Mr KS – Take A Trip

February 20, 2015 in Singles

Mr KS Take A Trip Music Is LoveHeading deeper into the jacking zone now with a sterling house four-tracker from Manchester’s Music Is Love Records.

Take A Trip itself is up first, a lolloping deep/tech houser with fragments of spoken male vocal topping rock-solid 4/4s, sinuous bass and blips n’ bleeps galore. Label boss Oli Furness then takes Take A Trip on a trip into (even) more psychedelic pastures, adding nearly two minutes of beatless intro, then heading down a more ‘relentless and techno-fied’ route once it does get going.

The more straight-up housey Groove On is equally aptly named, being essentially seven minutes of a bassline, drums, male ‘ums’ and occasional one-note piano stabs. Simple but devastatingly effective, it should get even the most reluctant of asses shakin’. The accompanying Point G Remix, meanwhile, is strictly for the headstrong, being seven minutes instead of deep, bubblin’ acid.

File under ‘heavy weaponry’.

Out: This week

About: You can find Music Is Love Records, who are just 11 releases old counting this one, on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp.

Oli Furness – Being With You EP

May 24, 2014 in Singles

Oli Furness Being With You EP Music With ContentOli Furness racks up another TIWWD appearance with a three-tracker that, as is the Manchester lad’s wont, draws on a range of influences from house music’s illustrious history.

The title track has the wailing diva vox and insistent pianos of vintage NY/Italo house of the early 90s, but re-rendered in a more refined, headnoddin’ deep house stylee. The accompanying Tomson Remix has beefier kicks and hypnotic pulsing synths, building slowly into something of a druggy, euphoric end-of-night anthem, while finally Klavier is (unsurprisingly, given the title’s German translation) a melodic, piano-led affair that again builds from gentle beginnings into a blissed-out affair… and that again has ‘set closer’ written all over it.

Another winner, then, from a producer who’s definitely on the TIWWD watch list.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you via Manc label Music With Content, which is a label born out of the Content parties at Joshua Brooks. This is their fifth release and you can find ’em here, here and here.

Oli Furness – Four 4 The Floor EP

April 6, 2014 in Singles

Oli Furness Four 4 The Floor EP Music Is LoveThe key’s in the title with this outstanding four-track EP from Manchester’s Oli Furness…

Hunger marries now-sounding tech-house kicks with a warping beast of a speed garage bassline, topping the lot with a floaty female vocal saying “hunger” over and over again. Overjack operates in housier territory, boasting a big rave b-line, a ruff n’ raw chopped-up diva vocal and some decidedly mid-90s stabs/FX, while the U Know & The Drill Remix of the same is a slightly deeper variation on the same theme with more SG-ish bass wobble thrown in for good measure. Finally, Creepin’ In The Shadows is a strutty, percussive tech-houser with a female rap vocal.

Blending classic and contemporary influences with aplomb, this is a must-check – not even going to attempt to pick a fave here!

Out: This week

About: This comes courtesy of Music Is Love, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Oli Furness – Divine Intervention EP

September 14, 2013 in Singles

Oli Furness Divine Intervention EP Swink Music RecordsAnd once more with feeling… more garage-y vibes here courtesy of Ireland’s Swink Music Records.

Three tracks to choose from. The Original mix of Back To Me is stripped-down gar-ahhhge to please the most diehard Zanzibar/Shelter head, all militant snares, parping organs, lush Rhodes chords and a whole array of female vocal samples, including that spoken “I didn’t mean to kill the groove” one. The Underground Solution Dub is dubbier (no shit) and more UK-ish, sporting some killer jazzy sax doodles, while finally Vous Et Moi rides a more straight-up and pounding house rhythm, but tops same with sweeter-than-sweet fem vox and Jersey organs to die for. Oh, and some big ravey horns as well, just for good measure!

As it’s a young label and it’s 2013 we’re probably meant to call this ‘nu garage’ or ‘future garage’… but it just sounds like ‘garage’ to me. I’ve got records exactly like this from 20 years ago… but that’s by no means a complaint.

Out: This week

About: Find Swink Music Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

New Jack City – Back In The Dayz EP

November 15, 2012 in Singles

New Jack City Back In The Dayz EP Music Is Love Records

And we continue with the ‘back to 90s’ theme with this unashamedly retrofied four-track EP from Dutch duo New Jack City.

Back In The Dayz itself comes in two mixes: one with a vintage US house feel and diva wails (the original), one a proper deep organ jam the way we used to do it (the MIL Remix), both sporting one of those spoken “this is house music” vocals. Elsewhere The Golden Age is a rough-cut bumper that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Eight Ball, Movin’ or Strictly back in the day, while completing the EP is Gimme That Chance, a swung, garage-y affair which goes the whole hog and bites chunks from Simone’s My Family Depends On Me vocal.

With elements of Chi-town, NYC and NJ wrapped up in one floor-friendly package, this is a must – unlike some similar outings, these tracks do actually stand up next to the classics that’ve inspired them. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: What makes this doubly exciting is it’s the first release on a brand new label… Music Is Love Records is the brainchild of Oli Furness and Angus Jefford, and is based in Manchester. Here they are on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Oli Furness – Death Of A Music Box EP

February 8, 2012 in Singles

Not so well at the moment, to be honest with you… so if updates are a little patchy for the next day or two you know why! But the show must go on as best it can, so tonight let’s at least take time to listen to this rather lovely four-tracker from Oli Furness on new Manchester-based label Recore Records.

The title track Death Of A Music Box itself is a piano-centric deep house groove with female spoken vocals for the first half, that then gets progressively more tripped-out as it goes on. It’s cool, but the more dancefloor-oriented Pete Dafeet Remix is doing it more for me I think. Elsewhere, Product is a slightly tuffer dancefloor cut with west coast-style chopped-up hiphop and soul vox (two of ’em), while finally Can’t You See What’s Happening To Us is a garage-y treat for the old skool lovers.
It’s between the latter and Pete’s rub of Death… for me, but to be fair it’s a strong EP all round.

Out: This week
About: This is number three from Recore… here’s their website, Facebook and Soundcloud

Oli Furness – Why Oh Why

June 1, 2011 in Singles

Oli Furness Why Oh Why“Deep and tech house vibes meet jazzy moods and a touch of the old school warehouse sounds,” is how the hype sheet describes this one. Which is as quick and lazy a way of kicking off a review as I guess you’ll find!

But yeah… house music for the louche-ward leaning and indolently inclined is pretty much the order of the day on the original of Why Oh Why. You get three mixes of it, though, plus bonus cuts 7 Inches and For You, though, so no slacking on the part of Mr Furness, who I gather is based in sunny Manchesterford-On-Sea. Soulplate’s take on Why Oh Why is a little more upbeat and has that warm, sumptuous soulful kinda vibe (and lashes of extra sax) while Viper Strike’s rub is in more of a late-night, sofa-sinking vein. 7 Inches is in a similar kinda deep house vein, and then For You brings the EP to a close with something a touch more wigged-out and dark room.

All told, a very solid offering from such a newbie artist/producer.

Out: This week

About: This is on Cardiff-based label Pole Position, which is owned by one Gareth Coates… who also happens to go by the name of Viper Strike. Funny, that! Anyway, you can HEAR THIS if you visit their Soundcloud page.