplied in two mixes, the squelchy Original with its vague hints of Latin disco, and a far deeper (and to these ears far more satisfying) rub from Yigit Atilla. Eyes Wide Open is a slower, more abstract/near-ambient piece supplied in just the one mix. The real treat there though is After A Rainy Night. The original sits somewhere between cosmic disco and the deepest of progressive house, label boss BiG AL’s refix moves us more firmly into house territory, but the standout of the whole EP is the BD Tom Remix – proper late-night driftaway bliss.

All told, then, there’s a bit of a mix of styles but for the deep house connoisseurs, it’s Atilla’s mix of Fake Illusions and BD Tom’s take on …Rainy Night that make this unmissable.

Out: This week

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Rishi K – Unity Gain EP/Smoke & Mirrors EP

June 2, 2014 in Singles

Rishi K Smoke & Mirrors EP Deep Site RecordingsRishi K Unity Gain EP Ready Mix RecordsRishi K needs to stop making records! Not forever, you understand: it’s just that the San Francisco producer’s so gosh-darn prolific it’s a real struggle just to keep up with the lad…

Take last week, which saw not one but two EPs landing in stores. In the blue corner, we have the Unity Gain EP, coming on Ready Mix Records with its two tracks served up in a total of eight mixes, including one from label boss Big AL. With rubs of Unity Gain and Holes running the gamut from dubby to techy to discofied, it’s hard to imagine any deep house DJ not deriving satisfaction from this package. In the red corner, meanwhile, there’s the Smoke & Mirrors EP, brought to you by Croatia’s always on-point Deep Site Recordings and featuring remixes of the title cut by Harold Heath and Matt Prehn, with blissed-out, floataway vibes the general order of the day.

He’s good at this deep house lark is Rishi K. Let’s hope he doesn’t stop making records any time soon…

Out: Last week

About: Find Ready Mix Records here and Deep Site Recordings here.

Various – Miami WMC 2014 Sampler

April 13, 2014 in Singles

Ready Mix Miami Sampler 2014Yes, it does seem a little late in the day for Miami samplers but I’m reliably assured this is only just out this week!

We were just talking about Ready Mix boss Big AL and here he comes again, with his opening contribution to his label’s Miami sampler being the looping, discofied deep house beauty that is Smooth [Unreleased Dub Mix]. Rishi K’s Holes, which follows, is a dubby, FX-laden ride into deep space, while new kid on the block Tamandua Twist impresses with Jabuticaba 3.0, a slowly-evolving late-night jam comprising lively but understated percussion, densely layered pads n’ fx, tinkling keys and some familiar-sounding vocal snips. Tim ‘What Happens!’ Andresen then gives us Me Ase Bailar, which starts out with the sound of seagulls and waves and builds into a blissed-out, end-of-session affair topped with spoken Spanish female vox, while TIWWD regular Tony S brings things to a close with Sleepless, an unhurried lil’ chugger with “ooh boy” vocal snips.

Again, sterling work all round – as you’d expect given the heavyweight line-up – but Al and Rishi’s contributions are particular must-checks.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 April.

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