BG Baarregaard – Partyvenskenes Dans

February 20, 2015 in Singles

BG Barregaard Partyvenskenes Dans Paper DiscoWe kick off in mirrorball mode tonight with this latest offering from Paper Disco, which comes from Reykjavik-born but Oslo-dwelling producer BG Baarregaard.

The title track is a fairly up and bouncy nu-disco number with a strong Italo influence… “resonance and space with a hint of Inspector Norse” is what the hype sheet says. They also say it “treads on the right side of camp”, to which I’d be tempted to add the word just. Konur Og Karlar is more languid and groovesome cut that sits right on the cusp of deep house and disco, just like classic Paper of old, but the standout for me by far is Runnin’, where warbling organs and squelchy bass from the late 80s Easy Street playbook are topped by a cut-up of the vocal from Ecstasy Passion & Pain’s disco classic Touch And Go and, in the chorus, some happy hands-up piano à la K-Klass. Presented in Original and not-vastly-different Dub mixes, it’ll delight those who actually know what ‘garage’ means!

Out: This week

About: You can find Paper Disco/Paper Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Pablo & Shoey – Puttin’ Some Stank On It

June 22, 2014 in Singles

Pablo & Shoey Puttin' Some Stank On It Paper DiscoWhile Patrick Daniels has been raiding the 90s cupboard for inspiration (see below),  Pablo & Shoey have clearly been looking a decade or so further back while preparing this three-tracker for Paper Disco.

Funk It is up first, an uplifting disco-house jam that blends early 90s Italo pianos with wukka-wukking geetars, handclaps and a decidedly Sylvester-esque vocal. Mr Negro would be proud. Down To The Bone is a slower affair that looks to early 80s electro and boogie for inspiration, complete with scratching and “this beat is so fresh” vox, while closer Big Bass operates in similar territory to Down To The Bone – check out those stabs, which could’ve been lifted right off a Lovebug Starski record.

Three boogie-down productions for sure.

Out: This week

About: Find Paper Disco on Soundcloud for now… their own website is apparently coming soon, in the meantime you can of course find parent label Paper Recordings on Facebook or at their own internet homepage as well.