QuiQui – Vlieger EP

July 4, 2013 in Singles

QuiQui Vlieger EP 5 And DimeMeanwhile in Denver, Colorado… 5 And Dime Recordings seldom disappoint, and they don’t here, either.

The Vlieger EP has two tracks in five mixes. In its original form, Vlieger itself is a prog-tinged and fairly lively deep house groove, with sampled spoken male vocals talking about “the realm of the real spirit” and other such new age/self-help nonsense. Alex Amster’s remix is a slower, sparser take that all but abandons the vocal, but its the floaty Phasen & Refurb mix that works best for me, I think – and that’s got ‘Ibiza sundown tune’ written all over it. Ballon, by contrast, is a much more dark, techy n’ driving cut based around a relentless rolling, bass-heavy groove, while M-Capio’s remix is a freaky-deeky tripped-out pass for the afterhours floors.

Very solid underground house bizniss as ever from 5 And Dime.

Out: This week

About: You can find 5 And Dime on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website… or in Denver, Colorado, obviously. You can mostly find QuiQui in Amsterdam and you can mostly find M-Capio in Ireland, or at least I expect you can seeing as that’s where they’re from. Just in case you were wondering.