Various – Remixed by Deep Active Sound

January 31, 2016 in Singles

Remixed By Deep Active Sound DeepWit RecordingsFairly obvious what’s going on from the title I guess, but just to be 100% clear, here we have an EP from DeepWit Recordings featuring three tracks by different artists, all remixed by Russian producer Mihail Bessmertny, AKA Deep Active Sound.

First up is label boss Alvaro Hylander’s Cream Soda, which in the hands of DAS at least is a midtempo deep house chugger with dreamy, filtered chords, muted kicks and an understated but fairly hefty bassline that nods to vintage Chi-town deepness. The DAS remix of Pablo Fierro’s New York is another late-night kinda jam, though again a nice fat b-line means floor play shouldn’t be ruled out, while completing the package is the DAS remix of Ejeca’s Bumbled, which rocks tuffer drums than the other two and has an almost garage-y feel to its chopped female “baby it’s you” vox and warm piano chords/stabs.

Three very fine cuts that’ll appeal to the true deep house heads, not much more to say really!

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Various – Best Of DeepWit Vol 1

May 19, 2013 in Albums

Best Of DeepWit Vol 1Got a few long-players to tell you about tonight, starting with this ‘best of’ collection from Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings. But as this is a ‘best of’ comp, and as it’s quite rare a DeepWit release doesn’t get a glowing review on This Is Why We Dance, I’m gonna keep the review for this one nice and short.

So here goes: if deep house that’s laidback, melodic and atmospheric without ever becoming soporific sounds like your idea of a good way of spending 71 minutes and 47 seconds, then step right this way. Because with cuts from the likes of Deep Spelle, Cadatta, Pablo Fierro, Max Volkholz and of course DeepWit label boss Alvaro Hylander, this is freaking superb, quite frankly.

Out: 27 May (so yeah, this is an earlier review than normal. But that’s for very important, and secret reasons. And not cos I misread the date as 17 May at all).

About: Find DeepWit on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Pablo Fierro – Surprise

March 16, 2013 in Singles more straight-up deep n’ funky house vibes now courtesy of Pablo Fierro and the ever on-point Savoir Faire Musique.

Three mixes to choose from. The original’s all about the phat b-line and looping falsetto vocal to start with, gradually introducing more vocal elements and a nice squelchy synth hook. The Sezer Uysal pres Spennu Remix is a slightly more understated pass, with cavernous production that means it’ll be perfect for very late-night groovin’ on afterhours floors, while the  Matches & Ms. Mada Dub maintains the afterhours vibe, a stripped-down but pounding pass.

For once, though, it’s NOT the Matches mix I’m feeling the most here – s’good, but it’s actually the Original for me on this one. Feel that bassline!

Out: This week

About: Find Savoir Faire on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Copyright feat Andre Espeut – Lifted

December 16, 2012 in Singles

Copyright Lifted EP DefectedDon’t overlook this killer from Defected. Not so much for the A-side Lifted itself, though. That’s a big room, driving houser with soulfully-inclined male vocal exhortations to lift your hands up… it’s okay, but nothing that special.

Which is why I say don’t overlook this, because if you’ll do you’ll miss out on both Sometimes, a deeper house cut with tuff, rolling drums, samples from the same vocal Moby used on Honey and parping sax, and most importantly the Pablo Fierro Remix of Lifted, which drops deeper and adds a stonking great fuck-off Robin S-style organ line. And makes itself an unmissable purchase while it’s doing it.

Defected might not be the hippest label to be biggin’ up but I don’t care – made by a pair of true UK house and garage legends and given a polish by one of the best of Europe’s new wave, this is a genuine bomb.

Out: This week

About: You can find Defected here, here and here (web, Facebook, Soundcloud).

Prosis feat Pablo Fierro – Better Days

July 25, 2012 in Singles

Prosis feat Pablo Fierro Better Days Deepwit

Here’s one of those from last week that I didn’t manage to get round to… with my boy Edmund on the remix, though, and coming on the ever-excellent Deepwit, it couldn’t just get ignored. Two tracks, four mixes in total, with Pablo Fierro’s soulful male vox applied pleasingly sparingly (remember kids, less is more!) on both.

Better Days is a slow-building and very chilled deep houser with a dreamy feel overall and some quietly meandering jazz sax, while the Silt remix strips things down somewhat and takes us into afterhours territory. As for How To Move, think laidback, summery grooves and you’re along the right lines with the Original. But for me it’s the Edmund remix of this one that stands out, its funkier bassline and added vibes upping the dancefloor ante considerably in a vaguely west coast-ish fashion.

Cool summer vibes all round, then.

Out: Last week. My head is suitably hung in shame.

About: You can find Deepwit here (web), here (FB) and here (Soundcloud)

Edmund ft Pablo Fierro – When It Flows

April 16, 2012 in Singles

We’re a tiny bit late on this one… it actually came out about a week ago but I only got it yesterday, and it’s been ages since we had anything through from my boy Diego, AKA Edmund, so it’s going in!

If you like your deep house on the soulful side, then the slow-groovin’ original of When It Flows won’t disappoint, what with its insistent throbbing b-line, wood block percussion and atmospherics a-gogo. If you want it a little more floor-oriented, though, then head for the remix from fellow Spaniard Soul Minority , which couldn’t be much more different as he adds a jackin’ Chicago backbeat, squelchy acid b-line and a familiar “runnin’” vocal sample.

Despite there being just the two mixes, then, this is a package that will suit a range of DJs and times/moods. Top stuff… but then coming from Edmund, and on i! Records, what else did you expect?

Out: Now

About: i! Records can be found online here and on Facebook.