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April 17, 2016 in Singles

Hello! You might remember me, I used to have a house blog. If you’re wondering where TIWWD has been this last month, all will be explained on Facebook (albeit possibly tomorrow). But anyway, long story short, am back on the reviews case now, kicking off tonight with a selection of SERIOUSLY deep goodness from the last seven days…

Johannes Different Things Deep ClicksJohannes – Difficult Things EP
Getting a full release this week is (was) this three-tracker from Czech newcomer Johannes, coming on Spanish label Deep Clicks. Difficult Things itself is an unhurried, dreamy and soul-tinged deep houser built with afterhours or post-club play in mind. Don’t Make Me Wait is a smoother, deep garage-y affair that nods to the Peech Boys, while finally Don’t You Wanna is another 4am deep house cut with warm, dubby bass and breathy female vocal snips. All three are quality but if pushed, Don’t Make Me Wait stands out.
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Filta Freqz Way 2 Go Soul Supplement RecordsFilta Freqz – Way 2 Go EP
Slightly more uptempo and floor-friendly deep house vibes here courtesy of Vegas’s finest, Soul Supplement Records. Just the two tracks on offer: Way 2 Go itself rocks tuff kicks, cut-up/filtered disco vox and a hefty dose of garage swing, while Take Note on the flip is similarly disco-fied but with rolling beats, parping sax and assorted fragments of male vocal (“come on,” “to the beat y’all… and ya don’t stop” and “who got it going on?” all appear at different times). The title track just nudges it for me.
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Gregory Dub Get Deeper EP Gents N' Dandy'sGregory Dub – Get Deeper EP
An outstanding five-track EP here from the ever-checkable Gents N’ Dandy’s. The smooth, Jersey-ish deep garage vibes of Home Is Home get the ball rolling, Floating continues in a similar vein, Come On hits that perfect “deep enough for the sofa, tuff enough for the floor” sweet spot, Dreamin’ takes us into proper blissed-out, 5am territory and then finally Relief plays us out on a lazy, downtempo note. And, as we’ve come to expect from Gn’D, it’s superbly classy stuff from start to finish. Go seek!
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Carlos Francisco Sun Chaser SP RecordingsCarlos Francisco – Sun Chaser
And speaking of supremely classy stuff, here’s a jazz-inflected offering from SP Recordings that’s definitely one “for the heads” as they say! Building from a simple percussive intro, Sun Chaser slowly develops into as wigged-out and groovesome a jazzual, garage-y Rhodes workout as you’ll hear all month, while an accompanying Afro Dream Mix is the same but with Afro/tribal beats (well duh). Which mix you opt for is a matter of personal percussive preference: either will have 90 per cent of the population going ‘What’s this, fucking Jazz Club?” – and the 10 per cent that matter in raptures!
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Miami 2016 Sampler Ready Mix RecordsVarious – Ready Mix WMC 2016
Yes, it seems a little late in the day for Miami samplers but this only got a full release this week. Regular readers of this blog (if there are any left after the recent hiatus!) will know I’m a big fan of Ready Mix Records’ take on deep house and this nine-track collection doesn’t change that one iota. Not doing the full track-by-track but suffice to say that there are nine tracks from eight artists, all new names to your truly but Ready Mix’s usual high quality standards apply, with Beat Factory’s bouncy I Feel Like, Eke’s funky-assed Romb and Armen Miran’s moody Marta particularly worth checking.
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Klartraum E Remixes Pt 1 LucidflowKlartraum – E Remixes Pt 1
Sunday night at TIWWD wouldn’t be Sunday night at TIWWD without some deep, dubby techno from Lucidflow to end on! So here we have five remixes of three tracks from last year’s E album by label bosses Klartraum. Bell Birds Dub gets the most love, with D. Diggler and Yapacc remixes as well as the original all featured; TBH the Original is still my fave but if you want it toughened up Diggler’s yer man while Yapacc gets a bit more abstract and soundscape-y. Elsewhere, Alan Oldham AKA Detroitrocketscience brings us a shuffly, minimal-leaning take on Bill Bill, while Oscar Barila and Jamin Hernandez’s rub of Drama Queen is lazy, sunkissed deep house of the highest calibre.
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Aldo Cadiz & Oscar Barila – Satin

November 18, 2013 in Singles

Aldo Cadiz & Oscar Barila Satin Highway RecordsWe move from deep techno into more upbeat, tech-house territory now with this two-track, five-mix EP from Aldo Cadiz & Oscar Barila, who’ve featured on TIWWD previously with releases on Elevation and Nite Grooves respectively.

Together, they’ve come up with Satin, a drummy but many-layered cut distinguished in its Original form by its use of WW2 air sirens and strangely warping vocal snips. On the remix tip, Emde & Julio go more house-ified yet at the same time more heads-down and driving, with almost tribal drums and a chunky walking bassline but ditching the sirens, while Martin Eyerer strips things back and takes us deep into the jacking zone. WITH the sirens.

The other original cut is Offshare, which has a slightly carnival-esque feel in its Original form and comes with a deeper, more stripped-down remix from Mihai Popoviciu… but Satin is the one here, with Eyerer’s mix taking top honours for me.

Out: Tomorrow

About: This comes on Russian label Highway Records, who can be found here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Oscar Barila – The Last Goodbye

April 14, 2012 in Singles

Coming from rising Spanish producer Oscar Barila, this is an interesting release from Nite Grooves because, to these ears at least, it kind of bridges the gap between the label’s traditional soulful house and the more contemporary/techy/European sounds they’ve been experimenting with recently.

So if you were imagining now-sounding, techy house beats (as opposed to tech-house beats, if you see what I mean), topped off with a soulfully-inclined, semi-spoken male vocal, then yeah, that’s about the size of The Last Goodbye, with hand percussion fills adding to the overall ‘Ibiza sundown’ feel.
It’s accompanied by a Maiki Remix which uses less of the vocal, and adds some urgency to the drums, a fat Chicago-esque bassline and dreamaway synth washes, making this one aimed more at the late, late floors, while bonus cut Vivre Sa Vie rounds out the EP, a more traditionally sumptuous n’ soulful affair with, unusually, a sampled, spoken male vocal in French.
As I said before, an interesting EP that should have appeal for today’s club kids and long-term King Street/Nite Grooves fans alike.
Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from April 23.
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