Roby Deep – Road To The Unknown

May 16, 2016 in Singles

Roby Deep Road To The Unknown Submarine VibesAnother European label who always come up with the deeper goods are Bosnia’s Submarine Vibes, and they don’t disappoint with this single from Slovenia’s Roby Deep.

One thing I like about Submarine Vibes is that you never know quite what particular shade of deepness you’re going to get. In the case of Road To The Unknown in its original form, we’re headed off to that place where deep house, prog and chill-out intertwine. The Yarosslav Remix opts for much more obviously danceable beats, but then confuses with a minute-long beatless breakdown, after which a hypnotic, vaguely Underworld-y half-sung/half-spoken male vocal loop joins the party.

The standout for yours truly, though, is the throbbing, dubby Hibrid Remix – sheer late-night driftaway deep house bliss…

Out: This week

About: You can find Submarine Vibes herehere and here.

Andy Ho – Eyes EP

April 20, 2016 in Singles

Andy Ho Eyes Swerve DigitalDark, sinuous tech-house grooves are the order of the day on this offering from fledgling UK label Swerve Digital.

Three mixes to choose from. In its Original form, Eyes leans towards progressive house, with chugging beats, shimmering keys and long, melancholy synth sweeps that are vaguely reminiscent, to these old ears at least, of The Grid’s Texas Cowboys. The Jake Twell Mix tones down the synths and tuffens up the beats somewhat, while the RS4 Remix opts for an old-school Chicago feel in the drums and bass department and a more stripped-back, jackin’ feel overall.

RS4 takes the gold here for me but liking the other two as well.

Out: This week

About: Based in London, Swerve Digital is headed up by Nik Syr and Shaun Wookieboy, and this is the label’s fifth release. Find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook, or at their own website.

Laurence Reed – Elastic Energy

February 28, 2016 in Singles

Laurence Reed Elastic Energy Deep Site SpaceTonight’s dose of proper bouncy-assed house music comes courtesy of Portsmouth’s Laurence Reed, who serves up an excellent lil’ three-tracker for Deep Site Space.

Elastic Energy itself is up first, a dark n’ techy cut that’s nonetheless got da funk in spades, not to mention some nice squelchy synths and, yes, energy to spare. System Reset operates in not dissimilar territory but is a notch housier, dare I say a bit proggy, while we play out with Grubby Thoughts, a deeper, dubbier jam built with weary late floors in mind.

The title track just nudges it for me, but all three tracks here are strong, and all three deserve taking to a darkened, drug-fuelled small-hours dancefloor at your earliest convenience.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Site Space on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – The Christmas Gift LP III

December 29, 2015 in Albums

Various Christmas Gift LP III Carton-Pâte RecordsFrench label Carton-Pâte come with their third annual Christmas compilation, serving up 18 tracks from nearly as many artists.

With 18 tracks on offer, it’d be boring if they all sounded the same – but there’s no danger of that here, as The Christmas Gift LP III stands out for the sheer breadth of music on offer. Where else are you gonna find jazzy, trumpet-tastic deep house (Apollo Powder’s Pont Rouge), deep dark and slightly scary post-dubstep (the JM Remix of Jeanne’s Roma), squelchy Daft Punk-isms (Maxime F’s For You), bumpin’ UKG nouveau (Mr Cardboard’s rave-tinged JSNE) and scratchy minimal techno (Optamystick’s Abyss) all rubbing shoulders on one album – never mind, as here, within the first few tracks!

And the album continues in similarly eclectic fashion, taking in lounge-y/Balearic vibes from Karim Sarahoui, fierce Relief-style jacking house from Pause, euphoric but non-cheesy prog from PNKPHTM and more. The sparse-yet-sumptuous GT246 Garage Edit of Oxxa’s In My Mind and the aforesaid cuts from Apollo Powder, Mr Cardboard and JM/Jeanne come particularly recommended by yours truly, but really, suggesting highlights from an album like this is a bit of pointless exercise – with the variety on offer you’d be better off diving on in and finding your own.

You’ll be glad you did… and you certainly won’t get bored.

Out: Now

About: Find Carton-Pâte Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Some MORE albums, quickly…

November 11, 2015 in Albums

I’m on a roll with this ‘potted album reviews’ malarkey so here’s some that are dropping THIS week…

Microscapes Vol II Buena Onda RecordsVarious – Microscapes Vol II
A VA comp here from a label who’ve never featured on TIWWD before – France’s Buena Onda Records. Don’t know much about them, but based on this evidence I’d like to find out more! Across Microscapes Vol II‘s 12 tracks you’ll find various flavas of house music, starting out seriously deep (Ekstendia’s Luana is a killer) then progressing into more uptempo (but still pretty deep, in the overall scheme of things) tech/prog territory as the album progresses, all coming from eight artists in total of whom only a couple of names (Knip, Gurwan) are even vaguely familiar. File under ‘unexpected pleasures’.

Golden Lounge 3 Clubstar RecordsVarious – Golden Lounge Vol 3
Here, long-running German label Clubstar present 29 tracks of nosebleed techno and 240bpm nu-gabba… nah, not really. Well, the 29 tracks bit is right… beyond that, expect neo-soul, bruk beat, ultra-chilled house, drifty Balearica, lo-fi hip-hop and other assorted horizontal grooves, coming from a mixture of big names (Jose Padilla, Andy Caldwell, The Rurals, DJ Pippi) and, er, some not quite so big names. The whole thing’s compiled and mixed by label boss Henri Kohn, with CD1 a bit more beat-oriented and CD2 taking us deeper into the sofa-surfin’ zone.

Nu Breeds 10 Spring TubeVarious – Nu Breeds 10
It seems like a little while since Spring Tube had any TIWWD love so let’s rectify that now with a quick peek at the latest in their long-running series of VA compilations. As is par for the Nu Breeds course, you won’t find any big names here… what you WILL find is plenty of smooth, classy electronic tuneage. Spring Tube’s natural musical stomping ground is that area where deep and progressive house collide, and that’s amply reflected in this set, with Moonwatch3r’s Dreams and Nio March’s Delight Me particularly worthy of your attention.

Yapacc & Ricky Erre Love – Jetstream EP

November 7, 2015 in Singles

Yapacc & Ricky Erre Love Jetstream EP LucidflowA two-track, five-mix EP here from Lucidflow that should appeal to lovers of deep house, deep techno/minimal and prog in equal measure.

Jetstream itself, in its Original form, is either a very prog-leaning slice of deep techno or a very techy deep prog cut, depending on how you look at it. Sebastian Albrecht’s Fluffy Cloud Mix takes us into wonky, glitchy territory and is underpinned by stuttering electro drums, while Sousk’s Epic Encounter is aptly named and gets almost trance-y in parts.

It’s the ‘other’ track, Barletta, that’s floating my boat more though. In its Original form this is a nice chunky slab of deep, dubby techno in classic Lucidflow style, but the cherry on the cake is an absolutely superb remix from label bosses Klartraum that’s as close to straight-up deep house as anything I’ve heard from the label, I think.

Out: This week

About: As ever, you can find Lucidflow herehere and here.

Nithen – Depth Control EP

October 31, 2015 in Singles

Nithen Depth Control EP DeepA three-tracker here from Miami’s Deep stable that’ll please those who like their deep house on the prog-tinged side.

The oddly-titled CubiiCan kicks things off, a slow-burning gem that builds inexorably to an analogue-tastic synthy climax. Daze Control takes an unhurried, throbbing house groove and sprinkles it with more analogue synth sweeps, shakers and vocal micro-snips, while finally Depth Charger is the most overtly floor-friendly of the three and to these ears would sound most at home as a bridging track in the early part of an (eg) Digweed or Cattaneo set, ending as it does in a considerably tougher, chunkier and synthier place than it started out.

Daze Control is the standout for me here.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep, part of the Liquid Music stable, on Facebook or at their own website.

Martin Wunderlich – Double Dip EP

September 27, 2015 in Singles

Martin Wunderlich Double Dip EP 2 Owls LimitedA four-track EP here from 2 Owls Limited that sits right on the tech-house/deep techno cusp.

Double Dip is up first, a dubby, late-night affair with something of an acid house feeling despite the lower tempo. The livelier, bleepier Friday sits more easily under the tech-house umbrella, while the brooding, cinematic Inner Shape with its Carpenter-esque synths leans more to the deep techno side of things. Completing the EP is Seeking, another atmospheric cut which just to confuse matters has a vaguely proggy vibe about it.

A nice range of styles on offer, then, but Double Dip is the clear standout for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: You can find 2 Owls Records on Soundcloud.

A0 – Celloism EP

September 20, 2015 in Singles

A0 Celloism Bass9 RecordsThe clue’s in the title with this truly distinctive offering from Bass9 Records, which sees producer A0 teaming up with cellist Illay for some deep-prog-classical fusion bizniss.

The Journey is up first, a midpaced affair with muted beats and an understated bassline topped with fluttering keys and, obviously, cello – both in the form of a single chord/scrape that loops thoughout, and as a melodic, vaguely wistful-sounding topline. The accompanying Late Night Hour Mix isn’t hugely different, but eschews the original’s fairly long beatless section in favour of keeping the groove going throughout. Elsewhere on the EP, The Tall is a downtempo number, Strange Day is a cinematic piece but underpinned by floor-friendly beats and The Path sees us back in chill-out territory. And yes, the eponymous big violin is front and centre on all three.

I’ve just worked out… with an average of 120-150 promo emails a week, I must have been sent somewhere around 5,000 ‘records’ this year. And not one of them sounded like this…

Out: This week

About: Bass9 Records haven’t featured on TIWWD up till now, but they’re French and can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Savvas – Between Time

September 5, 2015 in Singles

Savvas Between Time Deep Site RecordingsA four-track EP here from Deep Site Recordings with mixes that’d work in deep and progressive sets alike.

The original version of Between Time has a dreamy, almost Balearic feel but is lent some extra dancefloor oomph thanks to its rave-y bassline. Loz Goddard adds crowd noise and warping, wobbly strings on his slightly more upbeat (in mood if not necessarily in tempo) remix, while Ilias Katelanos’s take is more of a straight-up, less prog-leaning deep house jam. Completing the EP, you then get a trippy, dubbed-out rub from Forteba, complete with added “deep down inside, you need love” soulful male vocals.

Katelanos takes the gold for me, with Forteba not far behind.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Site Recordings here, here and here.