Audio Units, Hamza & Omanu – Space Dust

November 28, 2015 in Singles

Hamza, Audio Units & Omanu Space Dust DeepWit RecordingsMore quality deep house vibes here, coming from those ever-reliable providers of such, Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Four mixes of Space Dust to choose from. The original’s a dreamaway late-night throbber with female vocal snips, rolling drums, warm percussion, space-y synths (of course) and just a hint of Detroit-t synth-strings in the mid-section. First up to to the remix plate is Finest Wear, who gives us a more floor-friendly rub, though you’d still be talking early doors or very late play. Pat Lezizmo also ups the tempo slightly while retaining more of the Original’s ‘lost in space’ feel, while finally Niclas With Attitude comes with a stripped-back, slightly techier pass.

To be honest, thought, the differences between the mixes here are fairly minor – this is a ‘proper’ deep house bomb whichever way you slice it!

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

DJ Bee – Searchin’

September 14, 2014 in Singles

DJ Bee Searchin' Conya DigitalNext up tonight we have the latest from Germany’s Conya Digital, a branch of the Clubstar label family tree.

Searchin’ is the work of Madrid’s DJ Bee, and there are five mixes to choose from. The original looks to Chicago for inspiration but also has something of a Kings Of Tomorrow feel about it in the use of filtered techy synths. Klar & Praesent go for a skippier, twitchier feel on their remix, Sisio’s rub heads down a darker route for the afterhours floors, Pat Lezizmo brings the synths to the fore and then Hurlee brings a little vintage garage flava.

Unsurprisingly the latter rub that gets my vote, but to be fair the K&P and original rubs aren’t far behind…

Out: This week

About: You can find Conya Digital here.

Various – Deep-Nation

April 21, 2014 in Albums

Deep-Nation Clubstar RecordsThings have been a bit shoddy on the albums front here at TIWWD lately, and I AM planning to do a big catch-up thing soon. But this mixed offering from Germany’s ClubStar had to get a proper-sized shout for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a while since the ClubStar/Conya stable had some TIWWD love. Secondly, my old friend Henri Kohn has compiled and mixed it (alongside Pat Lezizmo).

And thirdly, it’s rather good. “Finest deep house tunes from Belgium,” is the album’s sub-title: the idea is there’ll be a series of these compilations, each showcasing the work of deep house producers in a given nation. And if they’re all as good as this, bring it on!

With 24 tracks in total, there’s a fair degree of stylistic variation on show, from the deep and soulful fare that’s long been ClubStar’s stock-in-trade (see, for example, D’Stephanie feat Melissa’s Back To Us or Maxim Lany’s Late & See), to more current-sounding, big room cuts like Avenue6’s Days Are Gone, to the glorious disco-electro squelch of AnthonyAnthony’s Glamour Girls Find Latex Sexy. But despite that, it all flows together nicely, with personal faves including the ruff-edged, stripped-down Jersey vibes of Rawdio’s Let’s Cook, Solco’s ace bass-rumblin’ Gasoline and the sumptuous late-night, lounge-y vibes of Leach’s Club Soleil.

Out: This week on CD and at iTunes, everywhere else digitally from 29 April

About: You can find ClubStar on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Henri Josh – Sputnik

October 18, 2012 in Singles

Henri Josh Sputnik Conya Digital

Seems like a while since we had anything from Conya Digital on here – compared to some labels at any rate! – but here they come again with this two-track, three-mix EP courtesy of Portuguese producer Henri Josh. Is it just me or are there are a LOT of good new producers coming out of Portugal at the moment?

Sleepy Side opens proceedings, a late night deep house journey with slight prog/Balearic leanings and a breakdown in the middle featuring some very nice electric piano doodling. That’s accompanied by a Deep Sleep Remix from Pat Lezizmo which tuffens up the beats a notch without losing the original’s languid, head-noddin’ feel, while rounding out the EP is Lost Feelings, a more twitchy, energetic cut altogether, again with some great keyboard sounds being used.

First I’ve heard from Henri Josh, but it’s promising stuff. Like I said, is it just me or…?

Out: This week

About: Germany’s Conya Digital are on Facebook or you can find ’em at the website of parent label Clubstar.