DMP – I Don’t Stop

December 8, 2014 in Singles

D.M.P. I Don't Stop La PittiAfter a deep house-tastic weekend, let’s kick off the week on a deep techno tip tonight, starting with this very fine three-tracker from Vincenzo De Robertis’s La Pitti Records.

I Don’t Stop itself is up first, a sonorously deep and dubby affair with snatches of spoken female vocal. Pako S & Genny G supply a remix that starts out even deeper and more stripped-back, but then gradually adds ominous rumbling bass and atmospheric synth FX to create something that’s a little less lilting and a lil’ more dramatic. Cybersys, though, sees us safely back in flotation tank mode.

And flotation tank mode is exactly where ya wanna be with this kind of tackle, so the original of the title track and Cybersys can share top honours.

Out: This week

About: You can find La Pitti here, here and here.