Karmine Rosciano – Give EP

March 13, 2016 in Singles

Karmine Rosciano Give EP DeepclicksIf you drive along the M32 between Manchester and Leeds,  there’s a bit where the motorway splits in two, because some farmer refused to budge when it was being built. I mention this because, while I’m not entirely sure what the farmer’s motivation was or how the whole scenario’s panned out for him long-term, sometimes you have to admire the hold-outs and diehards of this world for their sheer tenacity. And when it comes to big mid-90s-sounding organ throbbers, I’d have to count myself in that number.

So, Phil Maher’s toned-down, smoothed-out mix of the title track here, with its extensive breakdowns and foregrounding of a soulful male vocal that’s used only in treated form on the original, is fine. Can’t Leave, a very 2016-style deep/tech house jam with cut-up R&B-ish vox, fat squelchy bass, hints of acid and Orb-ish synth flurries, is also fine. Deephope’s more laidback, late-night remix of Can’t Leave, with its 80s-sounding synths, is very fine, to be fair. But the title track itself, in its orginal form, with its echoing vox and big throbbing organ bassline? Now that’s a MONSTER.

It’s probably not very cool and trendy to say so, but ask me if I care. You’re gonna have to build your Berlin hipster autobahn around my Korg M1 farm and that’s all there is to it!

Out: This actually came out on general release LAST week, but somehow it got missed – and was too good to let slide.

About: This comes on Spain’s Deep Clicks, who are no strangers to this blog and who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Phil Maher & Secret Sinz – Don’t Say You Love Me

September 4, 2015 in Singles

Phil Maher & Secret Sinz Don't You Say You Love Me Blackroom RecordsSeeing as it’s Friday night, let’s finish on a more party-hearty tip with this two-tracker from fledgling UK label Blackroom Records.

Y’know that current style of house people like to complain about, because MoS, Hed Kandi et al insist on calling it “deep house” when it’s really got more in common with mid-90s handbag and garage? Of course you do… well, as I think I’ve said on here before, I get annoyed about it being mislabelled as “deep house” too but some of it, while admittedly on the commercial side, IS actually pretty decent house music all the same. As this is.

Two mixes to choose from: the Classic Club Mix, a full-on vox/piano/M1 belter, and the slightly more subdued After Dark Mix. The former takes me back to many a Manchester podium circa 1994-96 – no mean feat for a record released 20 years later! – so going to have to plump for that one.

Out: This week

About: Find Blackroom Records – who generally concentrate on darker, techier sounds than this, BTW – here, here and here.

Phil Maher – I Need Ya

April 27, 2015 in Singles

Phil Maher I Need Ya UM RecordsIt’s a case of ‘pick your mix’ with this latest from scene stalwarts UM Records.

The Original version of I Need Ya, you see, is as ‘accessible’ a cut as we’ve heard from the Kiwi stable to date. With a soulful male vocal, nice muted pianos and a firm grasp of big room dynamics, it’s a track that’s got the potential to reach outside the deep house ghetto – who knows, maybe even into the mainstream charts. But for ‘da headz’, greater satisfaction is likely to come from the remixes. Greenfish tones down the original’s peaktime elements to provide a deeper pass that really lets those keys come into their own, but the killer for me is DJ Deeka’s remix, which ups the pace just a smidgeon, applies the vocal more sparingly and adds some lovely, lingering pads and nice squelchy synth-string stabs.

Your Love Is, a ‘deep and soulful’ house jam with both male and female vocal elements – think vintage Naked/Om and Ibiza beach bars – completes a solid package.

Out: This week

About: You can find UM Records here, here and here.